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Jumps Angles

Harry Fry Mares (10/1< guide)

1.20 Leic- Little Acorn DNQ

2.20 Leic – Desert Queen WON 5/1>4/1


Trainer/Jockey Combos – Live Test

2.30 Weth – Swing Hard (12/1<) (#2) UP

3.30 Weth – Dartford Warbler (12/1<) (#2) UP




Just one more horse to mention today…

3.30 Wetherby… there are two TTP horses in this, both on the drift which doesn’t fill me with confidence. They had a great start to the month but have had a poor 2 weeks, but that’s how it goes. Anyway.. MONBEG RIVER is the horse… I backed him at Aintree LTO and was there at the track. He was brought down when to my eye was going to hack up- that may be the pocket talking as they had not entered the straight, but my ‘that horse is travelling oh so well and will be there at the finish’ eye is quite good I think- and he was going to be bang there. I am concerned that he has had 52 days off, it suggests that incident may have taken a fair wack out of him. He was 9/2 last night and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a muggy nibble. I have three onside in this race, I hope one of them wins!

Oh, that didn’t go well… MB ran ok. Maybe he doesn’t quite stay that trip, certainly in that ground. 






  • This year, for the first time, there will be NO free content during Cheltenham Festival week, from the Tuesday through to and including the Saturday (Midlands GN Day from Uttoxeter). (tin hat on) 
  • As yet I have not decided what I will be charging non-members (they will obviously get full access as part of membership) but I suspect it will be around £10 for the week- importantly, if I can get everything working, this will be through ClickBank, which means if you want your money back come the end of that week, for whatever reason, you can get it, no questions asked. Which in essence makes it free anyway. (I/the stats/the content, may well have a shocker, always possible. But you can make that judgement call come the end of the week) 
  • As part of that package you will get access to my trends/stats guide which I will be starting soon- stats/trends/’winning profile’ for all handicaps + a couple of extra races. Also included will be any trainer micro systems that I research. That was 82 pages last year. 
  • During the week you will get the shortlists for all of the trends/stats races, my own thoughts (I may set out with a 20 point Festival bank or something) on those, for what they are worth, and any selections from the festival micro angles, which I introduced last year and they did well. 
  • ‘Officially’ we won +8 points last year, unofficially that trends approach above (like the Hurdle on Sunday) found winners in 8 out of the 10 handicaps from memory and the micro angles found some decent priced winners, 12/1, 16/1. 
  • The reasons for charging are twofold really. 1- it is quite a lot of hard work and the most mentally draining week of the year for me. That is a choice, but we all like a bet at The Festival and you have to put the work in, while realising that making any profit is tough. But we will have some fun. In 2014 I tipped Very Wood at 50s on these pages – he won. And that was fun to watch. 2. – it is also a reward for existing members for being so generous in sending me money every month. There may not be anyone who pays for access but that is the decision, and I have been pondering on that for a couple of weeks now. 
  • I have no plans to charge for any other such Festivals etc through the year. That will all be free as normal. 



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  1. My 2 Bets for tommorrrow

    2.00 Wetherby Edgar Elgar 9/1 BV
    When Caroline Bailey and Harry Skelton team up you take note.When its Skeltons only booked ride you take further note.This is really a bottom of the barrel race and anything could come out on top so i take the chance at 9/1

    1.50 Monderon 9/2 Bet365
    Fergal O Brien struggling for winners but the partnership with Paddy Breannan over fences at the course has been fruitfull.I got 6/1 but its 9/2 now generally

    1. I’m on Monderon as well,track, distance, going, P. Brennan on board – all in favour. Providing he runs without mistakes he should be fighting for the win. I also like Sonoftheking in the same race, if Monderon decides to run through the fences instead of jumping, he might be the one to beat.

