Licking The Wounds: Blog Update +40.85 points

Well that was a disappointing festive period for the blog. The Welsh National stood up again as a great trends race with the 1st and 2nd both in the trends shortlist of 7. Of course I picked the wrong ones. If I had known it was an absolute bog, as opposed to yesterday’s Soft ground, would i have selected him- in all honesty probably not. I did think there would be something better in the race than in but it turned into a right slog and the horse with the most stamina ground it out.

Anyway, a loss of 5.5 points over the two days wasnt great and i was annoyed at how many ran poorly, not even giving us a run for our money.

I thought I would provide an update on profits so far. I back every horse I put up here myself (to £20 a point), and the purpose of the blog is to help us all make some money. So, unlike Pricewise and some other well known Tipsters, I will always be open and honest about the results on this blog.

The headline figures since I wrote my first Race Preview (post having an email list), which was the Hennessy on the 29th November is as follows…

Race Previews to advised staking and advised odds…

19 selections

4 winners ( 9/1, 33/1, 11/2, 3/1)

+ 26.25 points 


Pace Wins The Race…(from 21st November)

27 selections

6 winners (6/1 ,4/1 ,6/1,8/1, 4/1, 9/2)

+14.5 points 

Grand Total since 21st November…

+40.85 points



Preview Selections/Results…

Many Clouds – WON 9/1 + 4.5 points

Rocky Creek – UP  -1 point

Burton Port – UP -1 point

Oscar Time – 33/1 WON + 20.5 points

Alfie Spinner – 25/1 4th + 2.6 points

Hadrians Approach UP – 1 point

Bold Sir Brian UP -1 point

Kilcooley 11/2 WON +8.25 points

Hey Big Spender 14/1 UP -1 point

Kings Apollo UP – 1 point

Cape Tribulation 9/1 2nd – 2 points

Presented UP -2 points

Silviniaco Conti 3/1 WON + 6 points

Withy Mills – UP – 1point

Kudu Shine – F – 1 point

Cantlow – UP – 1 point

Hawkes Point – 1 point

One In Milan F -1 point

Mountainous PU – 1/2 point




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  1. A very interesting Trend for the race is that you have to go back to 2003 to the last winner of the race who was over the age of 8. Its certainly a race for the younger stayer now!

  2. A little disappointing Josh yes but not disastrous by a long chalk and your honesty is appreciated as I can concur that your results exactly match those that I have on my spreadsheet & am sure in the next few days we will be taking that small loss back out of the bookies satchel and hopefully well into 2015 – best regards – Dave

  3. Can’t win all the time Josh, but a big thank you for the winners you have given. Since I found this site you have made me very good profit. Long may it continue. I wish you and all the readers of this site a Spirited and Happy, Winning, Bookie bashing New Year.
    Richard (Goldhorses)

  4. Excellent results from the Pace Wins Races and Race Previews.What about the main selections One Track Trainers are they proving to be profitable as well ?

    1. Hi Roddo…One Track Trainers is proving a slight struggle at the moment – sods law when you launch a new service. It is about 28 points down at the moment, 40% of selections have been in the top 2 which is decent, annoyingly far too many have been second. But, it is a trainer based system and that is how it goes. Just reviewing the year now and going through the trainers…taking early prices made +354 points in 2014 (couple days left), 225 points at BFSP. There are quite a few flat trainers, and others who have yet to have much on all weather yet, so it is no surprise that a lot of the profit is made in the first 6 months of the year. from my own records it is around 60 points up since i started betting live in July, so most of the profit is made Jan-June historically. Although I of course expected a better start and it has been too much for many, who have left. But, those with patience will be rewarded 🙂

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