Members Report: 14/11/15 (COMPLETE)

RE-CAP A frustrating day. The 1.05 was a fascinating race where you could make excuses for the front few and on a different day the result could have been more favourable. Keel Haul was 5th on my list, and he was 25s last night/this morning. So, that is annoying, really annoying. There was some rain […]

Cheltenham Open Meeting: Some Stats Pointers

*** HANDICAPS Before delving into some trainer stats, let’s have a general look at the odds (ISP) of the winners: 14/1 or under: 341 bets /40 wins/11.73% SR/+7.46 SP/119 places /34.9% PlaceSR /+57 BFSP /AE 0.97 16/1 -40/1: 336 bets / 5 wins / 1.49% SR / -210 SP /45 places / 13.39% PSR/ AE […]