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Placespotter – Epsom 4.20 4 Whinging Willie – 1 point each way @ 14/1

The logic – a 12 furlong (Derby Course and Distance) race for Apprentices, where Course form and Jockey ability and knowledge of the venue, will be useful assets. C’Est No Mour is a worthy favourite, the one to beat but up again in terms of Handicap mark and on ground softer than it has so far proven it can definitely handle, I want to take it on. The likes of Compton Mill and Cordite have decent form and some Course form, outsiders like Hatsaway and Inke have enough  form over the Course and Distance and also in soft to warrant a very close examination and all 4 of those could easily “pop up” in a race of this nature, but I kept coming back to the same horse WHINGEING WILLIE. My dislike of his Trainer is well documented but my admiration for Hector Crouch as one of the unsung talents is equally well known. The horse finds itself on a promising handicap mark; it’s best chance in the context for a while and if you look back to April 2016 a runner up effort here in better company off a mark of 80, a mark it has run up to or close to most of this season; means it handles the track, copes with the Going, has a run style to suit here and a mark of 78 gives it every chance today and the icing on the cake is the currently available 14/1 which you should grab and BOG – Best Odds guaranteed.

Lets hope for a flying start to October and we’ll be back with a few more tomorrow around 9.00am.




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    1. I think he is just one of those “marmite” guys, you either love or hate. I don’t “hate” him, just not a massive fan of his – why?. I am a form studier and always have been; and he is one of a few trainers who in my humble opinion; does not always run horses to their true merits, that’s my own opinion I would stress, but too often I feel his horses are prepared for specific races on specific days.

      I appreciate and understand that you could level that accusation at any Trainer but I feel he is one that gets away with it more than most, in the same category I’d put Tony Carroll. I’ve never met Gary Moore, he may be a very nice guy, possibly is; I have met Tony Carroll and he is a very nice guy; but just as a form studier something I am wary about when looking at their horses.

      The one other thing I recall about GM was his slagging off Cheltenham Race Course a few years ago, called it a “trick track” or words to that effect; and I just felt that was both wrong and a bit disingenuous.

      If he delivers a nice winner today I’d be the first to congratulate him but still wary in terms of the form book.

      I’m sure we all have our favourites and those we don’t like in any sport or indeed in music; books, all sorts; and some times there is no logic for it…but that’s what makes us all different and that’s to be welcomed.

      In racing as an example I’ve always loved GODSDEN but a bit cold to STOUTE, Henry Cecil was my undoubted hero; in NH I love Nicholls and King and don’t like Henderson; I am a big fan of Frankie; Atzeni; Kingscote yet Ryan Moore and Richard Hughes (when he rode) not so keen on – no logical reason for some of those but just perceptions that stick



      1. I very much agree with you about Frankie. Ryan Moore is often seen as someone who can incredibly pull out a win from near impossible positions but the beauty of Frankie’s riding is he is never in a position to need to do that because he effortlessly manages to be in the right place at the right time all the while making it look extremely simple and straightforward. Both his runs on Enable today and Juliet Capulet on Friday you just felt confident from a long way out.

      2. I did previously have a contact within the Gary Moore stable and have highlighted that on this site in the past. I have not had that contact for a while now. I think that the truth of it is that the stable does not have rich owners to fall back on and so has to plan how it can run at a profit and pick up prizes where it can. Therefore they will need to try to come up with some plots. I think that it is a bit unfair to say they have non triers as economics mean that they cannot always run horses to win every race. This is no criticism of Ian or anyone else, just an opinion.

        1. I don’t disagree with you Martin, all about opinions and my narrow perspective was more a “tipping angle”.

          I have found often that people you don’t like, based on a perception; are often totally different when you meet them. I will give you a horse racing and a general sporting example, aforementioned Tony Carroll, met him a few times and thoroughly nice bloke yet I normally swerve his horses.

          As a Birmingham fan I also had a dislike of Steve Bull (a) he played for some arch rivals (b) he once dived in 2 footed at a Blues Keeper and broke both his shoulders.

          So, when a Company I worked for had a Corporate Golf Day, who did they pair me with – Steve Bull – have to say I had a great 18 holes chatting to him and totally grounded and genuinely nice guy who has and continues to raise thousands for charity.

          So please see my GM comments in the narrow view of a Tipster with probably unrealistic views. Definitely no offence meant nor intended.