      1. watched monderon last race . appeared was on mission to take out the fences and did well to get as far. clearly has an engine…hoping it jumps lot better maybe paddy would make up its mind by booting into fences from the front this time around

  2. Josh, could you please clarify you Cheltenham week comments as to what will be visible to a non subscriber? The reason I ask is that the statement above seems to suggest that the complete blog will go for the entire week, tips, systems, stats and general thoughts. As you have become a part paying members blog with some free content I can understand that decision to a degree as it is a hectic week if your a studying every race at the festival in depth. However to suddenly charge someone who may have been following free systems for months for that weeks qualifiers seems very unfair to say the least. As you are aware in my case I have followed the new chase/hurdle portfolio in the good faith that if is profitable over the jumps season I will gladly donate a portion of any profit I make. Although that looks unlikely, if there is to be a fair priced winner theres a chance it may be in a Cheltenham festival handicap. To pay for that when I backed all the loosers as part of the free content just seems wrong. If I’ve read your intentions wrong and the current free systems that have operated all season will remain free that week including any qualifiers in Cheltenham festival handicaps, please put my mind at rest.

    1. Hi Jim, my tin hat was on,ready and waiting for you to comment haha.

      Sadly your worst fears have been realised. There will be no free content that week and all free micro systems etc will be wrapped up in a pay walled daily post.

      But that is why i am using ClickBank as that effectively makes it free. If you pay for the week and come Sunday think none of it was worth it, You just use their system and get a full refund. No problem. Therefore it was free.

      You and I disagree on the main thrust of what a free blog is etc etc and I don’t wish to go there again. 🙂

      I don’t know how long you have been reading the blog but what would in effect be a £10 donation for however long you have been reading through to Chelt Festival next year say, I don’t think is much to ask. Or unreasonable.

      I spend £240 of my own money a year on HRB accounts which house all those free micro systems/research, as an aside.

      And while I am grateful for your promise of a % come end of season you have been following a Live Test unproven portfolio, to be treated with caution. I agree that isn’t working that well so far. It’s been poor to date.

      You won’t like that reply but as I said you effect be able to access all content for free.


      1. Yep your right I dont like that reply. To explain why without going over old ground please understand that if you ever had the intention of charging for those systems for one day, week,month of this season you should have made that clear when you started them. You have been well aware that I have been following the chase/hurdle portfolio as I have commented on the performance of it on several occasions. Never once have you mentioned that you might start charging for them. Rather than me having to use my funds to send money to clickbank and then have to request a refund can I suggest you send me a cash or a cheque for the proposed charge and i’ll send it back tou you via clickbank. I’ll gladly include the postage too. I can email you my address whenever you like.

          1. Harsh comments from Jim there. Should be grateful you’re getting free stuff. Doesn’t have to come to the blog or back the tips. Not bothered about Cheltenham – stick to backing favs in the non-handicaps and you’ll do alright. Handicaps a nightmare.

          2. Well Andy I hope it had that effect on Josh too. I am sure you think I’m some tight wad that is this and that. I started reading this blog not long after it started purely because I stumbled across it and found it interesting. There wasnt a charge for it and when I first started reading it josh stated that it wad his aim to offer free content for as long as it existed. I dont and never have backed his tips systematically and have only backed horses he has tipped if I was going to before I.e his thoughts back up my own. In fact I have laid some of his choices I disagreed with. I only followed the new portfolio in the hope that they would justify his thoughts on systems and that I could make a donation like other readers and feel justified in doing so. So enjoy your subscribers blog Andy keep sending the money. Its appreciated. 🙂 8

          3. My comment had a smiley at the end. My reaction was one of surprise and mirth at what you had asked. Nothing more. Unfortunately comments in forums/blogs don’t convey tone very well so feelings may run in one direction when a contributor hasn’t meant anything at all. Rest easy Jim, I’m not aggrieved by what you requested 🙂

        1. Jim. We are going to get into an argument here and it isn’t one I wish to have again. As we just go around in circles.

          You are free to take your readership elsewhere. I don’t think you appreciate the effort that goes into the free posts/ content.

          I haven’t missed a day in over two years. A post. Every single day with as a minimum the free systems up.

          I have been to Glastonbury twice. The middle of a field for a week. Last June I paid/trained a friend to do the posts.

