Members Report: 21/11/15 (complete)

Micro Systems 

November Trainers 

12.40 Hay – Emperors Choice (16/1 or under)

2.00 Ling – Perfect Bounty (14/1 or below)

Jumps Handicaps 

12.10 Hay – Beau Lake (20/1 or under)

12.40 Hay – King of the Worlds

2.15 Hunt – Denali Highway (12/1 or under) 


I had a look at the 2.25 for Daily Punt. My original fancy earlier in the week isn’t lining up for I went for Definitely Red 8/1, 1 point win. 

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  1. I need help. I’m fairly new to this systems business and I guess I’ve got carried away with things as Im now left struggling for profit.

    I follow Josh’s monthly systems very closely and there are dozens of other angles I use to make my selections. I seem to nibble here and there on various systems whilst making my daily selections, trying to whittle down the best system selections and not backing the ones I don’t fancy. And in addition I follow a few supposedly profitable tipsters.

    I guess that’s where my problem lies: backing too many horses.

    Today, for example, I got burnt by not backing Emperor’s Choice because of some precarious stats I read on the Racing Post or something – can’t remember exactly why.

    So, tell me, how do you refine your list of horses to back? Are you a strict system follower always backing blind to level stakes whatever chance you reckon it has? Is that what I should do (as the term ‘system’ implies?) and did I just commit a cardinal sin today by deviating from the system?

    Any comments appreciated as I feel I’m treading water, or perhaps even on a slippery slope

  2. Good evening Ali,practically everyone who has started punting on horses has started out like you,my first advice would be to stop paying for tips,if you are,start from scratch tomorrow,dont read too much into racing posts comments,keep things simple,(1)is trainer profitable at track in that type of race=2 points,(2)is jockey profitable at track=1 point(3)when trainer and jockey combine in that type of race are profitable=2 points, (4)trainer has had winner in last 14 days=3 points,(5)will horse act on going =2 points,all this is free on racing post website,all the best

    1. thanks gerry, appreciate the advice. those ‘points’ refer to your staking plan then, i assume?

      paying for tips is one thing I haven’t become desperate enough to do.

      but my thinking definitely gets murky with all the free stuff that lands in my inbox

      your advice should help clear my mind a bit

  3. ali I put a lot of emphasis on horses suitable conditions ie going class DISTANCE which personally I put most importance to.Wether trainer as good course record with his her horse ie chasers at uttoxter hurdlers at exter and if you have access to them speed ratings I use inform speed ratings if you check out inform site they do a free meeting everyday I think there still doing that

  4. Good morning Ali,Its just my way and what I give more importance to,some might put going as the most importance,My instant stop when looking at a race is the trainers 14 day record,now some trainers have small stables with infrequent runners so might have always be on but if his record is 0-10+ then be very cautious.The more things or points going in the horses favour the more confidence I would have,if it falls down in one or more then reduce your bet or move on.My best advice is to use small stakes to begin with,say start off with bank of 50 pounds or euro just putting 1 on each bet,this will have 2 benefits (1) the hit to your bank wont be devastating and (2) it automatically puts you in frame of mind to look for value return,after a while you can reduce your workload will concentrate on horses 4/1+ and you will bypass those 6/4-3/1 shots,

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