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nothing for Monday…

Nothing to report for Monday from sunny Italy. No system quals.



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  1. 12th June Windsor 6f Novice
    4.25 Buridan, Expecting, Mr Top Hat
    3.75 Coal Stock, Kit Marlowe, Prince Ahwahnee, Revendicato
    3.5 Angel Of the South
    3 General Zoff
    1.5 Ivy Leaguer
    Preview – A really competitive looking race. The speed and experience is out wide with Angel Of The South and Prince Ahwahnee and the greatest danger from Frankie on Hannon’s Buridan on the rails. I see this one is now 4/7 so it looks like a race for the forecast or trifecta, my favourite.
    Also Kit Marlowe finished 2nd in front of De Bruyne horse on debut so may be a good one although he has disappointed since.

    Prior race notes
    Mr Top Hat – Disappointing lower medium, lacking quality. 67
    Prince Ahwahnee – Next best in the paddock but slow into stride and did well to get as close as he did. Top end of small, well balanced. 77
    Angel Of the South – Lightly made grey filly, well-proportioned if a fraction tubular. Not looking fully tuned but seems to have plenty of speed. Slightly harder ridden than Rock Of E. 77
    Angel Of The South – Happy with my pre-race assessment, broken by trying to go Mrs Gallagher’s pace early and her lack of scope found her out again. Quite a good front end but fizzles out, Should pick up a maiden but beginning to look expensive at 140k. 75
    Angel Of The South – Unlike Ascot, here she was held up just of the pace after a good start. Can’t criticize Robert Winston, just unlucky to have Ryan on the winner. This is what Angel Of The South is, a solid 75, tries hard but does not quite have the power to see of the better ones.
    General Zoff – Small, very bad run. Doubt he has much to recommend him. 58

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