Members Report: 15/06/16 (COMPLETE)

Note: May’s results post is up, now second post down when clicking ‘blog’ above. Unpleasant reading and best not to spend too much time on it!  I will try and get the Wokingham Trends up Wednesday morning. I am then back off to Suffolk (a nice 4h 50m train to Ely) for a friend’s wedding […]

May Results (complete)

The results for May don’t make for great reading but they are what they are. I won’t dwell on them for too long, but ever transparent…   MAY TIPS 2/22 = -13.9 points    MICRO SYSTEMS May Trainer: 0/7 = -7 points  Other: 6/34 = +8.5 points  Jumps Handicappers: 0/18 = -18 points    TTP […]