Why Join Our Syndicate & What’s Our Approach?

Ever fancied owning a racehorse…

Ever Fancied Owning a Racehorse?

Why Join Our Syndicate & What’s Our Approach?


Hello, its Josh here from www.racingtoprofit.co.uk and the Racing To Profit Syndicate (RTPS).

The purpose of this article is to explain what our syndicates are all about, our approach and what you get from your experience…

I suppose my main purpose is of course to encourage you to join our Syndicate but first and foremost I’m a racing fan, a supporter of the industry, and strongly believe everyone reading this should join a syndicate at some point, whether a micro share or a more immersive, inclusive experience in a syndicate like ours.

I believe being a racehorse owner, even more so when in a syndicate, is the most satisfaction you can get as a horse racing fan. Nothing tops the excitement and adrenaline of seeing your horse compete and sharing in their journey with others.

I can be guilty of over-complicating this great game at times and for those of you who’ve never been in a syndicate previously, or who may be very new to horse racing more generally, there can be too much to take in initially. In saying that, I’m still learning and I’ve been a ‘racing nut’ for over 12 years. That’s part of the enjoyment, it really is the greatest of games.

While I’m conscious that joining any syndicate should be a big decision, and you rightly need all the relevant information required to make an informed choice, there’s always a danger of information overload.

With any luck this article helps.


The great Aidan O’Brien was recently interviewed by the Jockey Club and in just over one minute he’s probably done a better job than most of explaining the attraction of this great game.

It’s an aspirational sport, full of dreams… (you could end up owning a star)


Why join a syndicate?

Becoming a ‘racehorse owner’ is the ultimate experience in this great game. As Aidan describes above it’s a game of emotion and a game of opinion.

Being involved in a horse is on another level to just backing up your opinion with a bet.

Being at the course as an owner elevates your experience to a new level, even more so when with friends. You may have been pondering getting involved in ownership for some time. But…

..at some point you do have to take the plunge and sign up for your first share in a horse.

As they say, life is for living, no regrets.  

I did that back in late 2016 when I joined my first syndicate, which had an unraced 2 year old sprinter called Blessed To Empress, in training with Amy Murphy. She won on debut and would go on to win a further five times for us.

I can vividly remember a big group of us being at Chelmsford for one of her wins. Grown men and women of all ages, jumping around like lunatics, hugging each other, mobile phones flying in all directions. We celebrated twice, once as they crossed the line, and once after a photo was called. Heads up, heads down. Agonising, but great fun. I think she was 16/1 also, a nice bonus. The winners champagne tasted good.

The next horse I got involved with was a mare called Really Super, an eight race maiden from the flat (had yet to win) when being bought and sent to Amy’s to go jumps racing. By the time she retired she’d won 7 races from 28 starts, including the Grade 3 Summer Plate at Market Rasen (at 25/1), arguably the biggest handicap chase of the UK Summer.

That experience taught me plenty.

It gave me horses to dream about… will they win, how good will they become, where will they take us?  

Both horses gave me great days out… it doesn’t get much better than cheering your horse to victory track side, at whatever level.

But as with Really Super, when they win a decent race, the buzz is immense. I’ll remember those moments and experiences forever.

The whole race day is great – there’s the build-up, the nervous anticipation.

Then there’s the Owners & Trainers access – the lunch, chatting to our trainer, the parade ring (getting close to the horse, hearing the jockey’s plan, their post-race debrief) and sometimes enjoying the winners’ champagne while watching a replay of their win.

All enjoyed with a group of like minded people who you get to know over time, and maybe even some of your friends who you’ve also got involved. Shared jubilation is on another level.

I’ve met friends for life from my syndicate experiences to date. Enjoying the highs and lows with others is much more enjoyable than being stood there alone.

There is a buzz. It is enjoyable being able to tell your friends and family that you ‘own a racehorse’ and that ‘your horse’ is running today. There is a certain level of pride in that.

