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Before The First Race On Day 1 - Not Long Now...

2017 was a fantastic Festival week...
+62 points, or +£620 to £10 bets.

2018 was even better...
+92 points, or +£920 to £10 bets. 

2019 wasn't so good!  -13 points on official tips
(+36 points in 'through the card' picks in non target races) 

                       2020... Can I add to the three years of profits?                  (+£1410 to £10 bets) 

Why not join today and find out? It's even risk free, with a full 60 day refund period if you don't enjoy your experience. 

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And they're off... I can almost hear the roar as the tapes go up for the Supreme Novices' Hurdle... very exciting...

My Aim At This Year's Festival Is  A Simple One

To help you have an entertaining,enjoyable and profitable Cheltenham Festival 2020.

(I can never guarantee profit,and certainly not at the Festival! But it won't be for the want of trying)

And, How Do I Plan To Do That? 

...Through my exclusive daily festival blog posts which will provide a mix of tips, stats/trends, shortlists and micro system selections. The research is under way and you get full access from the moment you sign up...

STOP PRESS! How Did 2017 Go?

32 bets / 5 wins / 14 places (inc wins) / +62 points

Winners included Tiger Roll (16/1), Tully East (12/1), Presenting Percy (11/1), Champagne Classic (25/1)...and Chase The Spud (22/1...Midlands National bonus race)

STOP PRESS! How Did 2018 Go?

34 bets / 6 wins / 13 places (icn wins) / +92 points 

Winners included  Mr Whitaker (9/1),  Bleu Berry (28/1) , Missed Approach (12/1) / Blow By Blow (12/1)/Kilbrichen Storm (50/1) , Regal Flow (25/1...Midland's National bonus race) 


And 2020?... well this wasn't so good with the official tips losing 13 points in my target races (13 or so, including all the handicaps) My 'through the card' selections made +36 points which wasn't too bad. I'll be working hard to make sure my main tips repeat 2017 and 2018! 

In truth, winning +141 points (+£1410 to £10 bets) over the last three years, with a 25 point starting bank, at an ROI of 180% or so, has been a bit silly. When I add in last year's +36 points for the 'through the card' (a bit for fun, for lesser stakes/interest) I can't complain too much. I'll be working hard to build on 2017/18/19 and whatever happens, the journey will be fun! 

Whether you want to follow my tips or use my well researched stats/trends to pick your own winners, there is something for everyone. You may even do both - following my tips, and throwing a few of your own darts. 

And it's a great little community, one of the best on the racing web. There's always great chat and many share their own tips, and some of my members are very very good. 

Join us for Festival Week (full access from now) HERE>>>

I also want to save you time.

If you're busy during Festival week and unable to take the time off work, I will do all the heavy lifting, helping you jump straight to potential horses of interest.

You may be interested in the micro systems, or jump straight to my trends shortlists.  This approach works. Or has done at the previous five Festivals.

You can just follow my tips, which will be posted by 10.30 am on the morning of racing, at the very latest. Plenty of time to get on, including your lunch break if you're working.

I have certain 'target races' during Festival week including all 10 handicaps, other races over 3m+, + the Midland's National at Uttoxeter to end the week. I normall play in 13-15 races over the week, and I like nothing more than a Festival Handicap winner, or indeed a 50/1 winner (x2!) of the Albert Bartlett :) Or a 9/1, 20/1 or 25/1 winner of the Midland's National! 

Sound good?


Or find out even more below... 

Tell Me MoreJosh...

