Pace Wins The Race – Message about Weekends


I know I mentioned this on the very first post and I apologise for failing to mention it again…

Pace Wins The Race only runs from Monday to Friday. I spend between an hour and 2 hours putting every post together and simply due to time pressures there will not be any posts at weekends.

As it happens there are a couple of horses I fancy, who also happen to be front runners:-

13.15 Toby Lerone – struggled over fences but could do ok over hurdles and he loves the mud. Should get lead in weak race and I thought 13/2 was fair

2.40 Lie Forrit 6/1 – decent chance and a touch of class, could get taken on by Tutchec- who is open to improvement – but he is a tough horse to pass if getting to the front.

These results will not be included in the PWTR running total, although will be in my own records as I have 1 point on both.

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