A quick note: Weekend Update

There will be nothing happening on the blog until Sunday/Evening or Monday Morning as I am away for the weekend.

A reminder that Pace Wins The Race is only Monday-Friday for the time being, simply due to time restraints.

There will be no previews for Saturday’s racing. Given there are no 3m+ handicap or graded chases from Cheltenham there is nothing that automatically grabs me.

Having had a quick look at the trends for the December Gold Cup it looks to be about the top 3 in the market. No  horse has won the race as yet carrying more than 11-8 which puts me off the Nicholls horse. No Buts and Barrakilla look most interesting me, and, following some form analysis if I get time before 2pm tomorrow, I will probably back the pair at 6/1 and 7/1.

Have a great weekend and I will endeavour to post Monday’s Pace selection on Sunday evening.


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  1. hello, Mister Marker is one of my ‘Profile Horses’ that I track. I have over 200 saved in my Horseracebase account and it grows all the time. I like following horses who have a clear pattern for when they perform at their best. How about a PDF with the above on,detailing horses prefered conditions,for a fee of course.

    1. Hello…yes I am thinking about doing something like that. In the next couple of weeks, hopefully before xmas, I will send out a free PDG with 10 or so profiles, but than I need to think about the next bit. At some point I do plan to do as you have suggested…however I want to get every profile right and not just send crap, which is easy to do with horse profiles and i am thinking I will probably pull something together for the flat season…although in meantime a jumpers one, possibly for a fee of sorts, is a possibility. I have never done something like that…and out of interest, how much would you pay just for the PDF of say 150-200 profiles?

      1. hello, well you can usually get a horses to follow book for around a tenner,for a pdf –which is clearly easier to produce – ,but on the other hand you are talking about around 200horses, i think £20-£25 would be reasonable

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