Feeling more on the ‘inside’ of this sport is great also, as you get as close as is possible without being a trainer or jockey.

Of course, there are other days out also… trips to yard to see your horses, social days out to the races and much more.

Hopefully some of you reading this will join our own syndicates one day and will experience those highs with us.

I, along with my syndicate partner Jay, started the Racing To Profit Syndicate in August 2021 and have ambitions to make your experience the best around.

How do we do that?

We try to make you as involved as we possibly can, so you can live and breathe every step of what is an incredible journey, with a destination as yet defined. It really is very exciting.  Will we end up at Cheltenham, or maybe Aintree?

The Magic Ingredients

The Horse

Any syndicate needs a horse of course. Since we started the RTP Syndicates we have now purchased two horses using a similar method.

Our first was The Plumber, who Amy has already transformed with the promise of so much more to come. (he’s gained confidence, put on plenty of muscle and now moves more professionally, growing up and learning all the time)

On his first start for us he very nearly won, losing out agonisingly by a neck, but that was some thrill. In part he’s justified our approach as from that effort and how he works at home, we know we’re going to win races and have some fun.

Spending big money is no guarantee of success in this game. There have been jumps horses who’ve cost £80k, £150k, £300k+ and who have achieved very little in their racing careers. Imagine spending that much only for the horse to never win or achieve very little. Gulp. But it happens.

We’re generally looking for horses in the 10-20k price range and as such we must think differently, try to shop smart and find horses not many others are looking at. We want to lower the risk while giving us the best chance of having some fun and success along the way.

I suppose for want of a football analogy… we’re trying to find the next Jamie Vardy… this is someone unheralded at the start of their professional career who no-one really noticed, but who grafted their way up from non-league to become a Premier League winner with Leicester and England International.

It’s what we’re trying to do with our horses – purchases at the ‘value’ end and watch them develop with time as we discover just how good they could become. How high will they climb? It’s the ultimate racing thrill.

The buying approach…

Over recent years I’ve built up some good contacts and one in particular who has a very good record at sourcing horses from the British and Irish Point to Point fields. Think of point to points as the early years’ education for future jumps horses. They’re usually aged 4 or 5, with their best years ahead of them. Some of them don’t really have a clue what they’re doing at this stage and you get a variety of different trainers, with all levels of ability.

Horses who win these races generally cost big money.

I’m looking for horses who have potential but who haven’t shown enough yet for others to want to splash the cash, but who have shown something. Most buyers want a horse with a 1st or 2nd next to their name, but we can’t compete financially with those.

We’re trying to asses what they’ve done to date and what they could go on to achieved in the next few seasons. Have they shown promise? But are there reasons for why they could show so much more in time?

Jumps horses develop at different speeds and most Point races are over 3 miles, a distance some horses do not stay generally or at this stage of their careers, as they’re too immature mentally or physically.

Some horses just need more time to grow and more attention. Remember, jumps horses can still be growing physically aged 6 or 7.

However, if a horse has run in Point to Points, it shows they can take their training, have some resilience already, and at least they know what racing is about. This is as opposed to buying an unraced horse, of which the risks are clearly higher. With our approach we have some evidence to go on, including race replays.

But we must think outside the box also.

Our latest purchase, Give Me A Boom, also had additional evidence from a National Hunt Flat race at Fairyhouse, which has us even more excited given the horses in front of him, behind him, their form, their price tags and given the fact most were a year older.

We’re then making an assessment on how they look and their breeding – are they related to winners, especially on their mother’s side (the dam) and what does that tell us? What did their parents and grandparents achieve, what have their brothers and sisters gone on to do?  

On our ‘tell me more’ page HERE >>> , you can find a video where I talk through this approach with Give Me A Boom, what I was looking for and why we are so excited by him.


The main aim is to find a horse who we think has a bright future, one we can dream about. We’re after a horse who should progress with time (as they grow, strengthen, mature mentally) and for being at a yard like Amy Murphy’s, where they get the attention required.

