Exclusive Offer: Is This The Tipping Service For You?

An exclusive offer just for you (and those who want to try a superb ‘tipping’ service)…




SPECULATE 2 ACCUMULATE : Special offer just for readers of Racing To Profit (that’s you!)


What am I talking about…

After weeks of discussion I have persuaded my friends at Speculate 2 Accumulate ‘SP2A’ to give you all a very special offer. From now, as you read this post, you are entitled to a whopping 50% discount for three full months access to their Daily and Elite service combined. (access is from now through to the 31st December 2017) 


Daily Tips – set format up to a maximum of 3 fully analysed tips each day 7 days per week issued by 9am (10am on Sundays) tips come from a panel of 6 Tipsters exclusively tipping to SP2A 


Elite Tips – One big race covered every Saturday with full analysis and specific Staking Guide. We also cover occasional big Meetings in the week and in the 3 month period this will include 1 Elite tip per day at Ayr (September); Ascot (Champions Meeting); Cheltenham (Open Meeting) and Newbury (Hennessey Meeting), will also cover major Christmas period fixtures.


Full Refund… what’s more, you get access to a full money back refund after this 3 month period has ended. This refund will be available, no questions asked, IF they fail to make a net profit based on level stakes to SP/BFSP (Starting Srice/ Betfair Starting Price) after stakes and subscriptions have been taken in to account. 

So, if you sign up to this offer before the 1st Oct you get 3 full months to road test whether this is for you. If they fail to make a profit in that time to SP/BFSP, you are entitled to a full refund. That sounds good to me. 

I have recorded a video below which talks through everything in more detail. If you are looking for a tipping/race adviser service to try/add to your portfolio, I would give it a watch. 


Some background…

Sp2A came onto my radar from some discussions by you good readers in the comments. One of you had been a long term member and was more than happy to recommend them. I like that they proof everything independently to Racing-index and record prices to SP/BFSP. (I have no doubt you would have done much better if able to get advised prices). So, we got chatting. 

My first aim was to get some interesting and free content. I always endeavour to provide some variety on these pages. You will have seen their odd race-preview posted on here and that will continue moving forwards. The odd big race preview at weekends/Festivals, and the odd ‘daily tip’ post also. So, there will always be something for you to read, for the foreseeable future anyway. 

It then became apparent that they were willing to do a bespoke, special offer, for you good readers that you cannot access anywhere else. And that is why I am talking to you today. 


They are a bit different… 

Their approach intrigued me… for the Daily Tips (around 3 tips per day) they use a pool of tipsters, exclusive to them, that they rotate, depending on their recent form. This ensures that they can tag in and out team members when they hit the inevitable dip, or hit that winning run that we can all go on. The unique nature of their “Tipster Stable” allows them to perm the 3 tips from the most in-form and consistent Tipsters over a rolling period of time.  Profit tends to come in spikes I find- well it does for me anyway. I thought that was novel and is probably one of the reasons their long term record is so good, and why they can keep subscribers for so long. 

Of course, like all services, they hit losing runs,which is why I was keen to secure that money back guarantee offer for you. Within that 3 month period you should be able to come to a decision. And if you start off betting small/paper trading and they have a shocker, little damage done as you can get your money back. But, if the next 3 months are like the previous 3, as per below, you may have some fun…

I also like their write ups… you do not just get a list of horses to back. I like to read why others like certain horses as I think wanting to learn/educate yourself is an important trait in this game. We should all want to try and improve, and their write ups help us do just that – or in any case add more to the pot to help in our own thinking. 

Oh, and they pride themselves on their customer service, transparency and honesty…which is rather important in these parts. 


Results…over the last 3 months…

To 1 point win bets at BFSP

  • Elite – 88 tips Strike Rate 17.6% Points 48.72
  • Gravy Train – 112 tips Strike Rate 28.3% 53.24 Points
  • The Advisor – 74 tips Strike Rate 32.4% 23.58 Points
  • Shuker – 36 tips Strike Rate 39.4% 16.89 Points
  • Work Watcher – 52 tips Striker Rate 26.0% 26.63 Points


Total: +169 points. (net profit to 1 point level stakes, BFSP)


We shall see how they do over the next three months.


