Pace Wins The Race: Selection 20/02/15

Moving on and a long distance handicap chase to get stuck into… 16.10 Warwick Loughalder 11/2 1 point win… I backed him at 7/1 10 minutes ago (18.00) as that was a silly price. There is just about enough left in it for now and he may be bigger come the morning when there is […]

Pace Wins The Race: The Future…

Well today was abysmal…and so bad it is time for reflection.  After today the Pace Wins The Race experiment is now 8/48…+ 5.83 points. That is just not good enough. It isn’t anything to do with using Pace as a way in, but more my use of it on this blog and the races I […]

UPDATED (weight) Cheltenham 2015: Handicap Hurdles (inc 2 micro angles)

Cheltenham Handicaps Handicap Hurdles Well it was about time I started thinking about the Festival wasn’t it. Today I want to have a look at the handicap hurdles. This is an overview and looks at all the races combined, rather than individual races/trends etc. That will come in time. For now I want to see […]