Members Report: 29/05/16 (COMPLETE)

Just the systems on Sunday, mainly as I am over an old uni friends in Manchester for a night of beers and football and I simply don’t have the time to look at any racing on Sunday, not before midday anyway.As always your thoughts on horses you fancy etc are welcome. 

Enjoy your Sunday…




Jumps Handicappers….

The following two are ‘under review’ based on performance last year and in 2016 to date… (will post up link to my review doc again, was in a post a couple of days ago)

2.50 Font – Ourmanmassini (20/1<)

3.00 Kelso – Ronaldinho (12/1<)





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  1. Who does the race planning in this country.Sunday of a bank holiday weekend at the end of May and not one flat meeting.useless.

  2. Seems to me courses are only interested in racing Saturdays. Yesterday was a shambles with so many meetings in the north.
    Time someone sorted it out.

  3. I can agree to and see the logic of “pairing” afternoon/evening Fixtures in the summer so that race goers, jockeys etc can ride in one meeting on an afternoon and then hop 20-30 miles down the road for the evening, but as you say, the BHA need to buy an atlas.

    Surely any 10 year old could devise a plan to split the UK in to North / Midlands / South and on a Saturday to have 2 meetings in each area, to spread the opportunity around for racegoers.

    It has always seemed crass to me that far more religious nations like Ireland; France and Italy have far more Sunday sport than we do, and if the 7 day a week working fraternity moan, which can be justified, why not cut back meetings on a Monday; Tuesday and Wednesday to 2 in the afternoon and two in the evening.I get sick and tired of Ayr and Windsor every Monday as an example.

    Friday is also becoming a “junk meeting” day with Courses more interested in beer swilling music fans than horse racing.

  4. 3 jumps meetings today but hard to find bit of value,2 hopefull rather than confident bets,4.40 Wicked Spice at 10/1 now 8/1.Harding isn’t riding the richards horse but Craig Nichol is 6/13 on his chase runners,also rids Wot A Shot but that one is 10/3 best price,the second is even more hopefull,3.45 Uttoxeter Masquerade 14/1,just speculative,that Greatrex is perservering with him,and Combo with Sheehan are in black at the course,not a day to go mad

    1. hello gerry any thoughts abt naas today. I see jim bolger has runners in 16:45 Theodorico 17:15 Vintage Charm.check bonus stats on ttp.

  5. Domtaline in the 3.45 at Uttoxeter looks to have a fair chance of fighting out the finish here at around 14/1. Has not had his ideal conditions as a hurdler which over fences, are 19/20 furlongs and Good ground. Usually runs in Class 3 or higher and his record in a Class four Hurdle or Chase is 112. Has not run here before but runs well at Stratford which is not dissimilar. The main danger to me looks to be Kodicil.

    In the 2.20 at Fontwell I think The Last Bridge has a place chance at least as it comes out very well on Instant Expert. A couple of furlongs further would have helped perhaps though Was a bit of 22/1 around earlier but now generally 16/1.

    1. Have to follow you in there with Domtaline at 14/1.Rather liked that run behind instant Karma and did look like he needed further.If he can get his jumping together he sure to go close off the same mark.As far as Kodicil is concerned that one good stand out race was over fences and as yet to prove he’s anywhere near good enough over hurdles.Big price Though

    1. me too

      Entirely unexposed having beaten 3 good rivals at a canter over the distance at Newton Abb

      Overlooked in the market against the big name trainers

  6. Good morning Daniel,had lost that page from the stats,lucky you reminded me,yes both qualify,the way vintage charm won over 7f drawing away suggested he would be even better at the mile,thanks daniel

    1. Thanks gerry i know u have interest with bonus stats on ttp so decided to see what your opinion is.

  7. The old Etonians that plan these things don’t realise working people might like some high class racing on a bank holiday Sunday without the worry of work the next day.

  8. Two for today – 3.45 UT Ebadani and from the Moore stable, 2.20 FP Ilewin for Hannah.

    Good luck.

      1. terrible news about Ilewin for hannah… always sad to lose one of these superb animals….

  9. re Sunday racing: Could not agree more…absolute garbage and I did write to the BHA about this but never received an acknowledgement nor a reply so that is how much they are interested. As I understand the situation individual race courses are allowed to do their own scheduling so Saturday is their best day for pulling in punters so that has to change but the BHA will not interfere or has no direct influence…either way nothing will change until the old guard die off or are replaced which is not going to happen any time soon and the BHA put conditions on scheduling when they give courses races

  10. Sylvan Legend 5.00 F.. and Ilewin for Hannah….
    2.50 F…Joshua Moore has switched to Epsom Flyer which has shortened to 7s from 11s.
    Any thoughts.

  11. Just wanted to ‘big up’ the Summer Jumps Trainer Track Profiles which are pointing to lots of winners.

    I decided to back all horses trained by the top 3 handicap hurdles/chase trainers at Fontwell and Uttoxeter. There were 10 bets providing BSP winners at 12.39,5.36,5.98 and 4.10. An extremely good day and in my experience this is not untypical.

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