So, that’s them. Ah yes, the cost…

Well, I won’t beat around the bush here. You get full access until the 31st December, with the money back guarantee, and the 50% discount…and all you need to pay is…


That’s half price and a brilliant deal.

This is for those of you who want to try a tipping service and are serious about following a service – with the possible aim of following them long term. I think this is the first ‘daily tips’ service I have ever recommended on these pages and with any luck I have chosen well and don’t curse them! 

I think that is a decent offer, and if you want to give them a go you can do so at the link below…




(on this page there is a link in the bottom left to a blog post which explains more… and you can look around their website generally… this offer is only available through this link above)

(Payments are via Paypal… which you can use without needing an account with them…but if you really can’t stand them and wish to take up the offer, you can contact them via their website HERE>>>  using the contact form provided. Please refer to the ‘Racing To Profit Exclusive offer’ when messaging them)



So, that’s that. You can watch a video from me if you wish where I talk through everything etc…






All the best and fingers crossed for the next few months. And if it’s not for you, no worries, hopefully you enjoy flicking through the free preview posts moving forwards.


p.s some housekeeping…

  1. SP2A (Ian,the main man,who has commented below) have a cut off of 10.30am for payments and tips that day. So, if you sign up after that point you will receive tips/daily email, from the following day
  2. Ian usually sends manual acknowledgement of payments within 4 hours of receipt (during office hours) Please be patient,and if you have any problems email them,or get hold of me. 
  3. Tips/write ups etc are usually delivered by email. You will also have access to the members’ paddock within their website so if there are any email problems you can always access content. 

Give them a go HERE>>>


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  1. A BIG Thank You to Josh for setting this collaboration up and naturally we at SP2A hope that you won’t be disappointed.

    One minor Customer Service “heads up” – IF you don’t get an automatic payment confirmation from PAYPAL please don’t panic. Our Office hours are 7am to 4pm but we monitor outside of those hours and any payments received will be acknowledged within 4 hours (between 7am and 10pm – 7 days a week and if you pay after 10pm; payment will be acknowledged by 7am the following morning).

    If anyone has any questions after watching Josh’s excellent video, please feel free to drop us an e-mail via the Contact Box on the SP2A website but please remember to make it clear that you are a Racing 2 Profit Reader/Follower.



    1. Thanks Ian. I have already signed up. Quick question since it piqued my interest. What made you decide specifically on those five races you mentioned. Just curious as to the factors involved in making the decision to target those specific ones as opposed to the rest of the day’s races.


      1. I signed up on Wednesday and was on La Frit at 10/1 and so a nice way to start! Let us see how the three month trial goes?

      2. Nick; our concept is to seek/find value and I believe that this come in bigger field handicap races which are most likely to be run at a true pace (whereas smaller field races can be tactical). I am not adverse to tipping in 2-3 year old races but believe that the more form we have to consider, the more value we can find.

        To look at 30-40 races in mid summer or even 20 – 30 on a day like today is impossible, as we use the “Old fashioned” form analysis that involves checking/cross checking all horses in a race. So; we initially profile and look for races that best suit our methodology. So today, we short-listed 5 races that offered those criteria and options and narrowed down to 3.

        WE have operated for 6 years, I am still looking if i am honest for a decent Irish expert and we have finally found an AW expert so I think it is best to work on, what one is best at and then try to cover “holes/gaps” and that is part of the continuous improvement we seek.

        There is more that we are not good at, than what we are, and it amuses me when some Tipsters try to find winners in all kinds of races, and all over the world, fair play, they may be better tipsters than me/us; but I do feel that focusing on niches that deliver is better than a more scatter-gun approach.



  2. Looked into this before but unfortunately the cost is still a bit to high for me to pay. Maybe after I’ve built my bank a bit more it’s something I can look into doing again in the future. Good luck with the tipping though guys.

