Members Report 04/04/16 (COMPLETE+ 2x late system updates)

Firstly, some new posts to get stuck into…(can also be found by clicking ‘blog’ above, newest posts at the top. To find/scroll through old posts, you can click the ‘blog’ category at the bottom, or click on a month in the ‘archives’.) Two trainers to go to war with this month… MARCH TRAINERS POST HERE>> […]

RESULTS REVIEW: FEB+2016 to date

This post is a work in progress… *** As is the norm now I have reviewed the results for the last month and updated the results for the tips for 2016. This is so that you have an accurate record which will either give you confidence, or not, moving forwards – especially for the tips.  […]

March Trainers

I have tried to be a bit more focused with the ‘monthly’ trainers for March. We have two to go to war with, one over the sticks and one on the sand. If they both perform to their average over the last 5 years, we should have plenty of fun and they may help pay […]