Free Daily Post: 26/06/17 (complete)

fairly quiet today…


Tom George Chasers (any odds)

6.40 South – Cuirssier Dempire



Quiet day today. Poor racing in general and nothing is leaping out at me having had a flick through the cards etc.




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  1. after following racing to profit for some months I admire the work on this site and
    think it is a true and dedicated service not just any make a quick buck off gullible punters that some
    on line racing services are.

    It has inspired me to try and set up my own service called king of the claimers
    I specialise in flat race claimers and have had great success over the years

    The problem for me is I am not a teckie and setting it up is a harder ask than tipping winners
    I have considered going with a partner who specialised in another discipline
    and call it bumpers and claimers or hurdlers and claimers for example.

    I need someone who has the expertise to set it up to partner me
    obviously I don’t want to be cheeky and highjack Joshes website for my own ends
    but I was thinking of proofing all my selections is flat race claimers on Joshes
    free racing posts for the next three months with Joshes ok.

    If they prove a success (100% confident they will) then with a partner and joshes help set up
    a website of to go alone

    Of course josh would be giving me free space but if it worked out
    and it proves a success then when the new venture took off
    I would split 33% between me my partner and Josh
    and if I was solo 50/50 with Josh.

    With Joshes permission I would like to post my claiming race selections
    with a little write up on the free racing post page.

    I am very confident of showing a long term profit on my tips and equally confident in Josh’s ability to run a great website so between us could be an exciting new venture.

    1. Hi Pete,

      You are free to post what you wish on these pages, and certainly free to post your claimers selections /thoughts. If they are successful etc you have a base from which to work on.

      The focus should be on the content- offering good value, insight, info, profitable etc. The rest takes care of itself really. (yep, no short term quick fixes on this blog!!)

      Setting up in this online world of ours isn’t easy but that is further down the line. You have to get the content right first. And it is a package- i am a great believer in quality free content as an end to itself. And trying to educate/be public in your own journey. Credibility takes time to establish, and rightly so. Many a shark in this game. It took me a couple of ‘products’ to get it right I think, and even now I have plenty to work on.

      But the base is decent information, both free and paid. A dedication to work hard, and be 100% transparent and blunt/honest in everything you do.

      The technical side is easy enough once you get your head around it. I am far from technically assured but got the right advice. That can be explored in time. You have to have a passion for what you do first and foremost and wan to help others. If the first thought is a profitable service working backwards it will all end in tears/wont be sustainable.

      Small steps. Starting with posting your stuff is a good start and I always enjoy reading free quality content.


      p.s you can always email me.

      1. Hi Pete,

        Thanks for firing up my brain cells on this Monday morning.
        Following on from what Josh said in his earlier post, I (and I suspect many others) read and subscribe to this site primarily for the information it contains and not the tips per se, although I would be lying if I said I didn’t make a profit from the info it does contains and not all of it from Josh himself. I’ve wasted many thousands of pounds over the years on useless tipsters/betting sites that prove to be less than their hype portrays but have happily subscribed here when Josh first started asking for contributions to help sustain his input. It has totally changed the way I bet and re-educated an old fool along the way. As Josh would readily admit he has made a few mistakes along the way and will make more, it’s the only way to progress.

        ‘As proofed at racingtoprofit’ is something I suspect will be a mark of distinction in the future.

        Onto your own future needs of an interactive blog/website they are quite easy to set up in basic form and you should be able to do it yourself with a little experimenting. Plenty of user friendly set-up info available.


        As to your own

  2. Thank you very much I will post all selections on the site for as long as it takes.
    Happy to do it as I love analysing the races.
    There isn’t a flat race claimer every day and I only select a horse in races that I think are potentially profitable so maybe only 5-12 bets a month

    I have a spread sheet that I will update with two p/l’s
    One at advised price and one at SP.

    There will be only two stakes 1 point win or 2 point win.( 1point e/w if great value)
    so I can’t suddenly go 5 points if I am in the red.

    I will do a write up of each race and post it on the site by 10am.
    Any feed back from you or your members will be great.

    Review at Christmas and see if I am up to the task
    if I can make a few quid for the guys who look at your site great
    but maybe its ego but I want to prove(to myself mainly) that I can do it under pressure.

    1. Good luck Pete – yep there is nothing like posting selections in public for focusing the mind- it makes the winners that much more enjoyable, and the losing runs that more uncomfortable! But that’s what it is about. I like the pressure. (most of the time!)

      I think most on here enjoying reading reasoning behind selections etc and anything that helps them/us come to an informed punting decision.
      you approach sounds good to me- consistent level staking is the only way long term for me. And you have a specialism it seems that not many others would have.

      If you can set yourself a time when any tip/preview will be posted that would be great. That way any readers will know there will be no tips after X say (maybe 12/1, or 10am, whenever, but consistency with these things always good)

      A guest post/free report in time looking at how you approach Claimers/why your interest etc, is always a useful addition to such things.


  3. Thanks for all your support guys.
    I have the platform and will post all selections and write ups by 10am.

    They great thing is there is no pressure I hope everyone finds my articles to be informative
    and well researched.

    and as all selections are proofed and a spread sheet kept of p/l there can be no
    false claims or idle boasts.

    I hope I can do justice to my claims

  4. As I haven’t given the selection by 10am I will just give you a sample
    of what I am about

    3.45 Wolverhampon 6furlong claimer for 3 year olds
    Three year old claimers can be tricky as horses can suddenly improve and trash the previous form.
    but as always solid form is the way to go

    The Favourite Peachey Carnehan is rated 8lbs clear on adjusted figures
    and is a course and distance winner who’s last two runs can be ignored.
    last race on g/s ground and the race priory to that in a class 4 handicap,
    back in claiming company will be hard to beat.

    Michael Attwater is a man to note in claimers and 7/4 looks a fair enough price

    8 lbs behind in the rating is Prancelina who has a 5lb claiming jockey on board but
    47 days since last run is off putting putting with sprinters
    and was beaten in his only try over 6f.

    A possible improver but not a profile that would suggest support.
    A further three pounds behind in the adjusted ratings are Five Star Frank
    and Alfonso Manana.

    although they are equal on rating when they met at Chelmsford early in the year
    Five star finished in front of Alfonso and he was 8/1 while Alfonso was 50/1
    Five star would be my choice of the two but his record at 6 furlongs is 0 wins 0 places from 4 runs
    ok he ran third over the distance two runs ago but the jury is out if he gets the trip.

    Alfonso has four places at 6 furlongs from 7 starts so gets the trip but Frank looks the better horse

    Bismark the flyer, Equity, Black Bubba and Tink all have 18lbs or more to
    make up on the favourite and wouldn’t inspire a bet.
    Of The 4 Black Bubba may go the best as he likes 6furlongs and David Evans
    is a master trainer at Claiming level
    worth noting any strong late market support but has 18lbs to find with Peachey
    in claimers that isn’t impossible to over come but usually when
    it is the higher rated horse has a big problem with course distance or going
    Peachey has none of those failing and the only way Black Bubba beats him
    is if Peachey has lost his interest in racing which isn’t impossible but
    there are no obvious signs that is the case.

    Peachey Carnehan is the clear form horse and is 8lb clear in the ratings
    so looks a worthy favourite and Five Star Frank looks the best second choice
    but there isn’t much edge to this race as they are first and 2nd in the market.

    Peachey Carnehan looks the clear pick.
    7/4 is about the right price so no real edge in backing it
    but the most likely winner.

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