Free Daily Post: 03/09/17 (complete)

Just the micros today…

Just the micros today…


K.Lee Chasers (12/1<)

2.15 Worcester –

Desertmore Hill / Sage Monkey


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  1. on what is an abysmal days racing a couple with ew chances have caught my eye 3-45W Bobble Boru 10-1 and 4-45W Dusky Raider 16-1, no real logic behind the selections so just 2 x 1pt ew singles and 1pt ew double.

  2. a day really just to keep the shops open one feels, 3 that are the same ir lower than previous marks, 1pt each way on each..

    Melabi 400 brighton
    heurtevent 215 worcester
    maid of tuscany 445 worcester

    1. There you go, out with a win. I am on at 25/1.

      I also like Tesoro Mio, 3.30 BR, on at 10/1.

      Apologies for the Rory McIlroy tip (he did not make the cut). He does need to get a proper caddie and sort himself out.

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