Racehorse Ownership Opportunity (affordable)

You chance to own a share in an exciting juvenile hurdler…

Introduction: A ‘Really Super’ Opportunity

Something a bit different from me today…

As you may or may not know I own 2.5% of Blessed To Empress, as part of the White Diamond Racing Syndicate. This flat filly is in training with Amy Murphy and I am writing to you today because there is a new ownership opportunity… this time for a juvenile hurdler. (I have just bought a 2.5% stake in this one,also trained my Amy Murphy – based in Newmarket)

I am already dreaming of the mares novice race at The Cheltenham Festival, but that may be getting ahead of myself!!

You can find out more in this handy info pack HERE>>>>

(covers the horse, the trainer, the partnership,and how much a share will cost) 

You can find the full pedigree/original catalogue page HERE>>>


What do you need to know from me…

-well I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Blessed To Empress Syndicate. The guys who run it are down to earth, accessible and make the experience very enjoyable. They keep you well informed about your horse pre-race, post-race and everything in between. I cannot fault them for the information available or the organisation.

-i am excited about this latest horse as she is fit, ready to run, and the trainer thinks she can improve her quite a bit by letting her fill out/strengthen up.  There is a quiet confidence that she should do well in early season juvenile hurdles. From there, we can dream. We shall see how she progresses over timber but there is always the option to switch back to the flat as the year progresses. A true dual purpose beast, to keep us entertained all year round.

-I am doing this as a favour to the guys who I now know personally. If you want to join a fun syndicate for an affordable fee/payment plan, you can read more HERE>>>

-Finally, horse racing ownership should never really be viewed as an investment! I have no expectations of getting anything back and as such any financial return is a bonus. But I know I will have plenty of entertainment along the way, which is the main thing 🙂


If you are interested you can email Tom, Jay and Steffan at the following address… whitediamondracing@gmail.com

(say that Josh sent you!)

All the best ,



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  1. fantastic idea good luck with the filly.
    I wont get involved at the moment myself but will be watching her with interest
    I would love to come and watch her race one day and meet you and some of the guys
    who write on the site.

    I must admit your site has really helped me as there is a danger
    that you can sit in a small dark room on your own for hours deeply engrossed in the action and it
    can be a negative having you guys to share ideas with is good.

    I also have two baby granddaughters now which has given me a whole new perspective
    so only a couple of hours in racing a day rather than 12 plus

    thanks for the outlet

  2. Why not have a syndicate under the Racing to Profit banner. Say 10 members we could be involved in one or two more with the Profits.
    Just a thought.


    1. One day Mike, one day! I am not on the scale to do that as yet, and do not have the time needed for the admin side. And all my focus in that regard needs to be on RTP still, and it is early days… always things to improve, and more members to attract 🙂 And when you are talking 10-12 members, for horses generally in the 20k region,+ training fees… that is a considerable outlay for 1 year (+ owning the horse)

      I have every ambition to syndicate an RTP horse in time, but that won’t be for a few years yet!


      1. Hi Guys
        I have plenty of experience of running racing syndicates

        I was racing manager to the drawn2win syndicate
        and we have multiple winners( Oniz Tiptoes and Blue Noodles)

        I did all the admin and for that I was an honorary shareholder
        so I didn’t contribute to the purchase of the horse or get any prize money
        or any sell on return I just liaised with the trainers and passed on all plans
        to the syndicate members by e-mail.

        Any questions to the trainer came through me and I organised all the race day badges
        and stable visits.

        Admin is a big deal as you have to pay all the bills to the bhb and organise colours vat etc etc
        but I enjoyed it and I had a first hand knowledge of what was going on

        I am a registered owner so that saves a lot of hassle getting stated
        if under the banner of racing to profit or independently I can sort it if you want

        I also managed another horse for another syndicate call Acquaint
        but she got a leg and had to be retired.

        Syndicates can have 20 members but if you start a racing club you can have as many as you like
        if you can pick up a horse for £10000 you are talking £500 each x 20 then between 75 and 100+ a month
        depending on which trainer you go for

        when you start a syndicate as I did with Oniz Tiptoes Which lasted 9 years
        people drop out along the way and are difficult to replace
        so from experience the best way is to buy the horse and have a 1 or 2 year play
        so each member signs up a £80-100 monthly standing order for 12 or 24 months
        and at the end of the time period all prize money accrued and the sell on price
        is return to members.
        So for instance you bought a 4 year for £10000 each member would pay up front
        £500 for 5% and the set up a standing order For £80-100 a month for the period agreed.
        I advise a 18 month period for a flat horse starting in march so you get two full summers racing

        if for instance the horse wins a modest £4000 and then sold on as a5 year old for £8000(buy in march and a 4 year old is still only five the following October 18 months later)
        then the £12000 is shared out equally among the 20 shareholders(£600 each)

        obviously if you start a club and get 100 signed up(the more you sign up the cheeper the subs)
        you just charge an annual sub of £300 and that raises £30000 which covers the purchase of the horse
        and a years training fees insurance and possible vet fees.
        if you are going for a club the 100 is the starting point
        less and you have to charge big subs



  3. Good luck with syndicate filly , i wish you every success with her
    As someone who has had synicte shares in horse its a great way to experiance
    the joys of going racing just treat it as a expensive hobby and any returns are a bonus


    1. Cheers George, yes quite.. very wise words there!! This will be my last share for quite some time, 2 is more than enough! Josh

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