    1. No problem Matt… clearly i think the offer price is decent value, but price/cost is clearly very personal/down to individual. Yep with any luck we will do the ‘3 month’ offer again in future, probably same time every year and hopefully one during the flat season. That depends on the numbers of course and no. subscribers they deem acceptable etc. There will be odd freebie preview from them to read etc and always plenty to get stuck into.

  3. just signed up last night, the 3 month trial looks interesting . i’m starting with a £250 (100pts) bank and playing £2-50 a point using skybet mainly for the BOG, i’ll use that as my baseline and won’t drop below those stakes but will increase stakes by 50p if/every time bank rises by 20pts.
    nicked some of the profits from another bank so even if it goes tits up it won’t cost me a penny of my own money because of the money back offer. lets hope for a profitable journey.

  4. Hi Josh/Ian

    I Have heard many good things about these services from some of my own followers so fingers crossed for your members on here ,with regards to the cost I know from both my and Josh’s work finding good value bets is a long and time consuming process so to get a portfolio of bets seems a reasonable price for the trial The objective should be for it to pay for further membership and a bit more, bear in mind keeping your bank in good health is paramount to a trial and three months would be a snapshot of how things will develop before deciding if it fits into your betting style

    Brian AKA Welshman from Betting School

    1. Thanks Brian, I know too that you have an excellent service of your own and hope you are keeping well.



    1. HI Steve,

      Those figures above under results are just to 1 point win bets, to BFSP. 170 points in last 3 months. I have always said something has to operate to 1 point win bets for me, hence why I enquired/used those figures above. They proof to 1 point win and 1 point place BFSP on Racing Index I think, but those figures above are to 1 point win. Which is what I would just do personally, but some prefer EW betting..especially psychological…at the odds they play at/win % clearly there will be losing runs… albeit again that is why I like their ‘tag team’ approach, as that limits those.


    1. Totally agree, so am I! And something has to work for 1 point win bets to me- the true test- so that is what i would do, or you do 1/2 point win, 1 point win, mix and match depending on advice, or whether you have time to take certain view of selections etc. Josh

      1. Fully understand those that have a “win only” approach. My own view has always been an “if you can’t win don’t lose” philosophy in the battle v the Bookies. I think there is scope for both angles and we do mostly suggest each way but would never tell a serious punter what to do.

        Hopefully they will make a nice return for the win only and more conservative each way punter out there.

        Good Luck



        1. Indeed, all about informed choice/personal preference. I am quite a pedant on the 1 point win only approach haha. But each to their own, and provided good returns long term on advised/ or win only, then can’t be any complaints. I can see attraction of EW betting, esp when hit losing runs on the win side/odds you play at etc.


  5. Win or E/W its a bit like marmite I play ew on anything above 9/2 as my main aim is to protect my bank it has taken me over 40 years to come to this decision but its a personal preference where some would say 1point win my bet would be 1/2 ew same outlay for a lesser return but hopefully at least my stake back. people talk about value but everyone has a different take on what value really is

    1. I agree Brian and have understanding of both camps.

      The only guy I want to beat really is the Bookie and being at the “speculative end” of the spectrum in terms of price I have erred more to each way for the reasons you indicate.

      The overall aim is profit but at the bigger price end you do have losing runs and sods law is that in such runs the 16-20-25/1 runners up beaten on the nod magically add up as if to kick you in the teeth.

      That’s what really created my “if you can’t win don’t lose philosophy. There are some who believe you can’t make profit to SP and by backing each way, hopefully we can prove you can on both scores.

      I would though be very interested at the end of the trial to see how “win only backers have fared v each way and win backers as it might help to change opinions on both sides and as I started, as long as we beat the Bookie and had some fun along the way = job done!

