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2 new ‘welcome’ videos… win %/betting banks / advised strategies

This post is a repository for any welcome/introductory information for the Members’ Club.

Where Should You Start?

  1. Please Read The Welcome Email HERE>>>

I have also tried to bring the members’ club to life with a welcome video below…

WATCH FIRST: Outline of the main daily Members’ Content: (a shorter video just looking at Section/the four main jumps strategies is below)



Section 1 / the four jumps strategies explained





You can use this spreadsheet HERE>>> 

(explained in video below)




Video extra:

A look at the Jumps advised strategies- a talk through in case you are still unsure, including how to use Betfair SP minimum odds for Strategy #1 


Video 1 

(Beer Goggles was used as a live example of  Jumps Strat #1, before he went on to win) 




Any questions then please email ( or post a comment under today’s Members’ post.




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  1. just watched video #1 , absolutely brilliant , loads of good advice in there , will now watch the 2nd one . this site has it all for me , systems , strategies , notes , member participation , help & advice , videos etc , etc . been a dream start for me personally after signing up for the 4 month free period . all i’m after in the main now is to develop some patience and discipline into my betting activities which has always been my main problem of losing over the years ! , always been a system man so what you are doing to start off is what i want , then to go with the 3 different ratings we have something added to it that helps breed confidence . i’m following all the strategies personally starting off at £ 2 stakes / £300 bank / 150 point bank . i’m running at at a 25% s/r at present so i know there will be a downturn to come and i’m 63.45 pts up from the start of the month , i would settle for a lot less than that each month if it could be consistent over a period of time to allow me to grow a bank and increase my stakes steadily , if things continue to go well i can definately say at even this early stage in the trial that i will be subscribing to your service , keep up the good work josh .

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