Newmarket 26/09/15

Due to time and some weekend plans no preview of the Cambridgeshire but there are some stats pointers below as well as the ‘Trainer qualifiers’ which have been on fire this week. Johnny G had three winners yesterday at 7/1, 9/2 and 8/1 and Sir Michael chipped in with a 9/4 winner. That made for a rather good day. I know a few of you used the Bonus Guide (part of Trainer Track Profiles pack) to find an 8/1 winner at Downpatrick. I looked at the horse and thought he was just a bit too poor LTO over the same course so didnt mention him or back him. Sometimes, esp in Ireland maybe, I should just trust the stats!

Anyway, onto today…

Cambridgeshire pointers..

16/18 Top 5 LTO

18/18 Age 3-6 (0/61, 4 places age 7+)

16/18 carried 9-3 or less (2/99, 10 places carried 9-4 or more)

Using those stats would leave a longlist of 14.

13/18 had won over 10f or further. (13/249, 34 places, plays 5/317, 36 places that had not)

Other stats of interest..

1/103, 10 places had 0 handicap wins

1/185, 12 places 0 wins this season


Using all those stats above I think would leave a shortlist of 4 ( i may have missed something mind)

-Forgotten Hero / Mistiroc / Polar Forest ….Express Himself placed over 10f LTO so could throw him in to.

This race looks a puzzle and there have been winners at all odds. I may well just have a fun £5 on each of those 4 at BFSP. I can’t say I expect to find the winner here and haven’t looked at the horses at all really but it would be nice if a couple of those ran good races.


Bin Suroor 0/10, 0 places

Haggas – 0/13, 1 place

Fanshawe – 0/11. 0 places

Fahey – 0/16 , 1 place

Stoute – 0/11, 1 place

Johnston – 0/17, 2 places


Good Luck with wherever your in lands!


Cambridge Meeting Trainer Pointers…

1.30 Artistocratic (8/1 or under)

2.35 – Besharah (16/1 or under)

3.10 – Ajaja (16/1 or under) 

3.50 – Abseil (8/1 or under) 

4.25 – Rostova (8/1 or under) 

5.35 – Grand Inquistor (8/1 or under) 


September Trainers

2.30 Chest – Georgie George (8/1 0r under)

3.50 Newm Examiner (16/1 or under)

4.20 Ripon 0 Hubertas (8/1 or under) 

4.50 Chest – Evanescent (8/1 or under)

5.25 Chest – Borak (25/1 0r under) 



Good Luck 




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