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  • hi josh like the profile horses add me to whatever you have in mind about it please thanks

    mel 3 years ago Reply

    • Thanks Mel, all goes live on Thursday and I am glad you are considering giving it a go, we should have plenty of fun.

      Josh Wright 3 years ago Reply

  • hi josh a very interesting and informative video got to give this a try.

    Richard 3 years ago Reply

    • Thanks Richard, glad you enjoyed it. It is something a bit different and I think quite exciting. Glad you are considering giving it a go 🙂

      Josh Wright 3 years ago Reply

  • Hi Josh

    An excellent presentation and I will be joining the service

    I’ve been impressed by the quality and thoroughness of your material since the outset — it’s clear, transparent and good value
    with prompt customer service which is unusual in this sphere..let’s hope for a profitable Flat

    Mike West 3 years ago Reply

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. I am lucky that I enjoy what I do and also enjoy sharing info that may help others profit, and engaging with my readers. That is the best bit.

      Yes fingers crossed for a decent flat season. I will be putting my all in to make sure it works out, and given the start the profiles have made I anticipate and entertaining and profitable flat season. Although dont be put off if Conry, True Pleasure and Jan Smuts all finish out the back! 🙂

      Josh Wright 3 years ago Reply

  • Sounds like a cracking idea to me, count me in !!!

    Paul 3 years ago Reply

  • Brilliant first day for me Josh. Well done with Mercer’s Row.

    Hugh 3 years ago Reply

  • hello, just returned from holiday to see link for FLAT PROFILES video , im interested ,but cant see a link tp pay help ,thanks.

    michael murphy 3 years ago Reply

    • Hello Michael. Payment options and more info should be at this link…http://racingtoprofit.co.uk/flatprofiles2015

      .p.s if you do join you havent missed anything today as there were no qualifiers. Would be great to see you on the ‘inside’


      Josh Wright 3 years ago Reply


    michael murphy 3 years ago Reply

    • By 8am at latest every morning monday-friday, 10am latest weekends. 90% will be evening before but put that caveat in as occasionally life gets in the way…sometimes my software (HorseRaceBase) does not upload next days horses etc until 6pm some evenings. Hopefully that is ok and gives you plenty of time.

      Josh Wright 3 years ago Reply

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