1. What Do I Get As Part Of This Package?

This year I'm giving you the opportunity to access all my blog content from the moment you sign up, of course covering Festival Week 2020. 
There will be no free blog content for all of Festival week and you have full access to my members' club from when you sign up. 
For a one off fee of £9.99 (+vat) you get full access, including a 60 day refund period. Your subscription will end after 21 days from sign up, with no further charges. 
Together, the aim is to have an enjoyable and profitble Cheltenham Festival Week. 
There will be no free blog  content during this week and the only way to access the daily posts will be through this offer. I spend around 8-14 hours on each day's racing. And the guides have taken 20+ hours to pull together also. (you get full access to the stats research) 
It is worth what I am charging and probably a lot more. I think you will like what I am proposing…
If, come the end of the week, you are unhappy with your experience, you can get a full refund, no questions asked. Sign up is through the trusted and respected ClickBank and it's easy to process your refund , if come the end of the week you were unimpressed with my efforts. No one requested a refund last year :) (actually, one person did... +92 points clearly wasn't enough for them!) 
I think this is a great offer and gives you a risk free way to see if I can enhance your experience of The Cheltenham Festival 2020.
(Health/Wealth Warning: I may not,  I may have a shocker of a week. The trends/stats may not work. The micro systems may fail. My Tipping may be atrocious. That is possible. I won't hide from that. But that's why I'm giving you the option of a 60 day,no questions asked, money back guarantee,via ClickBank ... and it's only £9.99! ) 
But, based on the last three years at least, we should have some fun. And the blog content should highlight plenty of tasty winners. 
So, what do you get?
Well you know I like my stats, and there is a good reason for that. The Festival is a place where habits are formed and they are repeated- whether it be the same ‘profile’ of horse winning  the same big races year after year, or the same trainers targeting the same races or doing well with the same types of horse year after year.
Big race ‘winning profiles’, as I call them, and trainer angles, form the core of how I attack the Cheltenham Festival. This is your chance to access these brilliant stats.
For each day of the Festival there will be a special Festival Post.
 This will be completed by no later than 11 am on the morning of racing and will include the following:-
  • A ‘Winning Profile’ Shortlist for all 10 handicaps. Using my unique stats pack (which you will also get for free) I will use my ‘winning profiles’ to sift through all the runners in any given handicap to produce a shortlist of possibly contenders. I will use other stats if necessary to give us a manageable number of horses in which to study in depth.
  • Tips – using this information above as a starting point and any other micro angles, I will use the other tools available to me to tip what I fancy. There will likely be a 30-40 point bank for the Festival and we will go from there. Of course you are free to use the information/other stats as you please, and to ignore my tips and pick out your own! I focus on the 10 handicaps + a handful of other bonus races. I usually tip in 13-15 races during Festival week, including the Midlands Grand National. 
  • Micro Angle Qualifiers- I have researched micro angles and will detail qualifiers and runners of interest each day. I would advise using these as starting points but hopefully they come out in profit by the end of the week. 
  • Bonus Races... there will also be thoughts on the odd other race, likely to include the National Hunt Chase, RSA and Albert Bartlett (which I seem to have a good record in, 3/4 last four Festivals, 50/1, 9/1, 50/1 winners!) And I will throw in any other thoughts on other Championship races. 
That will be the core for each day . For each race there will be a brief write up of why I have tipped what I have, and it will be clear what horses are of most interest based on the historical stats. Plus any other thoughts of interest on other races.
The Community… I expect there will be plenty of comments flying around also. There were some crackers last year so it is also an opportunity to go on an exciting shared journey, that is hopefully profitable! (never guaranteed though) And of course to bask in the glory of tipping up your own winners to everyone else, if you wish! 
I am offering you quality information, to use as you please, and my own opinion, to ignore as you see fit! And as I said I will save you time by doing all of the heavy lifting. 
I will aim to post micro system qualifiers and any tipping race stats/trends 'shortlists' the evening before the next day. With 48 hour decs this may be even sooner, giving you plenty of time to get stuck in. My own 'tips' and write ups are likely to follow on the morning of racing
The last two years have been really good fun, and very profitable. 
The official ‘tips’ have won followers +141 points  (+£1410 to £10 bets) 
So, plenty to get stuck into.
This experience is for those of you who may want to follow the odd tip...
...But also for those who wish to use some quality information in order to pick out your own bets/horses of interest.
And to save yourselves plenty of time.
And to give you something entertaining to read each and every day, both my efforts and the members' comments.  
And for those of you who want to have some fun during a week on the blog that has a great community feel,and is probably what I am most proud of. 
Racing can be a lonely place at times, but you won't be alone at Cheltenham. 
There is no better feeling than backing your own winner,or using well researched information to help in your own analysis.  Many readers used my stats/trends , and their own judgement, in order to find their own winners. Perfect. 
Or you can just follow me in/follow some of the micro angles. 
My job is to ensure that you have a fun, entertaining and profitable week.
And to do a load of work so that you don't have to. 
The handicaps will be the focus but I will discuss other races also. (National Hunt Chase/Albert Bartlett/possibly the RSA and the Gold Cup + any other stats based thoughts on other races) 
So, how much will all of this cost you?
A one off fee of £39.... ONLY JOKING.....
How about  just £9.99 (+vat)  (inc a 60 day money back guarantee) 
You can access all of that for a one-off fee of just £9.99. No catches.
All of that for just £9.99 - making my Festival content accessible to all, even if you just play with £2 bets
Full access to all Members Posts including the special daily Festival Posts and all of the research guides. And the same content Members have access to on a day to day basis. 
Full access to my Members' Club from the moment you sign up.  Bargain. 
As I said, if come the following Monday you thought it was a waste of money or you were disappointed, just get your money back via ClickBank. No hard feelings. 
I won’t promise that I am going to make a profit. It is a tough week. I will be doing my best to do just that, and the last three years have gone well. My approach tends to highlight winners - somewhere- whether it is my tips, the micro angles, or the trends shortlists. 
So come on, join us all on this journey right now, and find out for yourself...
You have nothing to lose, so may as well give it a go! 
PLEASE NOTE: ALL content will be delivered via the blog. The links on this page take you to the sign up page whereby you can set up a username and password, and complete the process via ClickBank. You can then access Members Content, via the blog, with the log in box to the right hand side of the homepage, from desktop. The process should log you in automatically. You will also receive a link in a welcome email from me. But worst case, just head back to the blog. 
All Festival Content will be complete by 11am on the day of racing at the very latest, with a lot of content posted the evening before. 
Any problems then please do post a comment on the blog, or email me ...
Thanks for your time, as always its appreciated,
Just a few of the comments from  recent festivals...
Michael M - Josh, is your tipping something from a Carlsberg Advert ? Absolutely stunning…. lot’s of thanks.
Gallou -  Call off the posse, put down those clubs & pitchforks, there won’t be hell to pay.
He’s only just gone and bloody well picked the winner of the Midlands National too. Now would be a good time to retire.  
Neil - Haha Josh you magnificent bastard you!
Kevin - What a great week Josh, I’m not a big better but your tips have made the festival more enjoyable than ever. Great work
Tony mc - Ah Eh! Josh…you're over working my liver…I’ve just had to send the dog for another bottle of Jimmie’s…. Keep the faith auld son like we do….terrific stuff…Take a bow 
Sandip - Amazing work Josh – never seen results like this – your hard work has truly paid off. Great stuff
Nick M - Can it be festival week every week Josh?
Why not join them all for 2020 at the link below... it's sure to be great fun, and hopefully profitable!! :)  And remember, it's only £9.99... can I find another 50/1 winner? >>>