We do want to be excited, not knowing for some time how good our horses may become – that gives us something to dream about going into each season, as the horse develops in time, and moves through the different jumps racing codes… National Hunt Flat, Hurdles and then Chases. Many jumps horses don’t hit their peak until they’re 7, 8 or even 9. Of course there’s plenty of fun and wins to be had along the way. That’s the aim.

We get to be with them on every step of their journey and as owners this helps build a bond with your horse over time; which in turn makes the emotional rollercoaster even more enjoyable.

The Trainer

Amy Murphy is the trainer of our syndicate horses, including The Plumber and Give Me A Boom.

Jay and I have seen first-hand what Amy and her team can do with all sorts of horses, including Blessed, Really Super and our own, The Plumber.

She’s a dual-purpose trainer who’s going places and has had great success so far this season, including in France. Over jumps Amy already has a Betfair Hurdle, Summer Plate and a Grade 1 win to her name with Kalashnikov. They get the best out of all horses in their care.

While Amy’s ability as a trainer is vitally important, it’s the open, friendly nature of the yard that’s also crucial, including the ability to communicate with us regularly, be willing to listen to our own ideas, as well being welcoming to all owners, including when at the races.

We couldn’t wish to have horses anywhere else for now, and being based in Newmarket, the facilities available are world class.

Your Experience

The horse and the trainer are important of course, and they help influence your experience, but they are only one part.

We don’t see much point in joining a syndicate if you rarely hear about your horse, don’t get to see them, can’t follow their journey or if you’re left on your own on race days.

We do our best to make your experience the most inclusive and engaging as possible, aiming for it to be industry leading.

Communication is one part of that – we send out detailed weekly emails with updates on your horses (including photos and videos), their journey, race plans, news on upcoming social events and other items that may interest you.

You’re encouraged to give us feedback also, including any thoughts you have on the horses and races moving forwards. All ideas and feedback are welcome in these parts.

We keep you updated on race day even if you can’t make it – with videos from the parade ring, of the horse and a catch up with the jockey.

We’re also fully transparent with all costs, as detailed in your ‘Agreement’ which you get to muse over before signing up on the dotted line 🙂

Of course, there are two main ‘in person’ experiences…

Open Days

There are the official RTPS ‘Open Days’ at Amy’s yard, where you can meet your horse, the team, get to see them work on the gallops, usually followed by afternoon racing at one of the Newmarket tracks.

You’re encouraged to bring friends and family to these days out. You’re also welcome to visit Amy’s yard at any time that’s convenient for you and we’re always happy to help organise such trips.

Race Day

This is the highlight really, where you get the biggest buzz.

We take you every step of the way, from organising your Owners & Trainers access, providing a pre-race preview and meeting you at the course. (including access to the parade ring, at the heart of the action, as below)

There’s so much fun to be had when your horse runs. There will be nervous anticipation, excitement, adrenaline – emotions that are on another level to just being a horse racing fan and backing a winner.

It is the best day out imaginable. That’s why at some point as a racing fan, you really must take the plunge and join a syndicate : ) (hopefully ours!)


If you’re as excited as we are and ever want to consider joining our Racing To Profit Syndicates, you can find out the latest opportunities HERE >>>

As I type we have around 12 x 2.5% shares left in Give Me A Boom , a jumps horse who’s just at the start of his career, has shown promise to date, and who ‘could be anything’ in the year’s ahead. It will be some journey discovering where he can take us all.

Find out more HERE >>>

And as always, if you ever have any questions, or you want to sign up, just drop us am email here…

email : rtpsyndicate@gmail.com

Or call me: 07756545987

I’m always happy to discuss our Syndicate, syndicates more generally or help steer you on a path towards your ownership dream.

Thanks for reading and maybe we’ll see you on a racecourse soon, cheering on your RTPS horse! 🙂


p.s to snap up one of the 12 shares left in Give Me A Boom, click HERE >>> (get in touch with email/phone above)



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