Free Daily Post: 05/04/18 (complete)

nothing from me again…

No turf racing, so you know what that means 🙂 Nothing from me again today.

GL with any bets, as always.



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  1. Golf matchbets – There are a number of juicy tournament match ups but for brevity I will only put up three: Bubba Watson to beat John Rahm at 2.25 ( A two times champion in form versus a player with no course form who is not at his best at present); Trevor Immelman to beat Harry Ellis at 1.8 (A former Masters winner versus a British Amateur champion); Sergio Garcia to beat Hideki Matsuyama at 1.9 (The current champion versus a player out of form who has issues over his mothers failing health).

      1. Sorry, I was talking Matchbook. The other bookmakers who have tourney match ups may have different permutations?

  2. AW BETS
    2.10 La Fortuna
    2.10 Mighty Zip
    2.10 Culloden
    6.15 Sharp Operator
    8.45 Marshall Aid

    1. Hi Colin, I have been following your tips for a few days now, and have been very impressed. I have no knowledge and little interest in AW racing being primarily a NH fan, but there has been precious little NH action of late.
      Can I ask you if you have a staking plan for your selections? Especially that 2:10 race today where you have selected 3 horses which are the 3 at the head of the market and all under 6.0 presently on BF.
      Do you back them all to level stakes? If so any profit is likely to be quite limited i would have thought?

      1. I believe it is just 1 point win on everything, Colin is happy to lose on a race if needs be, making more profit in the long run with such an approach – the logic being that the method is the method, and as soon as you start discounting 1 , that 1 will be winning! Obviously staking etc is up to you, you may decide to lock in a certain profit/loss on the race say, but everything recorded to 1 point win at SP.

        1. Thanks Josh for the clarification. I will probably leave that race as the potential profit (1.60-2.60 pts at current BF exchange odds) looks too small to risk 3 points.

      2. Alhart
        Josh as answered your question for me only point i will add is that you should have a bank 50 times your stake at the moment there are 3 runners 1 may pull out who knows, over the years the outsider of say 3 horses may win and it drifts in the market so a much larger profit can be achieved,i put the bets up early so everyone can place their bets and go about their day.
        An example the other day 2 bets in 1 race one won at 6/4
        two bets at £10 = £20
        return £25 profit of £5 on the race or 25% that will do for me compared to my Cash Isa interest!!!
        Once again all bets that are put up i have backed and you are welcome to do what you want with them but i do advice a betting bank of 50 times your stake,and also remember that my returns are to Bookmakers SP.

        1. Understood Colin, and thanks for the explanation. All about risk and reward I guess and that’s why I love this site – plenty of decent priced selections to get stuck in to.
          I will play your later selections but leave that race. Thanks again for posting your selections which help me through these NH-less days!

    2. Hi Colin, Interesting you have Sharp Operator on your list today. I have already backed this one this morning. The trainers record with horses running <10 days after their previous run is 8/25, 14 places +22 in last year. Suspect Sharp Operator needs a strong pace as is reported to pull hard early in its races, not sure it will get that today but i thought 6/1 was reasonable to find out.GL

      1. Hi James
        Now i know who to blame if it loses!!!
        My bets are from my criteria and if the horse fits them then it is a bet,this process takes about 15 to 20 mins a day for all codes of racing not just AW,definitely no form reading wasted to much of my time over the years doing this and once again if form was such a guide then there would be no Bookmakers to rob us.
        Hope Sharp Operator wins for us but i have my betting bank of 50 times my stake so it does not matter either way it is a long term investment which as been good to me over the years.

        1. Hi Colin,
          Firstly thanks for sharing your AW selections…top draw stuff mate
          Secondly….what’s your P&L since you’ve been posting?
          Apologies if I’ve missed on a previous post..
          Again thanks mate

          1. Hi Steve, Colin started beginning of Feb (in terms of posting, think he’s been backing his own method for a while!)
            As of Monday…
            Profit update at Bookmakers SP anyone able to take advantage of BOG would have come close to doubling the returns
            Feb + 22.225 or to £10 + £222.50
            Mar + 14.166 or to £10 + £141.66

            Total + 36.391 points or to £10 + £364.16 Bookmakers SP only


  3. Not much to look through today.
    A couple from me.

    BAGHDAD 13/8 4:50 Wolverhampton.
    Given the breeding they are expecting better things from this one.

    A LITTLE e/w nibble at this one not shown much so far but nicely bred.
    Could be anything but at 50’s I’m willing to have a little go to find out.

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