          Last September I went to croatia for a week . It was a holiday. With some good friends
          I took the lap top and guess what? Kept posting system bets on free posts.

          As I have done on 8 other European weekend city breaks I can count over the last couple of years .

          I’m sorry but if you are too tight to see that Cheltenham week as a kind of donation to show your appreciation then fine. Go and read another free blog.

          You should be so grateful to the X amount of people who do subscribe / have donated in the past. Without them I wouldn’t have the time for the amount of free content I do.

          I don’t understand your mindset. I never have. And I never will.

          That ClickBank model is a fair approach. I’m sorry you’re to blind to see it.

          It is one week. One week. Just pretend I have gone on holiday and I am having the whole week off. Believe me. I would like to do that some time. Just the once.

          I would buy you a pint if I ever saw you at a race track. I wouldn’t expect you to return the favour.

          I will do as I please with my blog. You have all the research and all the systems. You could just subscribe to your own horse race base account??


          P.s. I may be a tad annoyed.

          P.p.s you can get a free trial with HRB. You could do that Cheltenham week and no damage done.

          1. No argument josh as you say its your blig to do with as you wish. If it is your intention not to mislead people then at least acknowledge when you may have done so. You started a FREE blog. Go back and look at those first posts and let me know what number of visitors it was that made you think I should charge for this. You know they say that suppliers if other product operate in the same way. Oh I forgot you care about your readers tho. 🙁

          2. Jim; I think Josh is being incredibly polite; if it were my blog I would ban you/block you sine die for being a most ungrateful freeloading negative and totally arrogant wotsit

          3. Most unfair Ian. Especially as you dont know me and are just going off comments. See reply further down.

          4. It seems to me that Jim is the one who is missing the point. It’s a FREE blog. To do with as you please. Which you seem to do Jim and maybe some appreciation and gratitude could be shown for all the hard work that goes into it by making a small donation for a massive festival. I don’t know what you do for a living Jim but I would bet a small fortune that you don’t do it for FREE.

          5. Hi
            I know how much time Josh must spend putting this stuff all together and have no issue at all paying £10 for 1 week of the year

          6. I do hope that Jim is getting the impression that he is in the vast minority here. If I were Josh having to deal with a view such as his I may consider whether I would want to let people in on all my hard work, regardless of whether it were profitable or not.
            If you decided to pull the plug on this blog altogether Josh I would be more than a tad annoyed with Jim and I say this as a voluntary subscriber since its inception. I may also take the view that I have actually been subsidising Jim to some degree for all this time.

          7. Cheers Westy…hmm yes, that subsidy point is probably correct. Well, without the members club/business income, there would not be a free post every day for sure, certainly not in this format. Albeit without the free element there would not be a members side in all liklihood. They work together, but for sure without the paid side the ‘free’ side wouldn’t be so plentiful. That is a fact. It is a full time occupation, and I know I am lucky etc to have stumbled across a hobby which means I can sit here and chat all day!, but it does take hard graft, i rarely spend less than 10 hours a day looking at/thinking about the horses/blog- and I have to think 3 months ahead etc with research, stats packs, etc – jumps stats pack takes 50 odd hours to compile, for example.
            In part your view has been on my mind and why I am comfortably pay walling some aspects, and Chelt week seemed a good one- it is a kind of reward for long paying subscribers etc.

  3. A couple for me tomorrow. Total Assets looks nicely weighed based on his chase form. LTO he beat a solid yardstick in Itstimeforapint in a class 4 chase with the rest very well beaten (runner up has since gone close in a hot class 3). Reverts to hurdles and drops down into a class 5 handicap for only the 3rd time in his career (only other 2 times he came 2nd and a PU on his seasonal re-appearance). He is technically 1lb lower than LTO. He is joint top on GG Speed ratings and top on HRB ratings. All of his wins have come over left handed slightly undulating tracks. 3 of his 4 wins have come from a 25-28 day break so looks to be spot on for this. Trainer won this last year and has won with 2 of his last 4 runners so stable appears in good form. Jockey had a winner today also. The weight shouldnt be an issue given he is 2/6, 4p carrying 11st 7lbs+. The only worry would be if the ground dries too much plus there are one or two unexposed ones here so have gone e/w.

