Horse Profiling

Horse Profiling

Below I have recorded an ‘over the shoulder’ video of my approach to Horse Profiling. The video demonstrates how I use to find horses that have demonstrated a clear preference for when they run their best races.

Now, its 40 minutes long, so apologies 🙂 I tried to make it shorter but just kept finding things to talk through. Make yourself a cup of your favourite hot beverage and enjoy.

0-14 mins: general intro, some worthwhile (I think) ramblings and an introduction to Lord Buffhead (add to your tracker!) This horse demonstrates the power of this approach.

15 min –to end: Some ‘live’ profiling. Unrehearsed I dive into some flat horses to see if I can unearth anything of note. It turns out there is one who has a clear liking for Good-Firm ground and another who has only ever won with a particular set of headgear applied and over a certain trip. While they are not what I would call ‘bombproof’ profiles the info is useful for when they next run on the turf.

I would advise following the video with a notebook if you can as I would like to think there is some beneficial information in there. 

During the last few minutes of the video i talk over a screen of my HRB account. Its a racecard from the 1.55 Southwell and If you look carefully there is one horse with some notes below it. He is a profile horse. I only really noticed when I watched it back so note that one down too!



As ever, your thoughts, comments and opinions are always welcome.



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  1. really enjoyed your informative video josh,a lot of hard work which will no doubt pay dividends in the coming months, keep up your good work.cheers bill

    1. Thanks Bill…yes sadly no easy way to find horse profiles, you just have to go through every horse! but it is satisfying when you find them, and even more so when you track them for 5 months before the right conditions and they go in at 16s!

  2. Hi Josh….Great video. I like the fact that you are looking beyond the ‘obvious’ (i.e ground and distance) preferences a horse may have and look at other factors such as days returning to the track, head gear, jockey…..all factors which are probably a little more under the radar and not priced into the horses odds automatically. I have a HorseRaceBase account (which I think is a fabulous resource….I really don’t know when Chris B ever sleeps-;)). Looking forward to the other videos.


    PS I like long videos…..

    1. Haha I am glad someone likes long videos! Yes you have to look beyond the obvious and I feel like field size,LH/RH/STR, time of year and especially rest pattern give that. Plus, with this approach, as you are tracking them you dont have to dig on the day of racing. come 6pm i will know if a profile horse has its conditions the next day and you can take the best prices before others may cotton on. It is amazing how little ‘TV’ pundits talk about such things as well, which helps us. Yes I am not sure when Chris sleeps. A truly superb piece of much to it and probably bits I havent even discovered yet/

    1. Cheers John. Yes it will be interesting to see how they do. Would fully expect Lord Buffhead to win at least once more next season with that rest-pattern,assuming he gets other conditions. And he is always a tasty price.

  3. Hi Josh, your video was very enjoyable to watch, you doing a fantastic job, hope more profits will be coming in the near future, keep it up.



  4. Thanks Josh for sharing this video it’s really interesting..

    Good luck you deserve it..your very generous.. ..

    1. No problem Tony. I enjoy it and enjoy sharing my approach, which has been quite successful for me. Plenty more where that has come from 🙂

  5. Very interesting josh, nice to see somebody ‘thinking outside the box’.You obviously put in the hard work and deserve the rewards. Looking forward to the flat.. tricky sprints /handicaps and fingers crossed some decent winners. Like you said.. Must be nice to back a selection when you’ve logged it’s preferred conditions /profile and feel vindicated when it wins at a decent price. Like the advert says josh ‘it matters more when there’s money on it ‘ Best of luck josh to

    1. Cheers Michael…yes I have always been more of a jumps man but there is something rather exciting about a sprint handicap. I really enjoy the puzzle and with profiles and pace analysis I am confident we will do quite well. But time will tell, it wont be for the want of trying. Before then only the small matter of Cheltenham and Aintree to savour. Yes, it is satisfying when they go in, and being able to back them with confidence.

  6. Just signed up for the free trial and used the horserace base on wednesday’s racing and it was interesting to use the resource. Is the full account the £12.50 a month one?
    I may use it for the Cheltenham Festival and see if it can help me out.

    Good work BTW.

    1. Yes minimum donation is 12.5 but that is Euros,so around £10 a month minimum. There is a lot there to explore and I would certainly give it a go over next few weeks. The stat attack and shortlist functions are good as well.

    1. Which particular idea? pace or profile or something else? Well done, 2nd at those odds is a very decent winner!

      1. The Profiling…if you look at the race in Horseracebase, for me it compared to the rest of the runners it was a stand out bet. What do you think?

        1. Ah yes sorry, didnt see the post you were commenting on when I wrote reply! Blimey, yes can see why you would pick him, in Wolvs 6f handicaps 2/3 and never out of places 3/3, 66/1! also placed after such a long break, well handicapped and 2/5 in class 6…well, wish I had spotted him now 🙂 but shows you value of approach and the gems you can find. Will add him to tracker!

  7. Just read through the earlier messages, and I agree your angle doesn’t seem to be factored into the bookies odds as much, as Dream Ally went from an opening show of 33/1 out to 66/1 on the off, I was amazed but very happy. I haven’t had time yet to select horses as you show in your video, ATM I am just going through the Horseracebase daily card looking for stand out profiles until I get time to start a database of runners, once again thank you for you ideas and video looking forward to many more

    1. Indeed,well it is all about information and how accessible it is and how easy to find. Very difficult to use racing postbto find such info at click of a button. If you are going through cards anyway you will soon build up a bank of runners,you will spot profiles for future etc and not just race you are looking at. It is good fun and good luck for finding many more winners.

      1. Josh, I think I my have a selection for tomorrow, Red Unico is this the type of profile we should be looking for?
        Thanks Trev

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