Doncaster Lincoln Meeting: Trainers & Jockeys

Donny pointers…

Doncaster Lincoln Meeting

A handful of trainer pointers and one jockey of note for this weekend’s flat season curtain raiser..


Trainers of note…

Richard Fahey

  • All runners
  • 8/1 or shorter SP
  • 2017>

23 bets / 6 wins / 10p / 26% sr / +22 SP / +29 BFSP

With six winners, Fahey is the joint- winning most trainer at this meeting in the last five seasons.

The market has been some guide, with those sent off 9/1 or bigger now 0/39, 5p. Odds are only ever a guide of course and he’ll have a biggie go in at some point but those sent off 8/1 or shorter are clearly the place to focus on.

Maybe of some mild interest is that all of Fahey’s drawn 1-5 are 0/22,2p.

Those sent off 8/1 or shorter, drawn 6 or higher, 6/14, 9p, +38 BFSP.

There could be nothing in that, or it’s the race types Fahey targets, the distance, field sizes etc, and that being drawn low hasn’t worked out. We are dealing with small sample sizes though.

Fahey was 0/6,0p last year within this ‘micro’ angle. Last season may well have been a time of transition for the yard. I remember reading that Fahey had changed his buying habits, going for the slow maturing middle distance type, as opposed to the early speedy types. He’d concluded that with horses over 10f+ there are more races to be won, with better prize money. Whether that change in strategy bears fruit this season or next, time will tell. No doubt he’ll start firing in a load of 2YOs over 5-6f again soon! Something to keep an eye on anyway.


Richard Hannon

  • All runners
  • Any odds (all winners 14/1 or shorter)
  • 2017>

27 bets / 6 wins / 10p / 22% sr / +27 SP / +42 BFSP

Richard Hannon (jnr) has also had six winners in the period inc 2/11, +13 last year when flagged.

The market has been some sort of guide, all winners sent off 14/1 or shorter SP. A 16/1 place though, but those sent off 16/1 or bigger are 0/11,1p in the period.

Those with 6< career runs: 3/8, 4p, +31 BFSP

5 of the 6 winners have been when Richard has targeted just one runner at the race. When he has 2, 1/10, 3p, +2, vs 5/17,5p +40 when just 1 runner.


Others of note

All runners, last five years…

  • Roger Varian: 3/8, 5p, -0.29 BFSP
  • Charlie Appleby: 3/13, 6p, -5
  • Saeed Bin Surror: 3/4, 4p, +4  
  • George Scott: 2/7, 4p +22
  • James Tate: 2/3,2p, +9
  • Ian Williams: 2/4,2p, +12
  • Phil Kirby: 2/10,3p, +28


A jockey of note…

Silvestre De Sousa

All rides: 21 bets / 5 wins / 8p / 24% sr / +6 SP / +11 BFSP

He’s the winning most jockey in the period, although three of those for King Power, who he’s no longer retained for. But he is now a freelance and his rides may be wroth a second glance. He will be wanting winners and at some point may have his eyes on the Championship again in the years to come, if he can find the support.

His six winners have been over 7f (3/5) and 10f (2/6)

He’s 4/8, 5p, +19 in Class 4& 5.


Hopefully those mentioned above have a few winners between them and these notes help you land on them,

Good luck, Josh


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