    I also want to have a small bet on Luv U Whatever in the 15:40 at Southwell who loves it here and is 7/11, 10p in handicaps at the track. Barring Tommy Docc (who will surely need the run returning off a 200+ day break) he is the only horse here to have won at class 2 level let alone class 3. This is also his time of the year with 5 wins from 8 runs in January. He prefers these small fields (6/15, 10p in in handicaps with 7 or less runners, including 5/8, 7p at Southwell) His win just over a year ago was off a mark of 95. I thought 14s looked big. Obviously he has yet to win for his new trainer but I think he showed enough in the claimer at the track two starts ago that he is still in fine fettle. (I actually think the visor was put on to make sure he didnt win since he has never had it before). Not a lot of pace here so he should lead or track the pace and expect him to be there or thereabouts. Annoyingly there are only 7 runners so we have to bet win only although if you can I would get on with Sky who are paying 3 as long as there are 6 or more runners.

    1. I have Joseph Mercer in this Nick from my tracker…it was left far to much to do but finished like a train into 2nd place. I do like Total Assets as well, but both trainers have struggled prior to some form of late. Good Luck.

  4. Hi Josh / All

    Had family emergencies to deal with last few days and missed posting up, All back to normal now and 2 Stallion qualifiers

    3.40 Southwell – Tatting 7.5 best odds Betway

    Street Cry;s progeny record at Southwell from 1M 3F to 1M 6F
    39 runs, 15 wins, 24 places 38.46% win SR, 61.54% place SR
    including 9 different winners. Over this 1M 4F trip……
    18 runs, 6 wins, 10 places 33.33% win SR, 55.56% place SR

    Staking £17.86 – 2% of £893.04

    4.10 Southwell – Samphire Coast 3.75 best odds 9 books

    Fastnet Rock, 1M, 12 runs, 6 wins, 8 places 50.00% win SR, 66.67% place SR
    Includes 4 different winners

    Staking £17.50 – 2% of £875.18

    Others to note……..

    2.10 Southwell – Fortinbrass 9.0
    Baltic King 37 runs, 10 wins, 21 places 27.03% win SR, 56.76% place SR

    I also like Very First Blade 9.0 in the same race attempted to win a 5F sprint 2 years running 14 days ago here and just failed to Pancake Day but showed he was in good fettle and 6F holds no fears either winning off this mark over C & D previously, draw 13 does temper enthusiasm though and will need things to fall right from there.

    2.40 Southwell – Doctor Parkes 11.0 best odds

    Trainer has to be respected with his handicap runners here with a 12 runs 4 wins 6 place record in last 2 years and this 11 yr old shows he still has pace winning at Chelmsford in November over 5F coming from behind (not the easiest at this track) Has raced here only twice before back in 2013 /14 when running of marks of 88 & 92 (off 73 tommorrow) finishing mid division both times, It could be that he doesn’t handle the surface as well as the faster polytrack so a small EW play for me.

    3.10 Southwell – Lady Nayef 12.0 betbright
    Nayef 1 run, 1 win, 1 place 100% win & place SR

    3.40 Southwell – Lingano Felice 3.0
    Librettist 3 runs, 1 win. 2 places 33.33% win SR, 66.66% place SR

    4.10 Southwell – Playful Dude 4.5
    Drosselmeyer 5 runs, 2 wins, 3 places 40.00% win SR, 60.00% place SR

    Good Luck all with your selections


    1. Nice one Steve…Fortinbrass….I got 8s… Well done mate.

      Do you know Cold Fusion ran last night … a Frozen Power selection.
      I only mention it as I know your doing a running book.

