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As always I like to keep on top of the ‘officially advised’ results for the blog. As you know I back everything I ‘officially advise’ (indicated by a staking amount) to £20 per point and I obviously want the blog to be profitable! I started ‘advising’ on the blog last November, picking the winner of the Hennessy Gold Cup. These results do not cover the Tip of The Day Trial. 

Since then it has been up and down with a few areas to improve on. My performance at the main festivals (Cheltenham/Aintree/Royal Ascot) has been abject at best this year. Although the Cheltenham posts had many winners, and I personally came out in profit, the official bets did not. Aintree was a shocker and even though I had a more limited approach to Royal Ascot it was still a 9 point loss. Clearly I need to get better during those weeks, although it is meant to be tough given it is the best racing of the year!  

Also, despite telling myself to have at least 1 point on all big race preview bets (esp the big field races), I haven’t. I/we have backed winners Oscar Time (33/1), Wayward Prince (33/1) and Rene Mathis (25/1) in that time. However I have only had 1/2 a point on the win side of the bet. With a bit more confidence there is another 40 points sitting there. Even 1/2 point EW + 1/2 point win would be better. Something for me to think about. It is hard picking winners at those prices and in those race types so you want to get properly paid on them. 

Given how competitive a lot of the races are and the prices I am playing at there will be long losing runs but so far, 9 months in, it is going ok and the profit levels are decent enough. 


Headline Results…

Running Total:

Since beginning (Nov 2014):

126 bets / 15 wins / +62.25 points to advised stakes/odds (BOG)

Excluding Cheltenham/Aintree/Royal Ascot =

63 bets / 12 wins / +90.5 points

Post Aintree: 30 bets / 4 wins / 3 places (that have profited from) / +43.75 points

All bets detailed below…


Many Clouds – WON 9/1 + 4.5 points

Rocky Creek – UP  -1 point

Burton Port – UP -1 point

Oscar Time – 33/1 WON + 20.5 points

Alfie Spinner – 25/1 4th + 2.6 points

Hadrians Approach UP – 1 point

Bold Sir Brian UP -1 point

Kilcooley 11/2 WON +8.25 points

Hey Big Spender 14/1 UP -1 point

Kings Apollo UP – 1 point

Cape Tribulation 9/1 2nd – 2 points

Presented UP -2 points

Silviniaco Conti 3/1 WON + 6 points

Withy Mills – UP – 1point

Kudu Shine – F – 1 point

Cantlow – UP – 1 point

Hawkes Point – 1 point

One In Milan F -1 point

Mountainous PU – 1/2 point

Scotswell 8/1 WON + 8 point

Settledoutofcourt UP – 1 point

Caruuthers UP – 1 point

Hawkes Point WON 14/1 + 14 point

Petit Ecuyer UP – 1 point

Corrin Wood PU – 1 point

Green Flag PU – 1 point   

Whispering Harry 3/1 WON +3 point  

Club House (P) – 1 point

Chavoy 4/1 2nd – 1 point

Sadler’sFlaure UP 12/1 -1point

The Job Is Right UR 12/1 -1point (decent 2nd when UR last)  

Grandads Horse UP -1 point

Night In Milan 3rd  – 1 point

Umberto Dolivate 3rd – 1 point

Kingscombe (P) UP – 1 point

Rigadin De Beauchene – 1 point 

Shotgun Paddy -2 points

Portrait King -1 point

Theatre Queen -1 point

Samingarry -1 point

CHELTENHAM -4.25 points

Goonyella WON + 9 points

No Secrets -1 point

AINTREE -15 points

Allez Vic -1 point

Caid Du Berlais -0.5 points

Harry The Viking -2 points

Wayward Prince WON 33/1 +20.625 points  

Grand Jesture -1.5 points

Algernon Pazham -1 point

Vics Canvas -0.5 point

Bright New Dawn -1 point

Best Boy Barney -1.25 point

Gallery Exhibition -0.75 point

Lincoln – 2nd 40/1

Emell – 5th 22/1  +13.5 points (inc Lincoln)

KickBoxer -1 point

Balmont Mast -1 point

Astaire -2 points

Zanetto -1 point

Secretinthepark -1 point

Willbeme 2nd 14/1 +2.5 points

Fire Fighting -0.5 points

Sennockian Star -0.5 points

Desert Law WON 16/1 + 20 points

Bronze Beau – 2 points

Munfallet 9/2 WON +4.5 points

High Ron -1 point

ROYAL ASCOT -9 points (poor week)

Shore Step – 2 points

Rene Mathis 25/1 WON + 15.625 points 

Lulu The Zulu -0.5 points

Jallota -0.5 points

Supplicant -1.5 points



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3 Responses

  1. Hi Josh – Well done with Mon Brav yesterday, what a great finish and the jockey sure earned his money. Excellent results detailed above – its all about profitability over a period and you have demonstrated that. I’ve just got to make sure I never miss one of your big price winners !!

    Great Stuff

    1. Cheers Bob…I am certainly more a profit over winners punter. Pleased that outside of Festivals it is a 20% or so win SR, if I could nudge that nearer to 25% that would be nice but at odds I play at on blog 20% more than enough for decent profits over the long term. Yep those big priced winners really make difference and they are hard to come by, but they do, in time.

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