    1. Mmm yes, On Fire perhaps a classic example of how you can claw a bit of shrapnel back from the bookies on a day when we can’t find a winner. On Fire perhaps a shade unlucky as with a clear run would probably have won but I never bemoan bad luck as it DOES even out, we had a narrow winner yesterday, a narrow runner up today and that’s the way it swings. The pair at Newbury were not a million miles away, and only Stoneham really disappointed but 33/1 and looks like a sour horse last few runs.



  6. Had a few people apparently not received acknowledgement mail or todays tips.

    It is always a risk when mass mailing and/or mailing a few times in quick succession as e-mail providers (AOL/Hotmail are worst offenders in my experience) want to class anything unusual as “spam”.

    If you have not received any mail you expect to have received PLEASE check your spam box and if necessary make info@sp2a.co.uk and sp2a.co.uk safe senders.

    All who have paid up to 2.30pm today should also have received access codes to collect tips from SP2A website in event e-mail does not arrive promptly. For obvious reasons I cannot put the codes up on here but if you have not received them (check spam as well as inbox) please alert me and I will re-send and in an emergency Josh has names of all who have subscribed and also has username and password for access to SP2A website to collect tips from SP2A website.

    I plan to get tomorrows tips out by 8am tomorrow and I understand that they will also be available on THIS Forum as we have not yet reached 1 October official start date.



    1. MESSAGE for Steve A – TALK TALK man. Steve am tearing my hair out a bit; have 3x sent confirmation of payment; sent tips each day and also codes to access SP2A Members page – clearly for some obscure reason you are not getting my mails. VERY SORRY trying all we can. I’ve emailed Josh to see if he can forward SP2A website codes to you and will try a workaround idea tonight. Rest assured doing all I can – had one issue with an SP2A member with talk-talk a few years back and even he could not get to bottom of it – in the end he set up a gmail account just to get his sp2a tips.

      Will sort out for you ASAP!

      1. Further message for Steve A (Talk Talk) – Steve both Josh and I have sent mails from our respective accounts and seems you are not receiving either – would indicate an issue with Talk Talk as we are mailing from completely different set up’s (IP addresses etc). If you have an alternative e-mail address please advise Josh and Myself. Regards Ian

  7. Interesting discussion on merits of both win and e/w betting. I personally try and find horses which are going to be there or thereabouts in 9-12 runner races and are 6/1+ and bet e/w which plays to my strengths. I do however think betting everything e/w just because it’s a certain price is a mistake and you should be looking at the context of each race when deciding to do either. You really don’t want to be going e/w on 14-15 runner races unless you’re getting at least a double figure price or getting 4 places. Likewise 90% of the time going e/w when getting only two places no matter the odds is poor. On the flip side when you’re fairly confident a horse is going to finish the first 3 or even 4 (good example was Stradivarius in the Leger last week when bookies were paying 4 places who even at 5/1 was a great e/w bet) or you have a horse which is extremely consistent but generally finds one too good I would say even if the price is 5/1-6/1 the correct play is to go e/w.

  8. Hi just a bit of an update/housekeeping issue. I have acknowledged all payments, sent access codes to get tips online at SP2A and am mailing out tips. In all instances the acknowledgement / tips / access codes have been sent to the e-mail address quoted on PAYPAL payment.

    In a few cases people have contacted after a day or two to say “not heard anything” but from a different e-mail address and one not quoted on Paypal. So, if you have paid for service and not heard anything back and you use an e-mail different from your Paypal account PLEASE drop us a message via Contact Form on SP2A website with your preferred e-mail address and we will do the necessary.

    We can’t promise winners but we do promise outstanding customer service and will therefore do all we can to ensure people get tips and info they have paid for but if we are sending to wrong e-mail address obviously, you aren’t going to get it!



    1. I was the R2P follower who initially recommended these guys and as good as I know they are, you always hope things go as well as they can. I am sure you are getting the same tips as SP2A long term members so hopefully you’ve had 2 winners like me from 3 selected races today Intense Style advised at 10/1 and Rebel Yeates at 15/2. As someone said the other day it’s also nice to see a Tipster whose advised prices are readily available whrn the tips come out and who also record results to SP. Hopefully the start of a great 3 months for you.


