Members Report: 03/03/16 (COMPLETE)

Nalim – never really traveled and looked uncomfortable early on. I would back him again at that price, maybe he didnt like that form of heavy, or just had an off day – but at 8s I would have always backed him I think. The doubt is whether I should have split stakes – 1 point each – on the selection and the winner. As commented in write up I wouldnt be surprised if he won- and i suppose when they are 8s also that always leaves you with a nagging feeling of what might have been. I am always reluctant to back non chase winners and in the end that put me off. As one of you commented the extra distance and potential slower pace would help with his jumping, and as I pointed out Bangor isnt the stiffest of tests. Not a surprise winner, just a shame we didn’t get any run for our money from the tip. Damn. Moving on. 



Jumps Handicappers

3.15 Taunt City Supreme (12/1<)

5.25 Lud Beat The Bush (14/1<)


That will be all for today. I don’t have time this morning to go through the 3m+ handicap chase at Ludlow and do it justice. A few things I need to sort in the new flat. 


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  1. Josh must be happy the rarity of a Liverpool win! Onto the 3.40 today. Top Wood has been talked up in the past. I thought that they were laying it out for a go in a handicap at the festival? Is today a prep race?

    1. Nice Card at Ludlow today and I’ll be off there on a regular jaunt, a tricky race the 3.40, I fear Sun Cloud and Galway Jack have little scope off those marks/weight, agree with what you say about Top Wood but I do wonder if it is a “prep” as opposed to a race they really want to win and then get hammered for?, Venetia will have her Owners and backers there “In numbers” and her 2 look very threatening down at the bottom of the weights, Drumshambo is very well weighted but is inconsistent even by Venetia standards so its Royal Palladium for me, think its a nice mark and weight and relatively fresh too.

      1. All fav’s wins have had gd’ in going description – think you’re right Royal Palladium – there are 10 year trends for this race & once you eliminate for age, weight, OR, rpr, market position, that’s all your left with.

        Have a good day & I do fancy Zanstra 2.30 a bit as well.

    1. there are plenty of reasons not to fancy Kilbree Kid. He’s a Spring horse, needs better ground

      but as you say, the unexpected often happens

  2. Good Luck all with your bets, have had a nightmare with BT Internet – standard. Now sat in a nice cafe with wifi for the afternoon. March Trainer, Feb Review and Sat Big Race Trends on my to do list.

    1. BT internet are a joke, I switched from domestic to business use to get decent speed and a litany of disasters, cant wait for Virgin to arrive in the area.

      1. Yep, says something that for reviews etc they are still the best for ‘normal’ internet in the area. No fibre optic where I am yet. I had used up all my phone data, couldn’t catch neighbour to use theirs, so used a couple to add system bets this morning and that was that.Should be working soon hopefully!

  3. I was on Royal Palladium as well at twice the price he went off at as well. I suppose I cant be too surprised with the winner although could never back him given the lack in consistency. He even drifted markedly before the start which is normally a negative. Go figure. Sometimes I cant work this game out.

    1. I wont repeat my language as I managed to tune into the race!! I was unable to look at the race at all for technical/timing reasons, and not sure if my pin would have landed on him – but was an eye catcher, 3rd start after entering – valid excuse for Taunton (too quick), LTO too short a trip, headgear chance, held up – the questions – well he is a character and didnt know if plotting going on – but him winning like that wasnt a shock – and 10/1, 9/1, was fair given those questions. BUT, I am saying all of that in hindsight of just watching him romp to victory! Bugger.

        1. No worries Josh. Appriciate you’re a little bit swamped. At 9/1 or 10/1 I might have looked more closely but he only hit 9/1 10 minutes before the start. Also ironic that Pipe starts hitting form in March when he did so badly in February. Onwards and upwards I guess.

      1. Wept when I checked the back form of daymar bay after the race, go back 2 years and should have been 8/1 not 50/1 doh

    1. yep well done Martin, good betting. Always best not to try and second guess trainers if you like a price etc. Maybe, albeit his recent Cheltenham mo for winners are those that have been off the track for some time. That was no festival C2 handicap chase either but he was impressive, in an unimpressive field. We shall see.

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