How To Win Thousands
Betting On Horses Without Being A Pro Punter, Without 'Inside Information' and Without Hours of Study

Do you want to be in 1-3% of punters who win long term?
Today i'm going to show you how to be part of this exclusive club 

My name’s Josh and in 2008, during my first year at University, I lost £2650 betting on horses, following a ‘tipster’ I’d found on the internet. I dived in betting £20 per point and in reality, it was money I couldn't afford to lose. 
That IS NOT the way to bet!

I was new to racing, having visited Aintree in October 2007 for the first time. Monet's Garden beat a young Kauto Star that day. 

Back then I didn't really care much for the sport, the horses, or the 'puzzle'.

I was greedy, naive and impatient. I just wanted to win money and had the impression it would be easy. 

Come the end of 2008, while staring at a massive hole in two overdrafts, I thought winning thousands on horses was impossible.

I found myself in the 97-99% of racing punters who lose money. I didn't like that feeling. 

I'd hastily concluded you had to be a pro-punter, 'in the know' and/or had to spend every waking hour studying 'form'. 

I was new to racing and didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know who to trust.
I thought winning on the horses would be easy, it would be fun.
Let me tell you - losing £2650 isn’t fun.
I’d like to think I’m not the only one that’s had such an experience. Maybe you have too?

Luckily this happened at the very beginning of my racing journey. I was greedy, and lazy. I just wanted to win money, quickly, without doing much work. I was betting too much.
Who knew you should always start betting small and build up over time?!

I didn't know about losing runs and I certainly didn't have a clue as to why some horses won and what 'value' was. 

I soon realised that to be a successful punter and get the best out of this sport, I had to change. 

From these depths I had a new mission -To become a knowledgeable punter who could win thousands long term. 

I found a handful of racing blogs/services, run by good people, who I now know personally. The likes of Matt Bisogno, Gavin Priestly, Ben Aitken, Kieran Ward, The ‘Cleeve Boys’, Graham Laurie and a few others. They all helped me along the way.

I bought a few books – Nick Mordin’s ‘Betting For A Living’ being the first – and began to educate myself about the game.

It’s been a journey and I’ve learnt plenty along the way. I’m still learning now. 

But I’m now knowledgeable enough to make this game both bloody good fun, and profitable.  

I now have an affection for the animals, and I enjoy trying to solve the puzzle.
I bet what I can afford to lose, I can handle losing runs (they are inevitable) and I’ve never been happier.

When you're right it's a great buzz, especially in big Saturday races and Festival handicaps. 
So, how can I help you win on the horses?

Well, I want to share my knowledge, my approach and my love for this sport with you.

I want to help you fully experience the thrill of racing, of cheering home winners and to experience the satisfaction of being a long-term winner - of being in that elite group. 

I want you to win thousands betting on horse racing. Doing so isn't easy, but it is possible. 
I don’t want you to be one of the 97-99% of punters who lose long term. I want you to be a winner.

It’s one of the greatest sports on earth, with unrivalled rushes of adrenaline. Unrivalled highs, to match the lows. And that's what keeps us going. 
I want you to be in this exclusive winners’ club, giving yourself the best chance to win thousands long term. 
I want you to count your winnings and treat yourself and your loved ones to some added extras – a new car, a sunny holiday, a nice meal out or even a share in a racehorse. (my personal preference- I’ll tell you about Really Super another day)
I want you to be entertained by the thrill of horse racing – the last fence drama, the mud-splattered silks, the front runner you’ve backed jumping like a stag and powering away to victory. The fun of tracking your favourite jockeys, trainers and horses.
I want you to experience the unrivalled thrill of solving the puzzle - cheering home that winner you’ve told all your friends to back – or the winner it seems only you’ve backed. It doesn’t get much better, does it?
It is possible to win thousands long term betting on the horses. Even to small stakes.
Even if you only have a few minutes a day to spare, with no time for in-depth form study. 

You don't need to be a professional with 'inside knowledge' to win long term. (most 'inside information' is complete nonsense) 
I want to show you how to be successful. I want you to be a long-term winner.  
BUT... I’m not going to promise you that winning on horses is easy. It isn’t. That’s the reality.

At times this sport tests your resolve, your patience, discipline and your sanity – or is that just me? :) 
And winning thousands won’t happen overnight. Sorry.
There are no quick fixes in this game, unless you land on a speculative Lucky15 – which I suspect some of you may have done! 
If you think it’s easy, you’re impatient, greedy and you're not prepared for losing runs, I suggest you stop reading now.
If you don’t actually enjoy the sport, betting on horses isn’t for you.

That was my attitude when I started, and I lost a lot of money for me.
If you’re still reading, great.

That tells me you're up for the challenge and want to be a successful punter. There’s no reason you can’t win long term and my job is to help you do just that.
I’m now a successful ‘recreational’ punter – I bet £20s-40s,  win my fair share over time, back many winners (plenty of losers) and have lots of fun.

If I can win £2000>£6000 a year betting, I’m happy.  I bet at a level I’m comfortable with and where I don't think about how much I’m betting. 
I'm confident in my long-term ability to win. 

I’ve been developing and sharing my knowledge on my Racing to Profit blog since late 2013. In time I’ve developed a 'specialism' for handicap chases, especially staying chases. 

I've built a great community of loyal fans who enjoy sharing in each other's success. 

