[Free Post] November Trainers to Follow

November Trainers

Hello, Josh here. Thanks for checking out this free post, where I’ve highlighted four trainers is may pay to keep onside this November.

As always, daily qualifiers will be highlighted in my Members’ Posts on this blog, posted the day before, giving you plenty of time to mull them over!

As detailed below, my free September & October angles made a decent +26 points profit to Betfair Starting Price, a 34% ROI

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It could be argued that these ‘monthly trainer’ angles are worth setting aside a separate bank for interest, and to play them systematically. They’ve generally done well for the last two years, the odd losing month of course, the odd trainer who has a shocker. Checking on the current ‘stable form‘ is always essential.

Looking back at my ‘September & October’ trainers, and very much a case of ‘job done’. The results for the fours trainers … Jonjo, Kim Bailey, Tom Lacey and Twister, combined…

76 bets / 16 wins / 34 places (inc wins) / 21% sr / 45% win|place / +26 Betfair Exchange Starting Price

A £2.50 win bet on all those would have been +£65. a 34% ROI. Decent. All good fun!

Twister was the star of the show, with +20 points of those profits, and many of the winners were well backed across the board. Plenty of near misses also. Taking early prices may well have seen that closer to +40 points, if not more.

However, looking back in this game is only useful for so long, so on we stride to November and hopefully these four can add to the ‘monthly trainer profits’…


November Trainers

All stats covering the last 8 years, from 2015 onwards… in no particular order…


Venetia Williams

  • November
  • All Handicap Chases
  • Horse Age: 8 or younger
  • Horse runs prev 90 Days. 0 or 2+ (most winners making seasonal return)
  • Odds: Any
BetsWinsWin%P/L(SP)PlacesPlace%P/L(BF)P/L(Plc)BF A/E

This angle has been doing us proud on these pages from very early on, possibly as far as ‘year 2’ on here, way back in 2016. Last year was her first losing year at SP/BFSP, for all around evens at earlier prices. Last year was very dry leading up to November and I don’t think Venetia had got onto the grass as much as normal, if at all, and that does put the final finishing fitness touches onto a horse. I’m not sure they were as fit first time up as had been the case previously. There’s also been some chatter that there may have been issues with the string at times last season and they may not have been right. So, some dodgy runs/form could well be ignored, and she could have some well handicapped horses on her hands.

It looks like she’s back to normal now, having banged in a winner at Chepstow yesterday (who appeared out of form last season), on first start of the season. It looks like she’s got them fit again, so fingers crossed for a productive November. There’s a chance the market has cottoned on, we shall see, as there’s a lot more chat about ‘Venetia Time’ in the mainstream, which isn’t much help to us! Time will tell.


Sandy Thomson

  • November
  • All Chases
  • Horse ran 1-240 days ago.
  • Any Odds
BetsWinsWin%P/L(SP)PlacesPlace%P/L(BF)P/L(Plc)BF A/E

Sandy hasn’t had any ‘bad years’ within this angle and a ‘so so’ year appears to follow a good year, so we’ll see how this November goes. He had a few winners in October and a few making seasonal returns, so they look ready to roll. Hopefully he can repeat last year. 2022 included a big priced winner, Yorkhill, but I’d take 2017 also! This should keep ticking over in the coming seasons.


Kim Bailey

  • November
  • Race Type (as defined by HorseRaceBase): ‘Chase’, Beginners Chase, Novice Chase, Novice Hurdle, Handicap Chase (standard, not Novice), Handicap Hurdle (standard, not Novice)
  • Horse Age: 5 or 6
  • Odds: 10/1 or shorter SP (bigger: 0/34,3p)
BetsWinsWin%P/L(SP)PlacesPlace%P/L(BF)P/L(Plc)BF A/E

Kim appears to enjoy this time of year and pulled in a +5 for my Sept/Oct angle for him, 3/8,7p, and a repeat, or better, would be just fine. He appears to do well with his younger more unexposed horses, and with a target on certain race types. Again, his ‘bad’ years are fine, with not too many qualifiers, however, the team have been in fine form in recent weeks, which hopefully bodes well for the month ahead. Plenty of these will be well backed also.


Fergal O’Brien

  • November
  • Handicap Chase (standard, not Novice Hncps)
  • Odds: 14/1 or shorter SP (bigger: 0/13,0p)
BetsWinsWin%P/L(SP)PlacesPlace%P/L(BF)P/L(Plc)BF A/E

A growing juggernaut, who now need a few owners with deeper pockets so they can source the ‘Saturday’ horses, that may help them start creeping towards Paul Nicholls. It takes time of course and it’s an operation that’s heading in the right direction. Fergal has done well at this time of year with his handicap chasers, plenty on first run of the season. A repeat of last year would be just fine! Fingers crossed. Again, the yard appear in decent enough form.


Hopefully these four can fire home a few winning qualifiers and we can have a profitable November. As always, historical results are no assurance of future success, but trainers are generally creatures of habit and I’ve every expectation they’ll be firing in a few winners. Hopefully they’ll work again as a ‘systematic’ portfolio, but they’re also a very good ‘way in’, as is all of my stats content, which has been highlighting plenty of winners so far this jumps season.

Thanks for reading,



Don’t forget, there’s still time to get involved with my 99p trial, for a full 21 Days, so you can put my content, and the Telegram Chat group, to the test! We’re having a lot of fun, winners flying around everywhere. And it works out at less than the price of a coffee per week. Don’t miss out…


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