      1. Hi Tony

        Nice one glad you were on. Yes I must have missed that one will update spreadsheet accordingly do need to have accurate figures to see if this will work long term


  5. Not much going on at present and so no knowledge to pass on. Could be any day and I will post when I know something and am already on. I am off to Las Vegas two weeks today, taking the wife to show her the place and the Grand Canyon etc. I hope to accumulate some spending money before then. Cheltenham will soon be here and am looking forward to my week there. I treat it as a Busman’s Holiday and not a week for serious punting as it is mostly too competitive. As a member additional costs do not affect me but everyone is entitled to their view if put in the correct manner. Takes all sorts. Keep up the analysis Josh and get back on the tipping trail.

    1. Thanks Martin. All opinions welcome in these parts. Jim and I have had the same discussion before/ or similar. We fundamentally have differing views and always will.
      I should treat Cheltenham like that but it’s a great punting puzzle. Agree not to go made betting wise but it’s a great challenge.

  6. While we are on festival topics.I was wondering if come the flat season we just stick with festival packs,i do recall that most of the ones from last year were pretty successfull,I would imagine there is one good meeting every few weeks come june

    1. Yep i need to ponder the summer. Agree they seem to do well last year and there are plenty of meetings to attack with positive trainer pointers + odd micro. Maybe that and the summer jumps TTP. Albeit wouldn’t mind the odd TTP flat track. But maybe a very top level version. Plenty to ponder.

  7. I think my screen may have copped it if I was a tea drinker as well, Andy. And it certainly does take all sorts. Wonder if he has shares in Royal Mail. But then, this is only the best horse racing blog around.

    1. No I don’t have royal mail shares and I agree its a very good horse racing blog. But that doesn’t mean I should have to pay for it.

      1. So what do you pay for?

        Do you expect people to work their proverbial nuts off doing countless hours of form analysis, investing heavily in services like HRB/GGG – sending out lots of winners and bringing some excellent informed opinion to the blog from others who duly pay a very small sum of money for the enjoyment and profit.!

        1. I pay for things I want to buy. No ones forces anyone to write a blog and post it on the internet. The content is up to the writer. I dont pay for every website I visit and they all take work to make. Do you donate to every website you visit? No didn’t think so.

          1. I actually pay 3-4 highly respected tipsters and pundits including Josh and if I read content elsewhere that is worthy of a donation and delivers any modicum of common sense and education than YES I do pay for it. To take take take is your own prerogative and part of your character to then publically moan when you are asked to give a little back says an awful lot about you. Why you could not have expressed your views in private to Josh is another matter entirely. I can’t be bothered to say anything else to be honest as freeloaders and moaners are not worthy of my positive outlook on life. THANK YOU JOSH and don’t let whingers get you down!

  8. 3.30 Weth – Dartford Warbler will be interesting.Suzie told he will win over fencys as season progress,sure i will bet ew
    maybe win

  9. A few years ago I used to visit a café in Southern Spain. It was owned by an English couple and you could get a coffee for a Euro. The had free English newspapers that you could read and there were many Brits who took advantage of this additional perk. not everyone of course some people bought there own newspapers at 2 euros a pop and read them without sharing and took them away. the coffee was good and it was a really friendly place to sit and while away an hour or two. I went again a few months later. there was a sign outside saying ‘under new ownership’. I went in and ordered a coffee. it was now 2 euros and the Belgian couple, the new owners who ran the café, didn’t provide free English newspapers. There was a large intimidating Englishman sat a few tables away from me and he asked for his bill. The lady told him it was two euro’s and he went apoplectic. He said ‘ the last time I came in here the coffee was only 1 euro and you got a free newspaper to read’. ‘when was that’ the lady gently enquired. ‘It were two year ago’ he responded gruffly, ‘and I’m not paying two euros for something that only cost me one euro last time’. the lady said they had to charge that to make it worthwhile opening the café. He responded by saying that the owners were robbers and didn’t deserve to be in business and that he was never coming back. I bet the couple had never felt so relieved.
    Josh as my dear old mother used to say you can satisfy some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you will never satisfy all of the people all of the time. You run a fantastic blog and your enthusiasm, commitment and price you charge are outstanding in both its content and value. Sadly like the man in the café and, even more sadly, the Jims of this world, there are people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Josh you run a great FREE service and a great paid for service. I just hope you are still around in a couple of years time. Thanks for everything you do for Racing to Profit. There are many out here who appreciate all your hard work, the insight and the value you provide. Keep the faith!!!!!