Today I want you to join us, to take my exclusive trial and see if I can help. 

I want to help you win thousands on the horses and to enjoy the journey.
I want you to become a valued member of my Racing to Profit Members’ Club.

The best news is that there's a trial period to see if I can help you be more successful and even more profitable. 
You see, my Members’ Club is a unique, (there's nothing like it around), exciting and fun way to enjoy horse racing, that will give you every chance of winning long term. 

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Exclusive Access to My Daily Members' Post

You get full access to my unique members' content and forum, delivered via my blog,  detailed below >>> 


I specialise in staying handicap chases and the major Jumps Festivals (Cheltenham/Aintree/Punchestown/Galway).

You get full access to my main chase tips, which focus on staying chases and my Festival Tips. These include write ups/my reasoning.

These tips have won followers +460 points in recent years (+£11,500 to £25 bets), averaging around +77 points per year. 

Unique Pointers To Help You Find More Winners >>>

You're free to just follow my Tips but many of my members' get a thrill from finding their own winners and I provide lots of stats content (trainer/jockeys) and other research to help them do just that - and indeed to help with my own tipping efforts. 

You get full access to my 'Trainer Track Profiles' reports which include trainer stats for every racetrack in the country. Each day I list the 'qualifiers' from these stats, as well as other information, which you can use as a 'way in'. 

There are  also profitable 'strategies/systems' that you can follow and  plenty of 'test zone' angles, eye-catchers and much more, to use or ignore as you please! :) 

Micro Monday / Tracker Tuesday / Trends Thursday

You get exclusive access to my three 'research' posts per week >>>

Micro Monday - where I look at some trainer / jockey / Pace angles -  I track some of the micro angles in the 'test zone' section of your Daily Members' Posts - but it's quality information you can use.

Tracker Tuesday - Here I note any chase 'eye-catchers' from the previous week, and notify you when they're running.

Trends Thursday - Every week you have access to my trends/stats pointers for one or two big Saturday handicaps. I try and focus on C2/G3s with at least 16 runners. I also focus on the four big Jumps Festivals and produce separate stats reports for these. 

Engaged Community - Enjoy Racing With Others 

I'm most proud of the atmosphere created within my Members' Club, of which you will become a part. There's a handful of members who post their own views and selections, as well as numerous racing discussions. The community is there to help, especially if you have racing/betting questions. 

There's something to be said for enjoying this sport with others, even online. Celebrating together is always much more enjoyable. One day i'll create a 'Racing Club' with shares in horses, and I plan to organise Members meet-ups at the races. 

'Through The Card' Selections - I try to be as responsive as I can and time allowing, and with some warning, i'm happy to provide 'through the card' selections if you're off to the races. 

Educational Insights / Videos/ Reports

I try to improve my racing knowlegde every day - it's  a tough game and I think there's always something I can improve.  

I hope my write-ups for my tips are informative but I also record 'over the shoulder' videos and produce content that both helps me improve and may help you - all with the long term aim of becoming a better punter, finding more winners, and winning more money :) 


The Best Customer Support 

I pride myself on my honesty and how I treat you. I'm easily contactable via email and I always endeavour to get back to you ASAP. 

No question is ever too silly. You can also post comments on the blog and direct questions to me always gets a response. 

I've always offered a no questions asked money back guarantee for accidental payments - i've joined services and forgotten to cancel before a payment comes out - it's only fair that if this happens you get your money back - just email me and i'll sort it out :) 

I can't guarantee winners and I can't guarantee profit - but the one thing I have 100% control over is the effort I put in and my customer service - which I think is the best around. 

What do my members' say? 

 Anon- A more friendly group I have yet to encounter within all my years of betting! If you want a quick fix forget it, long term profits are Key!

Richard W - My most used site every day   

Gerry - Racing to profit stands out from all other sites in its transperancy and where everyone can post their thoughts,opinions,tips and its that aspect that makes it unique

LC - A truly genuine racing site offering tips but a whole lot more. A community of knowledgeable and friendly horse racing enthusiasts all held together with Josh's own knowledge, systems and a whole lot more. I look forward to logging onto the site everyday. 

William Fieseler - This is the most open and honest horse racing site i have ever found. 

Anon- Josh's reading of a staying chase is absolutely second to none in my opinion and there is also no one better at big meetings (Chelt, Aintree etc). Added to that the educational side of the site with the reports as well as commenters including Nick who's tipping is first class, it's an absolute bargain all things considered

"This is your chance to try my unique members' club - you've nothing to lose. So, take action now by taking my £1 trial below"

My members, the likes of Richard, Gerry, LC and William have been with me for some time. I'd like to think that's a good sign! 

My Club is a bit different, which is why I like to offer a trial. It isn't for everyone but you'll never know if you don't try. 

It's a great community of racing fans who help make this sport more enjoyable, and profitable. 

You'll become a member of the community with access to my tips, reasoning, various stats research, angles, trends, eye-catchers, videos and much more! 

I look forward to seeing you on the inside soon! :) 



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Money Back Guarantee For Accidental Payments

My payment systems are automated and you will be automatically charged after your £1 trial period unless cancelled - i'm conscious that sometimes you may wish to leave but forget to cancel in time- I am always happy to refund accidental payments - just email me ( and i'll be happy to refund. Hopefully you enjoy my club like many others and stay for long time. Josh