VIDEOS! Some Trainer/Jockey Saturday Combos

Now, I was planning to record a feature on Nicky Richards, which is still the plan. But, an idea came to me this morning so I took a different road and ended up researching a couple of Trainer/Jockey Combos to keep onside – with a special focus on Saturdays. Nicky Richards will now likely follow next week sometime. 

I was also asked by one of you to look at McCain/Brooke combo, which I will do on Monday, as well as ‘Team Reveley’. 


So, first up is a look at messrs Hobbs and Johnson. Below the video is the micro angle. 

Evan Williams/Paul Moloney are to follow. 

These videos are ‘over the shoulder’ again as I dive into my HorseRaceBase Accounts…

(oh and you also get to see my ugly mug again – enjoy!) 


VIDEO ONE: Hobbs/Johnson






Phillip Hobbs…

  • National Hunt Chases
  • Class 1 and 2 
  • 14/1 or shorter
  • Richard Johnson Riding…also J A Best and Barry Geraghty 



VIDEO 2: Evan Williams and Paul Moloney





No. 1

Evan Williams 

  • National Hunt 
  • Handicap Hurdle 
  • Horse Runs Last 90 Days: 1 or 2 only 
  • Paul Moloney Riding 
  • Any Odds (bigger the better!)

No. 2 (not Saturday specific) 

Evan Williams…

  • National Hunt
  • Handicap Hurdles
  • Horse Runs Last 90 Days: 1 or 2 only 
  • Track: Chepstow/Haydock/Plumpton/Taunton/Newton Abbot 
  • Paul Moloney riding 
  • Any Odds (bigger the better!)




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Thanks again




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14 responses

  1. Whats the audio I am getting on these videos.some woman offering systems,can you check Josh,anyone else getting this.BoB

    1. That would be strange, sounded fine when I listened back unless I have been hacked somehow! Let me listen again – sure you dont have anything else automatically playing in backgraound, via youtube or something.

      1. Hi Bob – all sound fine my end, both through the site and my you tube channel – maybe you have another tab open or something else playing in background automatically – I cant hear any problems unless anyone else has also.

  2. Josh got it sorted,i done a reboot and its stopped,it was on other videos not just yours,sorry about that,i am about to do a full virus scan to see if it picks anything up.Going to Sandown tomorrow so I had better try and find some winners.Cheers BoB

  3. Paul Moloney has not rode for Evan Williams since the 2/12/2015 , is he out injured ? Adam Wedge has rode a few since .

    1. Yep he is, was badly injured at Ludlow. Looks like he is hoping to return the middle of this month, or by the end of feb. As such, I should think Wedge will probably ride those that Moloney would have done, so he is worth keeping an eye on.

    2. Yeah, he broke his leg then. Think they’re hoping he’ll be back before the festival (was a story about them running Tea in Transvaal in a trial if he wasn’t going to be fit before Cheltenham). Probably rules him out TiT as a qualifier next month as probably won’t have had a run in the previous 90 days.

  4. Enjoy the vid Josh. Formbet did something simular a few months back regarding hobbs and Johnsson. Anyway as you said in this video you only recently found the dig function i wondered if you knew you can also add the chi calculation by going into the set up and help section and then customise. Chi for those who dont no is a stat to help you determine if its a reliable system/ stat and not just a fluke with say a 100/1 shot to skew the figures.

    1. James, I have often wondered what the relation between chi and A/E is? I only keep systems that have a minimum 1.2 A/E but the chi for those systems can range from 0.5 to 5.0. is the lower chi reflecting that the results are affected by one or two big price winners, or is it the higher number?

  5. Great stuff Josh! I have a quick question about the second Williams system. I looked at the courses when inputting into hrb and just wondered why you chose to exclude taunton? The strike rate and pl looked quite good so thought you must have a good reason not to add it. Cheers

    1. Hi James…did I,in the video? If I did that was an oversight as I have included taunton in the rules of the micro system above! Unless you mean another track.

  6. Steve, the minimum chi score i believe is 3 anything under and it gets less reliable. Trying to find a link but cant find it to give the probabilities. Obviously micro systems you wont use chi as not enough data but for the systems with more data i use chi.

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