    1. Look I have no wish to carry on this discussion but have the right to reply when comments are made about me. You, others and Josh have missed my point completely. Can I ask all of you how many websites you view a week? How many do you pay a subscription to view? I do go to cafe’s and drink coffee yes and I pay the price they charge. If the coffee is good and the service is good I go back and pay again. If there are newspapers I sometimes scan them. But that would not be my reason for going there. The whole point is I should only have to pay for something I want to buy. I read blogs, some offer products to buy some don’t. I do appreciate Josh is now running a business and needs to make it pay and he obviously works hard at it. But I shouldn’t feel shamed or forced into paying for something I don’t want. I don’t want all the Cheltenham stuff he is going to do. I just want to read the blog like normal. As I mentioned before I only followed the new system in the hope it would make profit and I faithfully stated that I would donate a portion of any profit I made to Josh for offering those systems. He doesnt charge for those systems and this season so far I suspect he wouldnt due to their performance. However by making everyone pay for Cheltenham content by making the whole blog pay per view, if you like is unfair. Thats all I’m saying. Its just a way of making a fast buck in Cheltenham week. If josh wanted to make the whole blog pay per view period he could. Ask yourself why he doesn’t.

      1. I’ve read all your comments Jim, especially that last one above, which I find disappointing.

        You won’t ever hear from me again in these comments and I would rather you never read the blog again. It will be a much better place without you, sadly. I knew this day would come from when we/you/other readers had exactly the same conversation about 2 times before in the last 24 months.

        You know nothing about me Jim, or it seems, to borrow a phrase from Gordon Brown,my moral compass.

        Your comments make it sound like your presence here is forced against your will, as if you have been incarcerated in an North Korean Gulag.

        People who are out for fast bucks don’t use Clickbank.

        They are not so generous with refunds.

        They do not, when emailed by a member explaining they have had to quit paying because they have lost their job, just grant them free access through to the end of April, to try and bring some cheer to the situation.

        Your last few sentences question my honesty, integrity, and motifs. I can look at myself in a mirror no problem.

        I wish you well with your future punting, whatever you do, but I won’t be engaging with you again I doubt. It is tiresome. And pointless. Because we do not agree and never will.

        You should move forwards knowing that there will always be free content on these pages. But, not necessarily every day. Most days there will be a free post, every now and then there may not be. Maybe that mindset will help you cope mentally with such things as the introduction of Cheltenham week. I will clarify tomorrow what will be remaining free for 2017 so that can give you some planning time.

        Now, do us all a favour, and f… find us a winner to back at Southwell….??


        1. That is a shame. But your choice. I think comments on a blog may have caused a lot of crossed wires and probably isn’t thebest way of explaining my position and thoughts concisely. I am out of time today. But, if you dont mind, I could you email you some time and may be can sort out a few differences and leave the provocative comments out that have been posted to gain attention and response. I can assure you I do think you started a quality blog. I may not agree with all you have subsequently done but if you do need more subscribers from pepole like me may be I could help, for free of course. Your choice.

          1. Oh, sorry I forgot to add. I don’t really do tips but I wouldn’t put you off poyle vinnie in the 3:10, since you asked 🙂

          2. Good luck with Poyle, Jim. Oh, I appear to engaging again. That embargo lasted a long time.
            You know the score now Jim.
            I don’t expect money off anyone- but those that don’t wish to donate, or say pay for Cheltenham week,(which is fine,this blog dies without the mixed model – free readers / donators / Chelt subscribers/ full time members- all work together) just have to live with not having free access during that week -or to add on any other odd day throughout the year I may wish to put a paywall up. (maybe I will introduce a ‘supporters club’ :))

            That decision has been made. Your disagreement has been noted but as someone pointed out I am not going to please all the people all the time- and I have tried my best over 2+ years to do that. You are the only regular reader that has ever posted a comment with an issue 🙂 (albeit maybe there are plenty who have read your thoughts and nodded along, well, I won’t be pleasing them either)

            I can agree to disagree with people no problem, and we agree to disagree. You have your reasons, you have made those clear. That’s the end of that.

