TTP Jumps Notes: 13/11/16 (complete)

Qualifiers for Sunday. Post complete…



Well bugger. I committed the ultimate sin on Saturday and missed a qualifier- that won. One Taquin Du Seuil clearly qualified on the Jonjo distance angle – and given I posted his other qualifier on the same angle in the same race I don’t know what went through my mind to miss him. Human error, as simple as that, and I can only apologise- especially if you take a systematic approach to all qualifiers, I have ‘cost you’ 8-10 points there, so sorry.

I don’t know what I would have done with him had I actually posted him up- I suspect I would have put him in the maybe pile and would have only had a go at 8s, once i saw Jonjo’s two horses run crackers in the race before. I have dodged more losers in the last two days than his win would have won me but I know many of you may have backed him if posted, or have considered it at least. Anyway, that is done. I will try my best not to do that again. A clunker. Permission to be annoyed.

Still, if backing all those posted systematically, 1 point on the nose, you would be around +9 points up on the day, depending on the odd best price etc. 3 winners at 12/1, 5/1 and 10/1 were not a bad return and claws back some of the losses. I will update results early next week as usual and hopefully we can end it on a high. Clearly It would be wrong of me to include TDS in my official results and he wont be.


Onto Sunday…

Just the qualifiers on this ‘bonus day’… I don’t think I have missed anything…




Sternrubin (all hncps+hncp h+micro TJC, Going) UP


Altesse De Guye (all hncps) UP


La Cavsa Nostra (NHF) UP




Woodford County DNQ (going good to soft,soft in places) (micro going IF Good)

Golanova (micro horse runs this season) UP


Disputed (hncp h) 3rd 12/1

Remiluc (hncp h) WON 12/1>5/1 

St Saviour(as above) (going IF good)

La Paimpolaise (micro age) UP 25s


Shalianzi (hncp h, micro class) UP

Sea Serpent (micro age) UP


Royal Salute (all hncp + hncp c) WON 8/1



Good luck with your bets.


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  1. I dont think many of us would be piling into a jonjo horse,we have dodged far more losers over last few months

  2. far too early to say how Cogry would have run but that was a most unfortunate way to be BD Most importantly both horse and jockey ok as that was a crunching fall

    1. yep that is the most important, was horrible to watch. Yep it was far too early but he was in a lovely rhythm and IF he had jumped the rest as he had done there- no reason to think he wouldn’t have given how comfortably he looked – he would have been leading coming down the hill given two in front started to paddle, and he stays every yard of that and hopefully would have kicked, and played catch me if you can/just galloped them into ground. That is how I imagine it haha, and that is how he will won one of these one day – Welsh National maybe, although not sure if jumping will stand test – soft clearly helps as just slows everything down and first few fences/pace look vital to him/confidence. Never mind.

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