FREE DAILY POST: 08/01/17 (complete/tip)

Tip at Fontwell + jumps angles…

Whooshhh… well that was a fun day for ‘team Racing To Profit’ – the free post had good micro system winners at 2/1 and 14/1 (16/1 with the generous folk at B365) and, to be honest – mainly as they needed a good winner, the Members Post had a great day… a facile 20/1 winner helping ‘ratings pointers’ followers to around +19 points profit on the day. That adds to Landmarque at 14s earlier in the week and hopefully all those who took the plunge and took the Xmas Trial Offer, now have more confidence in that approach. Had a lull after launch, typically.  Evidence suggests it works, rather well… (well, 77 points or so in around 27  race days of ratings pointers would suggest that, my £770 (ish) for £10 per ‘ttp’ point isn’t to be sniffed at)

(you should take a 14 day free trial HERE>>>, it really is a lot of fun 🙂 )


You good readers seemed to have a fun time as well. Scanning the comments I can see winners posted at 50/1 (well,3rd,but still), 12/1 and 28/1 (Pete The Feat, Joe thought that price was big, and how right he was) and 4/1 at Wolvs. (appears Nick just picked out a 14/1 winner also at Wolvs? Well, what a day all round…) Well done all.

I think that must be the most profitable day ‘team Racing To Profit’ has ever had, winners flying in all over the place

They all had one thing in common- they didn’t carry any of my money. That will teach me. Still, I won’t complain.

The icing on the cake would have been Pete The Feat who I dismissed a bit too readily (didn’t mention him, poor form that) and was clearly the ‘biggie’ that deserved more attention- ‘clearly’, in the sense that he won! Someone who I follow on twitter who is a fine value judge fancied him and I did ask why, he said the main positives being… ‘very genuine,prominent racer which around here best,decent mark,low racing weight,has a will to win’

And of course, he was 28s. Why was I cold on him. Well he was rock bottom of the HRB ratings, and that had some influence, as did the trainer being a tad ‘cold’ (was 1/35 last 30 days,0/18 last 14,albeit place numbers ok) And I thought, at 13, ‘younger’ legs may prevail!! Relatively speaking. Recent form, given this was a ‘target’ race for all of them, probably didn’t count for much. He ran OK the last day. Clearly more emphasis on his light weight needed and having looked after the race he was 0/3,3p in handicap with these low weights on his back. (slaps wrist) He is a small horse also, and clearly appreciated it. I wasn’t that close to landing on him, which always means there is more room for improvement.

My selections- well- those of you who thought this may happen too quickly for Rocky Creek (nick and others) were spot on I think. Maybe he sulked, maybe he just wasn’t quick enough to hold what was a great early position.

Theatrical Star- ran a cracker in 2nd, and for most of the final 3rd of the race I thought was going to win. Sadly, Pete didn’t stop. But, i had something to cheer all the way to the line, which helps. I partly wish young Brendan had jumped off just behind the leaders, rather than half way, as he will have used plenty of energy to close that gap. If he had been 7l further forward say, all the way round, who knows. Anyway, he wasn’t, we move on…

Hopefully you had a great day!





2.10 Fontwell

So Fine – 1 point win – 6/1 (general)  UP

Ah, no real run. Damn. Maybe something more is up but I wont be backing him over fences again, 2 goes enough. Was happy to take the fav on, wasn’t 100% sure as to his stamina,esp in that ground, at that price, but he has ground that out well. So Fine couldn’t lead but isn’t a necessity. No excuses for me there. Moving on.

I will keep this ‘brief’ as it is a Saturday evening. I need to get some food (none in, rubbish planning for a weekend) and I am off out for the evening. Nothing special- beer and bars I suspect!

So Fine.. well I tipped him LTO I think and I am going to have one more go here. He lost his action the last day, jumping markedly out to his left, just before he was PU. The fact he comes out so quickly suggests there was nothing wrong with him- just one of those. His back end went, Dicky felt it, a sharp PU. Fingers crossed going ‘left handed’ here (figure of 8) will help with that, and he has won over hurdles here. Conditions look fine and I think he may handle soft better than this lot- well he is the only one proven in it I think. I also found it interesting that Dicky comes here and not Chepstow, where Hobbs has a few runners. Maybe he is here for something else (may be worth looking at all his rides, I haven’t as yet) or he is here for him. He will race up there on the pace.

I also don’t think he is up against much and every horse in here has some sort of question now. If he puts it all together- and he travelled and jumped well the last day, until his incident, I think he out-runs these odds. He is also a ‘ratings pointer’ qualifier for TTP (trainer jockey combo stats here in handicaps, + top 3 geegeez speed ratings)

He will do. I thought 6s was generous, and pleasantly surprised when I saw that. Worth 1 point to find out I think. He won’t be the first Hobbs horse to be PU, only to return a few weeks later and win (Sausalito Sunrise always sticks in my mind for that)



Jumps Angles

Handicap Hurdle/Chase Portfolio – LIVE TEST


4.00 Chep – Major Hindrance

(trainer 5/10,6p with handicap hurdle debutants last 2 years – Greyed A and Horseguardsparade may be worth a look as well…hint…ratings pointers..)