            You can do as you please moving forward. I do find it sad that given you have been reading for so long you have found none of the content, or your experience, worth chipping in a penny for. I think this is the best free racing blog around, in terms of producing regular, often daily content. I am happy to be proved otherwise.

            I advised you to treat the Live test as just that. It also isn’t lost on me that if you had followed the sept/oct trainer notes/selection, Tom George angle and the Venetia Williams November angle you would be over +100 points in profit, from free systems content. As an example.

            Anyway, we are in danger of going in a loop, again.

            Now let’s cheer on Poyle Vinnie.

      2. Apologies for going over old ground. Jim, you talk about all these free websites, but you do realise loads of them are funded through advertising and money made from various affiliate links. Take a wee look around RTP. Have you ever seen a banner ad suggesting to sign up for Bet 365’s matched £200 bonus? You know, the one that Josh would make a 35% cut from? Nope? Take a quick virtual walk over to At The Races. It won’t take you long to find screeds of affiliate links on their page.

        If you’ve got a bugbear about people charging for content, you’re really looking in the wrong direction. I can’t understand why you’d decide to take aim at a one man band, a fella who’s clearly putting in a lot of work every day of the year to bring content to us. Some of it free, some of it paid for.

        You know what I find most obnoxious about your comments though, it’s this part – “I pay for things I want to buy. No ones forces anyone to write a blog and post it on the internet”. The second part is true of course, it’s the first part I have an issue with. You clearly see some value in the blog, otherwise we wouldn’t have had all your indignation. But you don’t quite see enough value to part with a small amount of money. Y’see all the time you’ve spent commenting on the blog since last night, I reckon you could have made a tenner in that time. So it’s just simple tight-fistedness then is it? Why pay for something that you can get for free. Except you can’t.

        Boo, Jim. Boo.

  10. Hi all esp Josh. I work stupid, unsocial hours in a bar quite often 12-14 hours a day. Can’t always post, sometimes miss comments selections etc but always find the blog interesting and informative. My passion is the horses, love them all to bits, and have tried to get myself involved many times without success. I read all sorts of stuff on the net, in books, magazines, newspapers etc all relating to the sport I love. You give so much info for free it’s crazy. The amount of man hours you give up must give you no time for much else!! There must be a whole host of followers out in the wide world who really appreciate what you do so keep the chin up and if you feel the need to charge a small fee just do it!!! I am on free trial but will subscribe as long as we can keep paypal out of the equation!!!!! My figures for Tuesday give me Total Assets/Joseph Mercer and Future Gilded. Good luck to all and may all come home safe human and equine.

    1. I am in Joseph Mercer as well and 3:50 Leic Orthodox Lad
      double price for coffee is Draghi deflation new ownership the same

  11. dear josh/all . after 4 years running my own system i know the amount of work that goes in and due to personal circumstances i just can’t commit the time needed and a poorly run system is worse than useless, found that out when i tried streamlining, so i’m really pleased i found this blog and am more than happy to pay less than £2 a week for the pointers and it really helps in selection.
    I have missed a couple of nice priced winners but have been lucky enough to have a couple of big priced winners and also got on nickmazurs highlighted etaad at a very nice price so all in all still in profit and enjoying the experience.
    keep up the good work everyone enjoy reading all your thoughts.

