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Section 1 + Test zone + Twister…

1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers

2.Any ‘Notes’ (‘bet of the day’ + any other notes)

3.Micro System Test Zone

4.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers






2.20 – Sempre Presto (2YO) 15/2 UP

4.40 – God Willing (micro class) I3  10/1  2nd 8/1




3.10 –

Sebastian Beach (hncp chase + micro dist ) ES I3 G3 5/2 UP

Clubs Are Trumps (hncp chase + micro dist+age) ES* I3 G1 14/1  UP 20/1

3.45 – Raleagh Mountain (all hncps) 14,30  H3 G1 6/4  UP 13/8


*The two ES quals… for Jonjo…they qualify as ES on every angle for Sebastian x2 angles and Clubs x3 ES angles. I think this is the first time that has happened. I will only count them once but do with that info as you please. 



H1/H3 = HorseRaceBase Top Rated or Top 3 Rated (at time of posting)

G1/G3 = Geegeez Gold Speed Ratings (Dr Peter May) Top Rated or Top 3 Rated

I1/I3 =  Inform Racing Speed Ratings – Top Rated or Top 3

14,30 = Geegeez Gold ‘trainer form’ indicators. 14 – 5+ runs last 14 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr. 30 – 10+ runs last 30 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr

ES – ‘Elite Squad’ qualifiers from the report HERE

‘Advised Flat Strategies‘: Flat 2017 Read HERE>>>   (updated to 27/08/17) 

‘Advised Jumps Strategies’: Jumps 2017/18 Read HERE>>>  (updated to 13/08/17) 

Test Zone:  | CD Jockeys: Read HERE>>>| Irish Angles: Read HERE>>> C Appleby/York Ebor: Read HERE>>> |NTD Sept/Oct: Read HERE>>>

Welcome Email/Note: READ HERE>>>

Main Stats Guides (used for section 1 quals) : Summer Stats: Read HERE>>> | Jumps (all non summer only tracks): Read HERE>>



2.Any ‘Notes’ (‘bet of the day’ + any other notes)

Bet of The Day…  (test) (Flat: 7/65,23p, +3.9) (Jumps: 9/62, +25.5) (total: 17/127, +29.6)



A decent and welcome 7/1 winner on Thursday for both the flat ES and Bet of The Day. Something to build on.


A nice return for the #1 jumps strategy, as per notes yesterday, and link in Key above. A 20/1>16/1>18.5 BFSP winner..those make a real difference to the bottom line. It appears as though they may continue where they left off in April.


3.Micro System Test Zone

NTD: Sept/Oct

2.35 B – Dragon Du Clos (m1)

4.15 B – Equus Millar (m1)


4.Any general messages/updates etc

General… I am off to Southampton at 7am Friday for a friend’s stag weekend (same friendship group as the Ibiza wedding… like London busses…and his wedding is in a couple of week’s time) – my Toy Story fancy dress is sorted (I have gone for the toy solider look) and we have a few activities booked in.. including Footy Golf… now I used to be a decent enough goalkeeper in my ‘youth’ but I could never kick off the ground (I blame my flat feet- thanks mum) so that will be entertaining. The stag is a Man United fan..and well, let’s just say I have taken responsibility for sorting out which footy strip he will wear for the occasion!! 🙂 We are also going quad biking and that is more up my street- not that I ever get competitive!

Anyway, that is a long way of saying.. bear with me again this weekend please.. section 1 will be as it always is. Sat’s post is likely to be Saturday morning, as will Sunday’s but we shall see. I will try and get everything up ASAP. I doubt there will be any ‘notes’ etc but again, I will play that by ear. From the 30th Sept my weekends are generally free- which is how I like it during the main jumps season. But I am away from Liverpool for the next four weekends.


Nigel Twiston-Davies

I have had a good look at him for my latest Betting Insiders Club Article. I have pulled out 6 or so ‘micro systems’ and other notes that you can flick through/absorb if you wish. There will be plenty of cross-over and if you wish to dive in I would only back everything once. There is always a risk focussing on one trainer like this but we had a good time of it last year. I have looked at his stats ‘cold’ so to speak, without referring to my report last year. I will have a look at that early next week, as well as the other trainers I included, and see if I have missed anything obvious. Hopefully he is in form this year, but time will tell.

You can read that article HERE>>> (please keep it to yourself, it is Members’ Only + Betting Insiders readers)

I do need to save all of these systems to HRB and will do that this evening.


Winter Jumps

Just a note that I am to complete the updated Winter Jumps Stats Pack for the start of October at the very latest. Hopefully by mid September with any luck.



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12 Responses

    1. had a cheeky little £5 note in it Gerry, cheers. That will pay for some beers or three this weekend, much appreciated! The Dow notes did rattle in my brain from an old AW Stats report. As you said, he fires in a decent one every now and then.

    2. Cheers Gerry, great boost to the day along with Danceintothelight and Coronation Cottage, had 3 or 4 losers as well but well in pocket. Much appreciated.


    3. Well done Gerry. I put it up on the blog not noticing you had already done so. However happy for you to have the glory as long as we get paid out by the bookies. Had a few quid on which was nice.

  1. Yep it was one i remember from few yrs back,together with the marjorie fife one at southwell,think the latter is for aw season proper,so will have to monitor round dec/jan

  2. Tomorrows racing is rather poor for a Friday ,might be a day to tune out altogether,William Muir is the most profitable trainer at Sandown ,where he runs 2 horses Red Alert 2.10 and Peace And Plenty 5pm.I think 16/1 might be a bit of value considering Muir is in pretty good form.Martin Dwyer is booked for this one and his record when riding Muirs 3yo’s is a respectable 15% +69.The horse has won a race so has some ability.He hasn’t been out for 142 days,might have been given time to strengthen up or may have had some hold up,SDS has ride on the 4yo Red Alert but it is about 8/1,therefore the one i will be on is P&P.Only a month now for the proper racing to start,Are we nearly there Josh!

  3. Josh are we going to see a picture of you in your Toy Soldier Uniform,have a great stagg do,and thanks for Coronation Cottage yesterday,not long now until the proper racing starts.Cheers BoB

    1. Ha. Cheers Bob. I’ll see what I can do. In the minibus as I write. Yep not long now, I’m looking forward to it. Can’t wait. Josh.

  4. Morning

    A couple of my tipsters have tip;

    5.10 Thirsk – Golden Guest 4/1 in general now (I’ve taken 6/1 and 5/1)

    GL for today


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