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jumps angles, TJC pointers, Gold Offer…






Tom George Chasers

2.50 Lud – Some Are Lucky 2nd


Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

4.35 Lud – Still Believing UP

Handicap hurdle/chase portfolio– Live Test

4.00 Lud – Roc D’Apsis UP



Geegeez Gold… Trainer/Jockey Combos..

Well yesterday went well, 2/8, +3 points. You would take +3 points as a daily average.

Let’s see what they throw up today…

So, this is using the Geegeez Gold Trainer/Jockey combo report, 5 year course form, all runners (can just look at handicaps) . 30% + win SR, 50%+ place SR, and I suppose I want them to have teamed up at least 10 times previously. I have used my subjective judgement on price, and on the profit/AE figures over time…


2.45 Clon – Give Battle 7/2 UP

5.00 Clon – Oscar Lantern 6/1 UP


3.50 Clon – Optimised – 6/1 UP

(one in the 4.25 also but 9/4, prob hack up now)


3.35 Taunt – Sir Ivan 5/1 UP


5.15 Taunt – Le Coeur Net – 7/1 3rd 8/1


That takes less than 5 minutes really to find that shortlist of possible bets. A decent starting point from where you can then use the racecards to dive in a bit deeper.



Don’t forget that today is the day to try Geegeez Gold out for yourself. At 10.30am Matt is opening the doors with a very special offer. What’s more there will be a lucky dip from the first 150 that sign up, with two lucky subscribers winning lifetime membership.

Matt has created the best website around, and the best set of tools for attacking racing and becoming your own expert- and you don’t have to take my word for it- The Secret Betting Club agreed, awarding it 1st place as the best racing website around. (2nd last year)I know many of you are happy Gold Subscribers also.

The offer is for full 60 days access for just £20. A bargain. And in that time you will know whether it is for you or not. Many of you will never look back, wondering what you did before ‘Gold’. It is the best racing product out there, I don’t mind saying that. And I suspect it will be for a very long time to come.

CLICK HERE AT 10.30 AM IF INTERESTED>>> (worth a look.. it could be the best racing decision you ever make 🙂 )



That is all for today. Good luck with any bets.





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  1. Hi All,
    I’m thinking of using a bot for my betting as I hope this is the way forward in structuring my betting. I have very little time during the day during the week and am constantly missing bets from my HRB systems portfolio. I would love to here from anyone who knows of or uses a bot where I can upload an excel file and then set price ranges or any other recommendations, suggestions or advice. Ideally I want to upload all selections the night before and not come home the next day to stare in frustration at what could of been anymore!!

      1. Thanks Chris, it looks like something that could work for me. I’ll have a read through the PDF and maybe trial it over the weekend if I have time 😉

  2. thanks all for the replies on horse share ownership had a look through the sites mentioned, i did get a nice email back from Ollie Pears about his horse Autumn Belle saying she’s a nice big forward looking mare and she will be out early and locally, stable is only 15 miles from me and it might be nice to start with a 2YO’s journey anyway plenty of food for thought.

  3. getting ready for Cheltenham i have withdrawn £100 to paypal to take advantage of the best online bookie offers, unfortunately i have been made unwelcome at most big name bookies, WH,coral,ladbrokes,bet365,paddypower and betfred so am looking at betvictor,bet188, betway and 888sport. any recomendations for others worth looking at?

    1. I have only just signed up with them but Sunbets give BOG the evening before which you won’t get with 3 of the 4 you mentioned. If you’re happy betting on the day than Blacktype is someone who are a no thrills (not BOG) bookmaker that promise to take up to £500 liability per person on a horse.

    2. Sorry my bad I thought 888 BOG was limited to £25. That must have been a typo in their T&Cs in the past since it now shows £25,000.

  4. I would concur with Nick, have used Blacktype for a while, as Nick says, nothing flash of fancy but if you want a tenner/twenty quid on a nice each way shot, have so far always accepted bet (up to the £500 potential win) threshold.

    Being a person of the age and views I have; I would not do anything linked to the sun other than stick it down the toilet; but principals do sometimes lead you to leave out something worthwhile but not for me, but if you have no problem with the sun; then fair play!

      1. I’ve boycotted the Murdoch empire for more than a decade.
        How people pay those vast subscriptions to Sky, yet complain about the licence fee is beyond me.

    1. would never have anything to do with the scum not allowed a copy in the house since Hillsborough

  5. Hi Josh,
    Just a quick ‘thank you’ for putting Mr Bisogno’s qualifiers together – five minutes sounds great but I feel enough like ‘Rain Man’ already with all my lists , so any time saved is great. I always think of Wednesday’s as ‘Wobbly Wednesdays’ – maybe it’s nuts to pick on a day of the week as more unpredictable than most but… For example I was on Armandihan & Trenchard – the two fav’s/7pm/Newcastle/1st March but even two favourites couldn’t hold back Harlow (the qualifier), 4/1 or thereabouts. Thanks for all your efforts,


    1. Hi Charles,
      Yep too much info can often a problem.

      My focus in recent months has been on TTP, and systems in free posts, and trying to get all of that right and offer best experience I can. I think that has hit on my own clarity of thought, esp with 3m+ handicap chases…one reader, since exiled, wondered if that was a problem and he was probably right.

      And now my mind is deep in Cheltenham stats.

      I wont pretend I have ever got to grips with Gold as yet- you do need to spend a bit of time working out an approach.

      I think that TJC approach is interesting.

      Hot Form is a starting point and takes more thought but I want to get to grips with that.

      The pace/lone front runner/top speed rating ‘way in’ could be interesting also, esp when combined with the draw stats on the flat- something to play around with over the summer.

      Very dangerous trying to be a jack of all trades as you will end up master of none.

      And the trainer stats is my core, without that I am a bit screwed in truth!! 🙂 (and poss big race trends etc as that ‘winning profile’ approach has been working ok)

      All takes time. And mental energy.

      I am not sure if that TJC list will be a regular thing but given Matt is doing a launch of Gold for the first time ever I thought it might tie in well.

      However, I will speak to him when things have died down a bit his end- I think he has made the TJC report free to registered users…so he may not mind if I make that a more regular thing, esp if I highlight the source… and encourage free registrations etc.

      And, at least that would mean there is something of interest each day for free readers.

      Feb has felt really tough..TPP stats had a shocker, in part natural correction after Jan, and overall all find since Oct, but was part natural correction part smack in the face- a firm reminder this game is a challenge!!


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