  12. I really do think there are people who don’t realise how much effort writing previews takes. I’m obviously new to Josh’s blog, but the amount of effort he must put in is very impressive and I’ve not even seen the paid side of the blog. To post a blog every day wherever he is takes some doing and people should respect the fact that he wants to charge for what is the biggest racing week of the year. There is a guy I follow on Twitter who previews cycling and his previews are very in depth and free, apart from the three Grand Tours where he charges and I understand why he does as each race takes 3 weeks plus all the previews he writes before the start. To me Josh is just doing the same with Cheltenham. When I started tipping I never had any intention of charging either, but as I touch on in my blog post it became clear that I really needed to charge keep it going.

    I have had to take my form book to Australia and Belguim and also to hospital when my son decided he wanted to make his entrance to the world the day before Cheltenham’s Hunter Chase night last year. I ended up writing my previews pretty late at night sat in a chair next to my wife’s bed on about 3 hours sleep! It was pretty invonvient to have to write previews on those occasions, but as people have paid I know I have to. I’m lucky as hunter chases only run for about half of the year so I get time off and I take my hat off to Josh to keep this going even when he is on holiday.

      1. cheers Chris. I enjoy the engagement and I try and be as polite as possible, as that generally comes naturally. Nearly at snapping point a couple of times there but we move on. In a former life I was President of UoL students union, during the fees rise etc,and a lot of other problems. Dealing with hard nosed union reps and VCs/CEOs, lobbying etc etc teaches you many things. Being diplomatic is the only way forwards, albeit every now and then you do need to get angry. I have’t reached my rare angry state yet. I think I have once on here, but not with Jim. And thankfully we don’t need to go there.

      1. Correct Marcin….I’d shoot the idiot. I’ve been with Josh since day one. I don’t know where he finds the patience….lol.

        1. Green tea, long deep breaths, and a sense of perspective haha. They usually do the trick. And I don’t like being rude. It doesn’t come naturally. And I don’t really like confrontation. At the end of the day, we are talking about horse racing. What a privileged position we are in 🙂 No shots will be fired in these parts!

          1. Blimey Josh! send your CV to the UN they could do with someone as diplomatic as you!
            Personally i think you would be doing us all a favour if you could just find a way to prevent Jim from commenting on this blog. Can’t you just block him?
            Reading the blog is usually a pleasure but we all get so angry when he contributes, plus it makes the process of trying to find people’s tips so much more difficult when there are so many comments in reaction to Jim’s drivel.

          2. Ha cheers Al. Ah I am not into blocking, haven’t had to resort to that. And in general Jim is polite albeit there were about three sentences in this episode which sent me spare, albeit I kept calm when writing! I can accept many things, questioning my integrity, intentions and honesty is like poking a brown bear. But, when you blog etc, you are there to be shot at. All good fun. Keeps the mind ticking over! And sometimes I get it very wrong and such comments make me ponder. Not this time though.

  13. Josh, i’ve followed you on Monbeg River 3.30 Weth, thought 4s was fair. Watched the re-run of the Aintree race lto, nasty incident that, thought Oldgrangewood (also brought down) was going equally as well at the time and see that he won next time, so fingers crossed for MR, nervous about the 2 TTP’s in the race making me feel foolish (again) !!haha

    1. Ha yep we shall see. I suspect it was my punting pocket eyes thinking he was going best! he was swinging away mind and the jock was just about to make his move into a prominent position. Oh I had to back them both also, but the drifts say it all I suspect, with those. In any case, Sue Smith will probably beat us all! 🙂

        1. Yet to look towards tomorrow, will do so soon. Just thought I would have a look in HRB to see if there were any Hunter Chase angles of interest!

  14. Hi Josh,Just had a look at the entries for the Thyestes chase to be run at Gowran Park on thursday,looks like a good renewal this year.

    1. Hi Robbie, ah yes, keep those Irish reminders going! There are some trends for that and given last Sunday it would be rude not to have a dive in! In theory I should tip in it albeit I don’t follow Irish racing that closely- however not sure if that makes a massive difference in a race like that. I will have a look and get some trends/stats up tomorrow some time. Josh

  15. Any other tips ……..jim….put it in a double with josh tip monbeg river..great site josh …I also pay well worth investment and knowledgeable tipsters…cheers all

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