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No horses, but Portland handicap stats/trends, + video…

Nothing as yet, no system qualifiers etc.

Below is a video I just put up in the Members’ post…you may find it entertaining. After yesterday’s high, today was pretty low for me personally (betting/racing wise, must keep perspective).. i had a  shocker on a few different levels… when your stats/content finds 14/1 + 20/1 winners, that you didn’t have a penny on/really mention.. a good talking to can help 🙂 With any luck you get a sense of my ‘restless perfectionism’ as I call it. Thankfully plenty of members appear to have got stuck into at least one of those, which is the main thing…




No horses today.. but…. something for Saturday…


Doncaster: Portland Handicap

20 years

Stall 1-4: 0/77, 9p

20/20 , 20/1< or shorter SP (0/159,21p, 22/1+)


10 years (10/208,40p)

10/10 had 1-4 runs in previous 90 days

  • 0: 0/5,1p
  • 5+ : 0/68, 6p

9/10 aged 4 or 5  (5yo… 6/54,11p,+35)

  • 3yo: 0/23,3p
  • 6yo: 0/29,2p
  • 7yo: 1/27,5p
  • 8+: 0/18,3p

9/10 had 0-1 runs at track (2+, 1/95,15p)

8/10 had 0-7 places in handicaps (6/10, 1-4)


5/10 had 1-9 career runs (5/14 runners,6p, +46)

  • 6/10 had 1-6 handicap runs (6/32,9p,+53)

9+ runs this season: 0/42, 3p

6+ handicap wins: 0/27,3p

3+ wins this season: 0/21,1p


Trainers: D Marnane (2/2), all others one win only. (selected…Varian..1/4,3p) K Ryan (0/24,5p)



Shortlist: To follow


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3 responses

  1. Today I like Talaayed, 1.50 Don, good record at 7F; Zamperium, 4.45 SP, quirky but has ability and at 16/1 worth a go; Montaly, 3.35 Don, nicely fits the stats for the race; finally at 20/1, Total Demolition, 3.50 Lis, each way.

    Good luck,

  2. Heads up to Clive Cox today and his red hot stable today.
    I backed Blue Laureate 20/1 Donc which has just won because of the previous 4 runners of his today 3 have won, so 5 runners 4 winners so far today.
    Next goes at Salisbury 7.05 Italian Heiress and the only 1 tomorrow 3.00 Donc Grand Koonta 25/1
    Yer never know they might do the biz too.

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