Cheltenham Festival: Jockeys

Some Festival Jockey Stats (some with a difference…)

The free report below takes a look at a few different jockey angles of interest, from some top level stats to the more micro.

One of you sent me an email a few days back with an article written by Nick Pullen which discussed the Old Course vs New Course and with that in mind I did do some digging on jockey’s records on Days 1+2 (old course) and 3+4 (New Course), and indeed a jockeys record on different days of the meeting. (without that email I am not sure if that idea/approach would have crossed my mind. But it is a very valid one) These records will often be linked to the trainers they ride for and the types of races they target on certain days. And of course the fact that the two courses are very different, and some jockeys may simply ride one better than the other.

As an example, you could just back all of Sam Twiston-Davies’ rides on the Wednesday…  4/13,6p, +19 BFSP

Having spent the best part of 3 hours pulling this together I suppose there should now be a  ‘jockeys corner’  in the daily Cheltenham Festival posts, whereby I will do my best to highlight various runners of interest, using those stats as a starting point.

Anyway, you should be able to open it at the link below. Hopefully you find some of the content useful and it helps you find a nice winner or two..

To the report…



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  1. Thanks Josh

    never considered New Course vs. Old Course as a factor for the festival but shall watch it closely this year

    1. Yep it was in my mind from a pace perspective – from a preview I went to last April in Liverpool – a couple of trainers discussed it on the panel, more from a pace perspective- I think it was Charlie Longsdon’s view that you needed to me more patient on the old course- if I am correct they come down that long sweeping downhill bit before swinging into the straight – he thought many go too quick at that point/have done too much come the bottom of that hill, and the leaders tire up the hill, setting up for closers – even though the old course is seen as a speedier track where you would think it pays to be more handy – but in 20+ runner handicaps etc maybe many just do too much.

      That may be why the likes of Richard Johnson look to struggle, as he is an aggressive rider generally, and maybe why Bryan Hughes has a decent record from few rides, as he is more patient. Just an idea.

      Likewise on the New Course, which is a stiffer test of stamina, it can pay to be more handy – maybe they go a more even pace and those near the front can save a bit/may be harder to come from behind. A few things to ponder!

      but yea, in terms of analysis I hadn’t thought of looking at the stats differently, wondered how I could until remembers the ‘day’ function in HRB where you can select day of the week, which made that easy enough.

      They are two very different courses for sure. We shall see how that all plays out in a couple of weeks.

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