Members Report: 17/06/16 (Complete)

No luck yesterday it would appear and I have yet to watch the race but a fairly distant 3rd looks to be the result. 9/1>4/1 SP so at least we beat the market – the only positive it would appear. Some sort of run for our money though. – I have just watched the race and between the 3rd last and last it was looking good – but appears either to be one paced or was out-stayed by the other two – or simply just not as good as those two in front. I suspect they will find a weak chase for him. He jumped well again. 

I have a wedding to get to at around 11.30 and have a few things to do this morning so only the systems today. It never ends well when I rush around trying to find potential bets etc. 

I have yet to watch much racing from Ascot so if you have any thoughts – pre Wokingham- on whether there has been a track bias on the straight course that would be appreciated -or has it just been where the pace is? / or are the jockeys confirming a perceived bias (all going one side?)…I will have a look through some results/races later on.

Tips for the Wokingham will be posted by 11am Saturday. Again any early thoughts on that would be welcome. Some decent stats/trends pointers that should help with any luck. 

Good luck with any bets today. 



None today. 


June Trainer 

5.55 Red – Emerald Asset (18/1<) 3rd 14/1

8.10 Ayr – Be Perfect (any odds) 3rd 7/1 

8.45 Ayr – Gameson (18/1<) UP


Pam Sly (any odds)

5.50 Newm – Roxie Lot 3rd 9/1 



3.30 Red – Rousayan (12/1<) UP

6.10 Good – Sennockian Song (any odds) 3rd 5/1

8.10 Ayr – Braes of Lochalsh (16/1<) 2nd 7/1

9.15 Ayr – Euchen Glen (16/1) WON 5/1 



None today.




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  1. Would BE PERFECT be considered a system bet? Running over 1m 5f 13y today and ran over 1m 5f 89y today, pretty much the same distance.

    1. Hi Mike, I go on what HRB tells me, and that says he is a qualifier. Such horses like that will have been in the research etc. But of course you are free to interpret as you see fit. according the system rules as saved in HRB he is a qualifier.

  2. my for today
    Rousayan 15:30 Redcar 5/1
    Depth Charge 17:20 Redcar 8/1
    Poolstock 17:55 Redcar 6/1
    not so strong bets

  3. I feel that unless there is significant rain that by Saturday HIGH will be the place to be in the Wokingham, historically it is a decent pitch and as the week has gone on more have ventured to that side, it is certainly going to be the best bit of turf by the time we come to the last few of the 30 races this week.

    So I will be looking for something with Course and Distance form drawn 25+….

  4. My form this week is up and down.

    Two each way away from Ascot: 6.45 GO, Tidal’s Bay and 6.20 NE, Albert Boy, both around 9/1.

    I do like Jetsetting at Ascot and Kings Fete each way.

    Good luck today.

    1. Mine has been iffy as well Martin…..My system bets are usually reliable…are chugging along with about I in 5 going in which keeps me slowly losing, but the bad Ascot is the killer. I keep promising to leave the big ones alone, but the lure of the prices……catches us out…Indian Stream has just gone in for me…but to low a price to mark up..i got 5/2, but usually don’t do nothing under 3s…still a winner is a winner when your on a slide.

  5. and had a 33/1 in the 2 miler,think that is final insult,backed all his yesterday and just the one winner,16/1 and 33/1 today

  6. At the euro’s Does anyone know why some bookmakers are pricing up No goalscorer in the (1st goalscorer market) bigger than 0-0.(In the correct score market) It makes no sense.
    if anything it should be the other way round as you have the own goal in your favour

    1. It could be because they’ll let you cash out in the correct score market (0-0) but not the 1st goalscorer market. Other than that it’s like you said it makes no sense

  7. Hi interesting stats on the Wokingham. Personally i find Kempton form seems to translate to Ascot (Or probably more importantly when the ground is good or good to firm at Ascot)

    I have thrown a few quid at Ninjago and at Accession

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