Free Daily Post: 11/04/17 (complete)

very quiet day…





none. At some point I will have a look at developing a few flat angles we can track/follow through the summer.

I will look to see if any ‘horses of interest’…

Nope, nothing catching my eye.

A quiet day ahead.

Good luck with any bets.



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  1. Hello, tried to sign in,but takes me to the become a members page -please help,checked with paypal ,everythimgs up to date.

    1. Hi Michael.. just looking into this, and trying to find you within Paypal.. can see you joined 21 day, 12.5 pm, payment meant to come out yesterday but I did not receive it, and hence your account down as expired- sometimes Paypal is annoying and delays a payment for some reason. we will sort it. You can email me
      Have added you in on day pass for now so you can get in, until I work out what issue is. Josh

  2. Date & Title: 11th April Lingfield 5f Median Auction Maiden
    4.25 Tie Em Up Tel
    3.75 Crownthorpe
    3.5 Our Man In Havana
    3.25 Corinthia Knight
    2.5 Black Orange
    2 Brian Ryan, Swiss Psalm
    Preview – Black Orange ran in the 2nd and to my eyes better division of The Brocklesby. He jumped well, raced competently on the pace and plugged on once Requinto Dawn had gone past him. Two slight worries – in 4th just behind was Hellovaqueen who has subsequently run poorly and Gay Kelleway’s 2yos are not renowned for making much progress from debut 2to. That said this is only an aw maiden auction so a step down from The Brocklesby and previous experience should make him very hard to beat as a horse who races on the pace from a plum draw.
    Of the others Tie Em Up tel is not being supported and Kirby up for Evans yesterday did not signify anything. Bryan Ryan is being supported and is a first runner for Finjaan who although a very handsome horse did not achieve much and was a cliff horse for me in my first season following 2yos. His trainer has not yet had a 2yo winner.
    Fahey (Crownthorpe) and Dascombe (Our Man in Havana) would not be sending special ones here today.
    Of most academic interest is Corinthia Knight by Society rock who had a nice winnining specimen at Windsor yesterday.
    Not really a betting heat unless you are there which I shall be.

    1. Corinthia Knight review – Well, I wish I had taken more than an academic interest in Corinthia Knight. My reservations about Black Orange were well founded and the value of beating him by 3.5l should not be over-estimated.
      Corinthia Knight – Neat little unit, not much scope but did this tidily enough. Time was pretty fast for a 2yo and might pick up a soft novice. A second win for Society Rock and a first 2yo debut winner for Archie Watson who can be added to Tom Clover as a new trainer who knows what he is doing with juveniles. 70
      Black Orange – Bigger and stronger unit than the winner, not as neatly made and a notably poor walker. I would put this defeat down to that more than preparation issues. That proximity on debut to Hellovaqueen now makes more sense and the 2nd div of the Brocklesby may be pretty poor. As the only one with experience he should have done better. 62
      Crownthorpe – Half as big again as all but Black Orange. Leggy and still a bit weak, fit but not hard trained, ran pretty much as expected and should improve. Slight concern that he may just be slow. Looks more one for a bit further despite being by Monsieur Bond. 66
      Our Man In Havana – Chunky strong compact chap, carrying a bit of fat so not quite ready to give of his best. Slowly away from the widest draw and got behind, made up some ground but then ran out of puff late on. Improve and could find an early season race. 64
      Bryan Ryan – not much promise here from horse or trainer. Hard to see why it was 2nd favourite. Small, weak front end, sloping away at the back. 58
      Swiss Psalm – Rabbit 40 and that’s generous.
      Tie Em Up Tel – Same ownership as Give Em A Clump and I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Kirby didn’t after this farce. Perhaps David Evans does not train them around a bend? Very untypical to be fair. He looks anxious in the photo and it seems it was all too much. Looks a bit down at the shoulder but a strong back end and did show some early pace. Unrateable really but could surprise on a straight track. 60

  3. Firstly apologies for Light of Air only placing yesterday when it was expected to win.

    I hear that Ms Kellaway expects Black Orange to win but it is not much of a price.

    What about the Simcock maiden, Free Forum, 2.00 LP, 25/1!

    Good luck.

  4. I will also put up Buckland Beau in his seasonal appearance, 5.10 Pon. 14/1 seems decent each way value.

  5. Thrown a quid at stalls 1 and 2 in handicap races at Ponty today. Profitable angle especially on races of 7f – 1m 2f

    1. Well done, nice return. You could have told us you were on before he hacked up, I may have had a go! 🙂

  6. just finishing 3 races at Tipperary and I shall put them up….then see what happens …..?

  7. usually I will back up to 4 horses per race. The 7.15 has quite a few runners, prices could be good for each race, but small stakes are suggested…..Dutching entirely up to you

    6.15 Tipperary

    Not A Bad Oul Day
    Best Not Argue
    Chicago Fire


    In My Place
    Laburnum Park
    Spartan’s Queen
    Arlecchino’s Rock


    Mr Smith
    Rock On Rosie
    Carta Blanca

    1. You’re made of sterner stuff than I am Norman, but pleased you have an approach that works for you with the HRB ratings etc…

      Have you got any records/been keeping any on the TTP qualifiers against your HRB methods and the different ratings you use? / have you spotted anything? Likewise those with Geegeez ratings. Would be interested if so.

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