Pace Wins The Race: NO BET 22/12/14

Tomorrow’s racing is a case of the famine before the feast. It really is dire and there is nothing I could confidently select so it is best to keep the points in the bank for another day.

The one that I did look at was L’inganno Felice in the 16.40. When I went onto Oddschecker i was disappointed to see he was only 3/1 and not 6s or 7s. I think he has a decent form chance, he comes here off a win and is consistent, which is more than can be said for most of these. He is a prominent racer and may actually lead and i expect a bold show, but he will not be an official ‘tip’. At the end of the day it is a poor quality c5 handicap and they are not races I am ever that confident about.




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  1. Thoroughly enjoy your informative and interesting write ups on this blog Josh and am a committed follower of your pace wins the race & saturday race reviews – would like to wish you and your family and everyone else on here a very merry xmas & a very prosperous (beat the bookies) boxing day!

    1. Thanks Dave, much appreciated. Glad you are following all the selections so far, as even modest stakes on every one should have put you nicely in front!

      Yes I cant wait for the post xmas racing, plenty to get stuck into and hopefully we can find a few nice priced winners.

      Merry Xmas to you and your family as well

  2. Hi Josh

    I am writing to you with a request,I have been following your pace angle since inception but have lost my spread sheet with all the data on it.

    Would it be possible for you to send me all of the horses (winners & losers) so that I can start a new spread sheet.

    Mnay thanks & keep up the good work



    1. Hi Dave, have just sent you an email with the results attached.

      I will add them to a future post next month for others that would like them however I am having trouble adding media to the site at the moment but will post up when that gets sorted.

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