Post now complete. A few possible system bets, a ‘sprint test tip’ and some ‘trainers in form’ at Windsor…






None today.






2.30 Ayr: Lady Cordie (16/1<) UP

3.00 Ayr: Fray (16/1<) UP

4.30 Ayr: Nicholas T (16/1<) UP

6.30 Ffos Las: Moonjaned UP/ Swift Cedar (16/1<, guide) UP



4.00 Ayr 

Blue Sonic – 1 point win – 6/1 (SkyB/PP) , 11/2 (general) 3rd*

*well, if you back proper hold up horses in races like this you have to sit, sit, sit some more, and then suffer. He was travelling much the best and if able to get any room when the jockey wanted would have won I dare say. But, that is how it goes. We/I ‘tipped’ Bunce LTO at Muss- and he was 12s this morning. I didn’t keep the faith with that one and I am unsure why – blinkered too much on BS maybe.  When focusing in these races I suspect there will be a lot of that type of mental anguish to deal with. Backing Bunce again would have been one way to cope I suppose! Maybe I need to try and ensure I always have/consider more closely prominent runners as a matter of course – a few too many times I have just had hold up types on board, many running no sort of races/struggling to get involved. (Redcar an example)

Well this one comes out 2 days after letting us down. The hood was removed late, a slow start, and she could never get to the leaders. I won’t blame that entirely as she had plenty of time, is a hold up horse anyway, and ran OK in 4th. She may have had to challenge on the wrong side, and in any case the pace didn’t really collapse, the leaders never coming back. She is worth one more go here I think. She drops back to 5f. I am unsure if that is ideal but she has won over the trip and there looks to be some more pace to aim at here. Tudhope is also back in the plate which catches the eye, having been on her for his hat-trick this time last year and he hasn’t ridden her since. She won 2 days after one of her wins last year so the quick return is no negative. She can be restless in the stalls and can blow her chance. She can’t afford a slow start of this distance. Anyway, at 6/1, I think she is worth one more go. There is no inform, ultra progressive, short priced fav in here either. It looks open enough on paper and she should give it a good go.

That is all for today in this bit.



Not much to shout about on the Saturday for this developing section, albeit a 25/1 second which was ok. Remember these are a starting point and I have yet to look at the horses/races etc. Let’s go to Windsor today…

5.50 – Diamond Vine (14,30) 18/1

7.20 – Challow (14,c1) 4/1

7.50 – Rock Steady (14,30,C1,C5) 3/1

8.20 – Carolinae (14,30) 6/4 | Cosmic Storm (30,c1,C5) 9/2


That is all for today.



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  1. Hi Josh / Guys

    We have a qualifier for the Dalgleish / Makin combo

    4.30 Ayr Robinnielly currently 5.0 on BF

    Up and out early today good luck with all your selections

    1. Top Job once again Steve…it pulled me out..2 losers before Robinielly went in…Cheers mate…I well owe you a few pints…lol.

  2. I backed Blue Sonic on Saturday. Am getting sick of jockeys removing hood late. Its an easy way of getting one beat. The BHA just sit back and watch it happen.
    Why cant the starter shout ‘hoods off’ before pressing the button. That would stop it straight away.
    The animal always seems awkward in the stalls except when it won three times last season.

    1. Hi John, yep I suppose that is an easy way to get one beat, and you simply will never know. It will be interesting how he gets on today, if getting away on terms! Your suggestion would seem wise.

    1. Hi Steve…

      I am just ensuring everything is working albeit someone has joined already! I will email current doncations club members but I am going to suggest the following (which this ‘new’ member has done of their own bat already’)

      1. Join up now… use the links to the side in the log in box… click become a member to jump straight to it, or ‘about the members club’ if you want to read more. You can sign up there, set your own username and password.

      2. If you are already in the monthly donations club – simply cancel your current paypal monthly donation. If there are any problems then let me know- i can cancel it manually for example- and likewise refund any donations this month for example, given you may end up paying twice if you join now and don’t cancel in time.

      I hope that makes sense. It is the easiest way to do it really.


      1. I had the email and it worked. I now need to cancel monthly donations via paypal.

        Whilst I am here, two for today:

        2.45 Wolv King of Castilla and 2.15 Wolv Moonlit Snow. Both fancied to win.

  3. Waiting for your 3 mile chases to be honest, Josh, but seemed churlish to put the donation on hold, so am in for the year. You’re always an interesting read and there’s some good judges, and a good community, in here too.

    1. Hi, much appreciated – yep, well it is a model that allows people to access in a different way, and I appreciate you signing up. The sprint handicap test zone will hopefully develop so that I am not just a one trick, 3+ chasing pony! Some will wish to just join for the jumps season, monthly say. Many wont want to at all, some may just pay for the ‘Day Pass’ on odd days I paywall certain posts etc, or just donate ad hoc as and when they feel the urge. I know not everyone is bothered about the big meeting notes etc also- but your community point hits it on the head also. There is a new forum function which will hopefully develop and all in all i hope some see it as value.

      Anyway, I will do a proper launch and ‘video tour’ in next couple of days. Appreciate your support as always. I wouldn’t have begrudged you putting them on hold, but I hope that there is plenty on offer outside of just those ‘tips’,albeit they have somewhat become the bread and butter I suppose.

  4. My lucky find

    Found a fiver in the grass 10 days ago.Decided to invest in 2 horses,one won at 4/1 incrasing my fund to 12.50.following day i blanket backed some j p shanahan horses at Hamilton,one won at 11/2 increasing my fund to 16.25,I have reinvested 10 on 4 Keatley horses at ayr,just seeing how far i can go before going bust

  5. Hi Josh, I’m due to send you another cheque for 6 months early next month….How will I go on for logging in?

  6. Hi all. A bit late here as work is the curse of the betting and drinking classes
    but Challow in the 7.20 looks a real bet here Sire stats and trainer stats wise…

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