Free Daily Post: 30/11/17 (complete)

some members’ test zone, and an eye-catcher to keep tabs on…

No tips or system qualifiers today…some thoughts of interest below…

Firstly some micro qualifiers from my Members’ Test Zone…the McCain test has just started, the Lacey one is showing a decent profit so far since introduced…his two look up against it but you never know, and he does have a few winners around 25s…

Tom Lacey (any odds)

12.50 Taunt- Snapdragon Fire

2.40 Towc – Luck of The Legion

D McCain (14/1< guide)

3.00 Muss – Prince Khurram (m3)


Beau Du Brizais … I’ve just noticed that he is running in the 1.50 Taunton.. maybe 4s is fair, we shall see. He caught the eye LTO as he was badly hampered just when starting to move forward…he lost a few lengths there that he could never get back… he chased home a horse who has since won twice in fairly emphatic fashion, so plenty of substance to the form. It will be interesting to see how he runs.


That’s the lot for today. GL with any bets.



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    1. HI Trevor, I have emailed you, with no response, I will try again. You will be able to log in with your normal details, just not read the members’ post… your subscription expired which was my fault, you just need to ‘renew subscription’ when logged in, with the details you have been using to log in since day should be in top right hand corner, on the same plan you have always been on. Josh

    2. Trev Knight, I am not sure how many Trev Knights there are around but can’t be too many – quick question, will probably be a “No not me” but – did you go to a Grammar School in West Midlands circa 1971-76 and was your mom a Lab Technician at the School?? (sorry Josh I know this is not friends Reunited LOL)….

          1. Yes received emails. But when I try to get started it does not say anything about £10 a month.

          2. can you email me back your password please, and I will take a look my end and pretend to be you, and see if I have messed something up…which is more than likely…you are one of a few in exact same position and had no problems so far, but I may have accidentally done something my end to settings.

          3. Hi Trev, yep it was my fault, the correct option should be there now when you go to renew.

  1. Thanks for heads up about B d B Josh. Down here to see East Wing run. Hopefully Anthony H will have one winner. From his three.

  2. Home late tonight….Happy surprise from Ian at SP2a,,,,2 lovely winners…A great boost.
    My own picks still running…..

    Tony Mc.

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