Free Daily Post: 18/05/17 (complete)

just a micro today…





A King (16/1<)

5.35 York- Grumeti



Nothing else jumping out at me today.

Good luck with any bets.


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  1. 18th April Salisbury 5f Novice
    4.25 Jim Rockford, Joegogo
    3.75 Bodybuilder, Zalshah
    3.5 Headway, Luna Eclipse
    2.75 Hastenplace
    2.5 Reverberation, Vegas Boy, Gaelic Spirit
    2 Cranworth Phoenix
    1.5 Youkan, Devil Or Angel
    1 Cabanon Bay
    Preview – Both Jim Rockford and Headway ran in the Newbury maiden that I seem to have over-rated so badly, subsequent disappointments have been Spoof-twice, Jim Rockford himself and Qaaraat. Headway finished a neck second to the winner that day who has not yet re-appeared. It will be interesting to see if Headway is actually another small one reflecting the difficulty of ‘seeing’ early season small ready ones for what they really are when there is nothing bigger to act as a frame of reference.
    I shall be going to Salisbury, so will at least have an opportunity to spot where I went wrong!
    One mini angle to look out for here is Wayne Clifford owned runners for The Wily Welshman.

    Headway – Medium, powerfully made in a compact package. Kept rugged until the last second so little opportunity for inspection but good impression. Bit keen early and had to be restrained back by Cosgrave possibly surrendering 4l to Embour and 2l to GT. No stick used unlike the 1st and 3rd. Promising 87
    Jim Rockford – Top end of small but a different bulkier model than Gold Town. Looked to be a good walker. Spent the first 2.5f fighting for his head yet still finished off with enthusiasm. 79

    1. I shall write this up with pictures at the end of the week. Jim Rockford is no more than a 65 horse which helps to explain to some extent the poor form of the runners from the Newbury race.

      Today, my joint top rated Joegogo who was 33’s last night was unlucky in that he caught a really unexpected one.

      It’s a painful business this publishing your thoughts, as the winner Youkan was trained by W S Kittow whose reputation I unfairly commented on a few days ago saying that most of these NH trainers could not get them fit fto.

      There was no fluke about this, Youkan is a lovely big strong individual who I noted favourably but dismissed on the grounds that W S Kittow never trains a debut winner. Lazy and wrong as since 2005 of the 10 winners he has had 3 of them 30%, including today’s, have won on debut.

      Sackcloth and ashes,

  2. Date & Title: 18th May York 6f Mdn
    4.25 Dontgiveuponbob, Makanah, Masar, Red Force One, Taifbalady, VJ Day, Zap
    3.75 Global Tango
    3.5 New Empire
    2.75 Se You
    Preview – Occasionally at the grade 1 courses you get a race like this where the algo is not really much help. Pastoral Pursuits has the best soft ground stats which suggests Dontgiveuponbob may have an advantage as well as being one of only two with a race under his belt.
    Coincidentally he is also the only one I have seen and there is nothing in how he went fto to put me off. Given I rated him 75, his experience and the stable he looks a credible winner to me as it will take a very good one to win in this ground on debut beating those with experience. Inevitably Charlie Appleby is attending with the hope of spoiling the party as he is now 5/5 on debuts so I must flag up Masar as the biggest danger.
    Prior race notes
    Dontgiveuponbob – Decent size, early medium, still a tad leggy but athletic. Looked readier than stablemate Darkanna. Too keen early then ran on well without any use of the persuader. 75

  3. 18th May Newmarket 6f Novice Auction
    4.25 Red Roman
    3.75 If We Can Can
    3.25 Mysaan, Iconic Sunset, Gold Filigree,
    3 Simply Breathless, Cent Flying
    2.75 Initiative, Controversial Lady
    2.25 Nampara
    1.5 Aldbury Lass, Terri Rules
    Preview – Only an auction race, with experience Mysaan might be competitive for a place at least. She was started by Bryan Meehan at Newbury where he tends to start his better ones. No picture of her un-rugged unfortunately.

    Prior race notes
    Mysaan – Small in this group, good stride, lightly made. Out of her class here but likeable enough. 74


  4. Willy Watch
    4 entries at Cork tomorrow where Willy does well with all ages,last 2 selections ran ok but no return -2.5pts running loss

    6.55 Cork Patuano 1/2pt e/w 12/1 Bet365
    7.25 Belle Boyd 1pt win 10/1 Bet365
    8.00 Faradays Law 1pt win 13/2 Bet365
    Hopefully one can get things back on track

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