Free Daily Post: 02/11/17 (complete)

just a micro today

Just a micro angle today.  I am making my way to Liverpool this morning having been to Fakenham, via London, the last two. Sadly no time to look at the Durham National.



3.40 Sedge – Visage Blanc (any odds)



GL with any bets



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    1. Hi Victor,
      Well, you could try my Members’ Club haha. All of the core content is based against my own unique trainer stats research.

      In terms of free resources I don’t know… Racing Post/ATR? Do they have any such things, i don’t really use either so no idea.

      If you like doing your own research/like digging etc, you could try HorseRaceBase.

      At the more premium end, Geegeez Gold (blue box to the right in ‘approved services’) is packed with all you could need on a trainer stats front.

      I don’t know what else there is. Gavin Priestely did a free giveaway with 24 angles for the jumps season.

      I mean I am biased, but if you like trainer stats/angles/strategies/systems/+thinking for yourself, you should try my club! 🙂


    2. Victor – beware costs of RP – you would really need to start with the Ultimate Edition (starts at about £22 per month) but there are add on’s for the data you want. I pay best part of £40 pcm for “dog’s balls” RP and as a Pro Tipster can justify that, but for the odd bit of data it is very expensive.

      I don’t know what Josh charges or what Offers he has on BUT I am sure there will be just what you are looking for at a fraction of cost RP would be charging you; and in terms of customer service only 1 winner (and that’s not RP whose idea of customer service is akin to the RyanAirs of this world!)…

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