  1. It is rare in any sport to have the hair on the back of your neck rise and a shiver down your spine but that burst of acceleration at the 3 F pole by Enable and the way she put the race to bed in 5-6 strides was remarkable. I am a massive fan of Gosden and Dettori and he gave her a textbook ride, and any thoughts of O’Brien and his “mobile chicane tactics” ruining the race were not only dispelled by Dettori’s tactical brilliance but more than amusing the way he used the 2 O’Brien front runners as perfect pace-setters. One of thos eraces that will long live in the memory.

    If they ever put Enable and Frankel together in the stud box (I don’t know enough about the breeding lines to know if that would be “dingle-esque LOL” ) what a horse that would be!.

    1. Great tip on Whingeing Willie Ian. I know there will be good days and bad ahead such is the nature of all tipping services but Wow what a start.

      On the Enable/Frankel match I think they would be too interbred –
      although ironically Enable is by Nathaniel who came close to beating Frankel – They are both by Galileo (the most valuable horse on the planet)

      1. Thanks for the pedigree/breeding update, I did wonder, must be a minefield for those involved in (is it dosage?) to work out so many breeding lines especially as so many have cross – breeding from such a small initial stock. If anyone is ever in West Cornwall Godolphin House is well worth a visit! on that score.

        1. It must be a nightmare but Galileo is an interesting one. The Northern Dancer era was the start of it. He was tiny little 1964 Kentucky Derby winner who’s initial stud career was a bit frowned upon as they had to dig holes for the mares to stand in so he cd reach to get them infoal! Nijinsky was his first Derby win star and then Robert Sangster twigged in the 70’s, bought loads of his yearlings, & set up Coolmore stud with John Magnier. Stud fees rolled in & they sold vast share dividends in the stallions. Galileo stands for about £750k-£1million per mare stud fee. Covers about 150 mares a season. Do the maths! Not so many now tho as getting on a bit.

          The trouble is that it was so successful that cross-breeding has the potential to cause real problems.



    2. Re the Arc the best horse won with the best jockey aboard. I think that nowadays we get the best out of Frankie by him riding less and cherry picking. I look forward to Enable’s 4YO career and another crack at the Arc.

  2. Thanks, nice when one goes in like that, greatly aided by an exceptional ride by Hector Crouch.

    Thanks to all who have joined / are joining it is very much appreciated and we will do our best to deliver some nice and consistent profit.

    There is still an occasional glitch on Paypal – taking people to an error page. What I am going is acknowledging all payments manually so please check your inbox/spam box – may be up to 60 mins before you get acknowledgement . If you are AOL might take a bit longer.

    Can’t wait now for some proper NH racing and still some decent Flat races at bigger meetings.

  3. Josh
    Did you hear from Sky Sports.
    Liverpool have never lost a game in the PL IN OCT for the last 7 years.
    Something to look forward to, it didn’t say they won any though!!!


  4. Easy to be wise after the event isn’t it?

    As I wrote in my notes this morning I looked long and hard at 4.45 at Musselburgh but could not decide between 4 and rain put me off one specifically ; you know the rest ; Jonny Delta 20/1.

    Still, can’t be greedy and at least shows the logic and brain cells are in fine order currently WD40 works wonders!

  5. Hi Ian@SP2A,
    I’ve just taken up your offer and I think it’s gone through as Paypal has confirmed this but I got a HTTP 404 error immediately afterwards whatever that means, so if you get a chance could you let me know please.

      1. Fantastic. Looking forward to the ride and thanks for helping me tip my tipster scepticism into joining courteous of Whinging Willie. I’ve parted my hard earned with about 5 or 6 in my life, 2 of which I regard ( and still do) as honest respectable decent blokes. One service bombed the other just wasn’t for me really, the others, well never mind. I’ve got my work cut out now with maintaining my portfolio, Josh’s blog, your service, laying bricks all day and keeping tabs on my teenage son! Why do I do it to myself!!!

  6. A massive THANK YOU to all who have joined to try the service and an equally big THANK YOU to Josh for the opportunity.

    I am aware that some people don’t get the chance to read and see Internet as much on a Sunday as they do on other days, so just in case there are a few more who may only read this on Monday we WILL keep the Offer open until 9.00pm this evening (Monday 2nd October), but after that time, and in fairness to all who have joined, the SPECIAL OFFER Payment Page and Link will be taken down.

    Anyone wishing to join after that time will be diverted via the Racing To Profit Link on this page to the normal payment rates page.

    GOOD LUCK and Thanks again.


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