Members: Video Repository

Members’ Video Repository

This is your one stop shop for previously recorded video content. I will do my best to update this monthly.

The most recent videos will be posted first.

Please note that ALL PUBLIC (not members only) videos can be found on my YouTune Channel HERE>>>


Members Only 

Any new content will follow in due course. 


Public Videos Of Interest 


The Chasing Game: Back To Basics

-60 minutes total, first 20 looking at ‘concept’, 40 mins focussed on examples



Howler: A poor day/reflective contemplation

-16 mins


Let’s Get Better As Punters:

My ‘doing something different’ theory

-45 mins


What A Shocker:

-A ‘Looking back/review/trying to improve’ type video… (I should watch it again!) 

-45 mins



Finding Front Runners as Starting Points

-22 mins in length



Profile Horses

-3 years old! Still of some use no doubt 🙂 

-41 mins in length 



How to add in systems using Horse Race Base

-16 mins



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