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Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

6.30 Ffos Las – One For The Boss (16/1<)

7.30 Ffos Las – Butlergrove King (16/1<)

9.00 Ffos Las – Derrydoon (12/1<)



Nothing on the pace front jumping out at me but an interesting runner in the 3.50 Wolvs for SBS… Dowayla… he is 6/11,8p with all handicap debutants at the track in the last 5 years, +5 SP. No doubt many get well backed. 4/1, 9/2 may well end up being a decent price, we shall see! 



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  1. Little tennis system I have at the grand slams
    lay anyone who played more than 56 games in winning in the previous round

    David Ferrer won in 5 sets in round one taking 64 games to get the job done(13-11 in the 5th)
    he is now 35 and has slipped to 30 in the rankings

    his opponent F lopez is ranked 36 so not much between then there
    Ferrer leads the head to head 11-7 and has been superior on clay
    but no one goes on forever and I think he may be going a little backward.

    Ferrer game is based on being fleet of foot around the court
    and 35 year plus 64 games looks a big hill to climb
    in my book they should be evens the pair and 6/4 Faliciano looks value.

  2. Nice basic tennis system. How far can you go back re results and P & L? How much time does it take? I guess you just look at that days results and count the games played and then look for that players next match?

    How would you adjust it for the Ladies? I Guess three sets are not as tiring?

    When i was a pro punter (going back to it in August) I used to mix online with likewise. Some of them were Tennis based. With at least four tournaments on different surfaces each week they used to spend 50 hours a week on just that. With Grand Slams there are only four a year and so would be much easier.

    1. Got the idea from the Isner -Mahut match
      The day after isner was thrashed in straight sets

      it really comes into its own in rain effected grand slams
      Ferrer played 64 games against Young but had a couple of days off so had a chance to recover a bit.

      I am really keen to be against a man who plays 60 odd games and because
      there is a back log of matches has to play again the next day against a man who
      has had a extra day off and won in straight sets

      I Exclude Djorkovic, Nadal, Federer Murray and Wawrinka
      from these plays as they are so mentally tough they seem to be able
      to play 100% after mega matches.

      Isner, karlovic matches are ignored also because although
      they may be in long matches the serve is so dominant that the rallies are short
      and the matches not so tiring.

      Lopez did the business in 5 so happy with todays outcome.

      The French open has its own site so look at the results on that and scan for any five setters that
      passes the 56 game barrier
      when it gets 60 plus then I really note the next round with no tie break in the 5th
      you often get 12-10 or more in the final set

    2. Good luck in August when you go back full time Martin
      I have another little system that is worth noting
      back any football team based at altitude against any sea level team
      when the Altitude team is at home are odds against and the sea level team played their last match within seven days at a non altitude venue.

      BOLIVIA 2 ARGENTINA 0 was a classic example
      Argentina beat Chile in Buena aires 1-0 and 6 day later went to la Paz in Bolivia
      at 3600 meters above sea level.
      ARGHENTINA were layable at 1.88 early doors after drifting to 2.3 when MESSI was ruled out

      Interestingly Chile are at home in the next round of Matchs and then they also
      go to La paz 6 days later
      in my book Bolivia should be 6/4 draw 2/1 and chile 11/4
      but the prices are more likely to be Bolivia 2/1 draw 5/2 chile 6/4
      so the value is to be against Chile.
      all the matches can be found on soccerway

      another little system on juvenile races lay any horse under 8/1 born
      on or after april 26th making its debut between May and September over 5 and 6 furlongs

      if they are 10/1 to 33/1 lay in the 2 3 or 4 places market if under 4/1

      two today hit the mark Channons The KIDDIE KID 2.10
      born June 9th out of the first 4

      MOSSKETEER from John Bests stable born 28th April out the first 4.

      Logic if they have been held back this late then they have taken time to come to hand, as 5 and 6 furlong races are about strength and power the late foals are at a disadvantage.

      if a late foal does win fto easily then it is usually pretty good

      1. Yes I mentioned a while ago on here that I used to bet on the South American altitude system. The trouble was at the stakes I bet on I could not sleep whilst the match was being played and so had to give it up as I was tired the next day. I remember it was showing a profit but nothing special.

        I also have experience of the late foal lay idea. The trouble is if one does go in it can leave a hefty dent in the bankroll.

        I will watch the French Open and Wimbledon with interest re long matches.

  3. Shame that these are going up after the race has been run. Spent all morning on the weekly report and forgot to post these. Didn’t back either of them either.

    1st June Lingfield 6f Nov Med Auc
    3.75 Dan’s Dream
    3.25 Ghost Serge, The Kiddie Kid,
    2.5 Lyford,
    2.25 Misty Breese
    2 Not After Midnight, 1.75 Goldenground, 1.5 Prezzie, 1 Silvington
    Preview – Mick Channon has not had his usual cluster of May 2yo winners. Maybe he is a bit behind this year like the Hannons. Something to look out for.

    1st June Lingfield 6f Nov Med Auc D2
    3.75 Green Fortune, Ventura Knight, Power And Peace
    3.25 Milton Road, Sausage Fingers
    2.75 Highlight Reel
    2.5 She Believes
    1 Couldn’t She See, .5 Moskateer

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