Right, that will do for Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,




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  1. i am in 3:30 CHEPSTOW Ubaltique 6/1 just 1 lb higher than his wining mark and best on heavy
    and same race ALLOW DALLOW ew bet 24/1 now

    2:40 FONTWELL Disputed 11/1 now
    and on Naas 14.50: Like A Demon 5/1 had very good last two runs and quality jock is 4lb off

    two have some fun The Chuckmeister vs So Fine

    1. Stolen from twitter….

      UBALTIQUE 3:30 First run of calendar year 2012 1/5 2013 3/9 2014 1/7 2015 1/6 2016 1/6 always follows solid prep run this year 4/14 Hay C3

  2. CHEPSTOW 4.00

    Mountain of Mourne 33/1

    Blinkered 1st X, back in trip, back hurdling after unsuccessful Chase runs.
    Also has winning form at Chepstow over this distance; not particularily quick; 18th Nov ’15, 2lbs more today.
    All wins on Hy, 10 successes from 19, win or place.
    Smells like a plot, blinkers might help, jockey and trainer somewhat suspect.
    HEAVY is not the same as SOFT.

    1. CHEPSTOW 4.00
      1st Cobolobo 16/1 (NO FORM)
      2nd Mountain of Mourne 20/1

      Thank you Jonjo O’Neill for last minute jockey change to Aidan Coleman.
      That cost me over 100 points

  3. Dr newland had a impressive winner yesterday at wincanton with a newly bought French bred I hear they are expecting a good run from another recently bought one in the 2-40 fontwell opened up 7/2-4/1 last night now5/2 in some places

    1. Caid Du Ling .. Will be ridding by Richard Johnson about 2/1 now on 365.

      He stood out with top jockey booking thats a plus.

      Price a bit short though.

  4. Doesnt look like a great day of racing (plus betwen Josh, Dr Nick and my other tipsters I have 4 of the first 5 in the market in the 14:10 at Fontwell) however looking at the 16:00 at Chepstow I have to have a small e/w bet on Allez Vic. Back over hurdles and on a very nice mark of 102 after the jockey claim into account, considering he ran ok off 130 in a class 3 hurdle 14 months ago. Hasnt been running terribly without hitting the frame. Seems to do well in big fields (3/11, 8p in handicap hurdles) and won’t mind the ground whereas a number in the field have both as unknowns. Evan William seems to place his 10lb claimers very well (8/39, 14p +50.5 in the past 4 years) and the jockey has won for his recently in a chase which I always like to see with unknown claimers. Has been nibbled from as high as 28s to as low as 16s (generally 20s still avaiable). Hopefully at least 16 line up and we get 4 places.

    1. Still 16 runners at the moment and we have between ourselves & Josh….. 9 possible winners of this race, the 4.00 @ Chepstow

      I would like to think the favourite “Greyed A” is too obvious a selection but it’s hard to fault some of the form for it

      I have backed some of the selections and I hope Poisoned Berry (H5,R5) and Swincombe Toby (H0,R3) are the right ones

      1. Yep good luck. I can see Nick’s case for Allez and must admit when flicking through race and just scanning down he caught the eye..mainly just recognition I think as he has been in a few chases I have played in. Much more interesting back over hurdles.
        I just stuck with the ratings pointers so far Normal,did have somethig on fav at 3s which was just about on my limit but top rated swung it. Maybe one of the other quals will win it! Hopefully one of us has the winner. GL

        1. Well, all the four ratings in HRB that I use have GREYED A …as the top rated… and my other set of ratings puts it at No 1 and if these numbers are correct and then the jockey/trainer’s figures are good…..then it must be an “Amber Gambler” quality sort of beast

          Let’s hope the REDS have the same sort of afternoon…..but I really felt for the Preston supporters last night….that was beyond words !

  5. I’m just going to stick to the numbers the way forward is and why not after yesterday’s results.
    Fine So Bishops Grade A then. An those 3 carry my hopes an dreams
    Regards Al

  6. No bets on the horses for me today. I am on Gary Moore watch hoping they can find some form by having a winner or two!

    Benatar 3.40 FP and Mr Muddle 3.10 FP both fancies at short prices. Let us see if the stable can find some form before we start backing them again?

  7. I think So fine need at least one more test run than maybe will bounce back.i am happy today with allow dallow 33/1 ew
    horse is improwing with every run so he is in my tracker
    ubaltique and disputed gave me healthy ew double
    and had win thanks to bet alchemist blog on Naas
    so not bad day even
    Thanks Josh i have found your twitter will make some rt
    best P

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