  9. Nick, I got similar and it is something that happens quite often.

    I did ask once why and Ian said that if he looks at 10 bookies and as example 4 are 14/1 and 4 are 12/1 he will quote the 12/1 as he thinks that’s fair. All very refreshing though.

    1. Well done Colin, .. all these happy trialists (there was a lot of them!) have you to thank for what has been a decent start, and I have no doubt that over time it will continue. A superb service, in all aspects.
      Been a good day all round really!

  10. Remarkable! I read your blurb about this company (SP2A) earlier today and it seemed interesting in that it doesn’t concentrate on short prices favourites (yawn!). I had a look at today’s tip (Whingeing Willie) and put it through my own mill of thinking and it seemed good value. Duly backed it at 19-1 on Betfair and it wins really well. Not surprisingly I have signed up for the 3 month trial! Well done SP2A and well done Josh for unearthing them!


    1. George; I always advocate working from a 100 point betting bank and then working back from that to find ideal “Unit stake” for you.

      My experience tells me that a 100 point bank (unit to suit and affordable) will cover any blips and we do try hard to minimise drawdowns – losses – so that the graph is shallow when the inevitable losing runs come.

      We do have a unique approach in that we perm 2-3 tips per day from a stable of 6 tipsters, that allows us to spot losing trends/runs, give tipsters a break and also to try to help them to specialise in the types of races they are good at – e.g we wont ask a Spring Flat expert to try to fathom a 4 mile Chase, some Tipsters CAN do that but we find our methods cut out the troughs as much as possible.

      I hope that this helps and I will be doing a fuller piece to all who have subscribed in midweek as well as reminding all about the Full Refund Guarantee and the protocols and parameters for that.



  11. FAO Robert for Malvern (hope you see this) . Thank you for your phone message, sadly, it cut out and I could not get all of the number other than the STD Code (I know Malvern very well!). If you could drop me an e-mail please I’d be happy to answer any questions. (I’ve looked at all subscribers called Robert and can’t see one in Malvern). I am out from 11am to 12 noon but will try to respond ASAP after that!



  12. Hi Ian, i am at my daughters today and will be in touch with you so i can pay by debit card straight away…. I’ll let you know when i get there, or you can leave me a number to ring you….My home number is still down.

    Cheers Ian/

    Tony Mc.

  13. Hello,
    Just signed up via PayPal,then nothing (error,website cannot be found).
    Hopefully it sorts itself out.
    Andy N

    1. Hi Andy, yep not sure why that happens but you are not the only one.. but everything goes through and Ian should be in touch later this afternoon at some point with confirmation etc.

    2. Andy – apologies for that it is a glitch at the Paypal end, I have in the past 5 mins (1.00pm now) acknowledged payment and sent today’s tips

  14. Now that the Offer period is closed and all are aboard; I will be sending out in the next couple of days more detailed Staking Plan and Betting Bank approach (Guidance only) and also we will be reiterating the Full Money Back Offer Guarantee Terms, just so that there is no ambiguity.

    I know there is an ongoing debate between “win only” and “each way” betting and the 3 months will be an interesting litmus test of that, and also between “advised stakes” and “SP/BSP” so I plan to produce month end and cumulative stats for Win and E/W (when advised in the morning e-mail) and also for Advised and SP – so that we can get a 360 degree perspective of how things are going.

    We have had a very small number of email delivery issues to AOL and a few to Hotmail so if anyone who has purchased the SPECIAL OFFER is not getting mails please let me and/or Josh know. I am going to be loading all emails on to the “GetResponse” platform that Josh uses over the weekend and once done will e-mail out the aforementioned Betting Bank / Staking Plan and when due Results Updates. (GetResponse seems to be better than the YMLP system that we have used for the past 6 years).

    Finally, a big thank you again to all who have joined and for the feedback and a reminder that you also have access codes to collect tips directly from SP2A website.

    Lets hope we can keep on beating the Bookies!



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