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How to profit from Sean Bowen…


Below you can find a ‘feature length’ video looking at jockey Sean Bowen. In it I start with a ‘micro system’ of interest within HorseRaceBase. You’re free to note this down and then stop watching if you please! However, I then have a look at some top level stats of his including his record at certain tracks, and with certain trainers. I then dive over to Geegeez Gold ‘Query Tool’ with a look at how he fares against all UK jockeys when riding over fences, including a look at his stats on front runners. I then switch back to HRB with a look at the ‘micro system’ in more depth and how I researched it. Including digging into the angle with a further look at trainers and tracks.

So, plenty to get stuck into. I cover plenty of ground and with any luck I say something mildly interesting! Do watch with a notepad, you can pause it in places, and use the content/my musings in any way you please. As always if you’ve any questions, do fire away down below.

For now, popcorn at the ready… πŸ™‚


Micro System

The main angle, for those of you who can’t even be bothered to press play (I’m not offended)

Sean Bowen

  • All race types
  • Distance: 2m6f or further
  • Class: 2, 3, 4
  • Sean had ridden horse 0-5 times previously
  • 28/1 or shorter SP (0/17,1p above)
  • 2018 >
BetsWinsWin%P/L(SP)PlacesPlace%P/L(BF)ROI(BF)P/L(Plc)BF A/E


That’s all for this post, hopefully it helps you find a few winners moving forwards or gives you a few ideas for further research,


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13 Responses

  1. Interesting stuff Josh, and a reminder to myself to be less rigid in how I use HRB and Geegeez Gold. Just because I can’t help being a pedant most NHF races are actually Class 5, Hunter Chases are Class 6. I guess SB will have ridden in some last year when Amateurs were temporarily unable to ride because of COVID restrictions.

    1. All pedants are welcome in these parts Graham!! Yes, good point, noted!

      There’s nothing wrong with ‘rigid’ if the alternative if information overload but always good to be creative, test, prod etc occasionally. If I’ve said/shown something that’s sparked a new idea etc, job done πŸ™‚


  2. great piece of work josh, will you be putting any qualis up to the micro above, if not idon’t mind doing it.
    as I intend to use the micro as way in starting point for further analysis.

    1. I’m not planning to as yet John but if’ you’ve saved it and don’t mind flagging, you’re more than welcome to! I’m conscious of there being too much going on in the daily posts/lists of stats etc. But maybe a jockeys section may be required at some point, but I won’t promise that just yet.


  3. Hi Josh just looked at your video on Sean Bowen riding in Chases and your statistical analysis has confirmed my previously held view and gut feeling that Sean is one of the best jockeys riding over fences. Knowing Sean and his parents personally I have always followed his riding with great interest and today when he rode both Chase winners at Ffos las demonstrated his excellence especially when you realise that his first winner for Neil Mulholland was having just his second only race over fences and the win on Fairlawn Flyer for his dad was actually having his first spin over fences! He clearly is a very good horseman something I have known for a long time but your video on here and your succinct guide through it has made it evident there are times when you can turn the stats into profit for yourself. This is the first time I have spent the time to look at one of your videos and would like to personally thank you for your excellent work you do and feel privileged to receive your good work. I think I will have to think of joining as a member of your service.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks for posting, much appreciated, and new readers are always welcome, whether just absorbing the free content or dipping your toe into the members club, which may or may not be for you. But that’s why there’s a trial.

      Well it’s rare for me to be called succinct so you’re more than welcome to stay around!! πŸ™‚

      Sean is certainly one of the very best, no doubt about that. All of the family appear likeable.

      There’s a few videos to flick through and plenty in the ‘free reports and systems ‘tab above also. But if you like trainer stats etc there’s usually something of interest to ponder,

      All the best,

  4. Excellent Josh. Not easy talking for 45mins without stop.
    Using your stats. His Saturday rides (which is arguably the hardest day of the week to ride winners and find winners)
    His SR is 45%. 22 from 49.

    1. Bugger, so he is! +67 BFSP.

      Winners for x13 different trainers, 5/8 for his Dad. Canny target trainer of a nice pot.

      That does make sense I suppose – hardest day to ride a winner, but when can be plenty of rides to go around, or spares etc, or a target and want the best available onside – and given bar when with Harry, he’s never been a stable #1 (his dad will let him ride others/meetings etc if desired I gather, and I think he likes sharing the big winners between the two boys) I suppose he’s always been more flexible than some.

      Ah, too kind, that sort of thing comes naturally enough, keeping the pace/ensuring content is useful is the challenge, but the time flies by.


      1. I tried to put the criteria through the inform system builder but can’t quite make it the same as HRB because of the ‘Sean ridden horse 0-5 times’ option doesn’t jump out at me. Anyway got similar results…although noted that December isn’t a profitable month on my results. Not sure if you can check that on HRB? Can’t think of any logical reason why that might be so but….Might need a wealth warning just before Christmas!!

  5. He should be riding bigger winners but doesn’t get the opportunities – I think he only had 2-3 rides at the Festival this year, extraordinary.

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