Members Report: 24/06/16 (complete)


June Flat Trainers

8:40 Chester: Favourite Treat (any) UP

3:10 Doncaster: Victoire De Lyphar  (any) WON 6/1

June Trainer

5:20 Doncaster:  Mister Mischief (18/1<) UP


7:25 Newmarket: Regal Monarch (12/1<) WON 11/8


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    1. Great minds Mozzer. I was just about to type this:

      Pivotman Newcastle 18:10 I cant understand how he is 33/1. The horse is 2/5, 4 place on Tapeta, 3/6, 5 places on all-weather; 1/2, 2 places in C4 on AW and 3/8, 4 places in C4 overall; he is already on his last winning AW mark before you take the claim into effect; its also eye catching that the TT goes back on without the blinkers whilst Nathan Evans returns to the saddle which is the same when he went close on season debut-first time in his life that he hasnt needed the run. Jockey has been one of the find of the season and has done very well with Easterby including 6/27, 14 places +18 this month. Yes betting at Newcastle AW is a bit of an unknown as is whether he will take to the straight mile but willing to take the risk at the prices.

  1. Hmm I dont know if I am talking out of my pocket so an independant view would be appriciated but looked like jockey was very easy on him.

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