Winning money betting on horse racing isn't easy. Anyone who says otherwise, is lying. There is no golden egg.

BUT...winning money is possible ; even if you bet small, don't have 'inside information', or don't have much time.

YOU can be a winner. Please let me show you how...

Meet Josh.

Hi there, thanks for stopping by this page, it really does mean a lot and I promise it will be worth your time, which I know is precious and I won't take for granted. Let me jump to straight to it...

My job, my promise to you, is to work as hard as I can to help make you a successful racing punter (or even more successful), to help you win more money long term and to enjoy horse racing like never before, with a group of like minded racing fans all on the same journey.

The purpose of this page is to explain to you how I plan to do that, and how you can put me, my unique content and my promise to the test, risk free, for 30 days.

You don't need loads of time, you don't need any 'racing or betting skills' and you don't need to be a big bettor - many of my readers often bet just £2-£5.

YOU DO NEED to be a horse racing fan, that's all.

If you're excited at the prospect of winning more and enjoying your racing like never before, please keep reading...

My name is Josh, and you can see/hear me in the quick video welcome above. Thanks for stopping by.

My honesty and integrity is at the core of what I do, but that's for me to prove. All I ask is you flick through below and make an informed choice about whether you wish to join in the fun...

I was born and bred in Mildenhall, just up the road from Newmarket. In 2007 I went to study at The University of Liverpool. I stayed in that great city until March 2020, when moving back down to Suffolk.

It was trips to Aintree that got me hooked on racing. As you may have guessed, I'm a massive horse racing fan. I own the blog '' and in August 2021 co-founded the Racing To Profit Syndicates, which now have x4 horses with Amy Murphy.

In 2008, aged 19, I lost £2650 betting on horses, following a 'tipster'. Superb.

I blew a 100 point bank, betting £20s (more than I should have been) and the service cost an eye-popping £650. I thought that was value! I can hear Captain Mainwaring now... you stupid boy!

That chastening experience taught me plenty; mainly that you should be prepared to lose your betting bank, bet what you're comfortable losing and that you should start small and build up over time.

Winning money backing horses was clearly not as easy as I thought it would be. Who knew?! Knowing who to trust was also important.

I'm sure some of you may have had similar experiences. It wasn't much fun, but you live, learn and move on all the stronger.

This experience also demonstrated that I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know why one horse was winning and the others were not. And I had no idea on odds or 'value'. I personally didn't like 'not knowing' and I thought I should put my brain to some use.

Since then, I've been on 'a journey'. I'm still on one now, as we all are, but I'd now class myself as a 'winner' and an 'expert', certainly in my specialist race type (jumps races, 3m or further)

Since 2008 I've spent time educating myself, reading about the sport via books (Nick Mordin's Betting For A Living the first purchased, still relevant) and other websites/blogs (Nag-nag-nag, Geegeez to name but two).

I've been blogging, trialling, testing, winning, losing, researching and much more besides. I've been racing plenty and owned shares in racehorses (including 2020s Summer Plate winner), showing me a different side of the game.

My journey, my experience and my passion for the sport led me to creating the Racing To Profit Members Club. While it's a few years old now, there's always plenty to learn but I think my content's in the best shape it's ever been.

The whole purpose of my club, your club, is to help you enjoy horse racing like never before, to be in control. To help save you time, improve your skills if you wish, and of course to help you win more money in the long term, to spend on the people close to you and on activities you enjoy. (maybe buying a share in a racehorse one day! :))

Horse racing is entertaining. Cheering home winners is so much fun, whether at home or at the races with family or friends. I work hard to add to your enjoyment of this great sport & your profitability.

Below I explain further how I do this and how my members' club could help transform your racing experience. It's a great community of racing fans who all enjoy winning together.

This is your invite to join us, to give my club a test drive for a full 30 days, to take control and see if it's for you.

I've even thrown in a 100%, no questions asked, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, covering your first subscription payment. Which in effect makes it a 60 day trial! :)

My Members Club could be what you've been looking for. Your forever racing home. Winning and having fun together.

Scroll down to read about my racing content and how it could help you... including a behind the scenes video of everything you get access to...

What's in my Members Club, and how could it help you?

The majority of my content is delivered via my website, in the form of a 'Members Daily Post'. You access this via the website with a username and password. These posts go up the afternoon before the next day's racing and are completed on the morning by 9am. But, what's inside these posts?


Expert Daily Jumps Tips

At 9am on the day of racing I post my tips in my specialist race type - jumps races over 2m7f or further, mainly chases. This is where I now focus and since the start of last October my tips in those races are +90 points in profit to widely available advised prices. (+£450 to just £5 bets) All bets are 1 point win to available prices . They've also done well to Betfair Starting Price.

Each tip comes with a full race preview, including why I like the selection, who I fear, the other runners and the pace set up. You can just back my tip at 9am and/or read the preview, and apply your own thinking.


Unique Trainer Research & Daily Stats Qualifiers

You get full access to my new and improved 'Trainer Track Profiles' reports. These include trainer based micro systems for each track. I post qualifiers the day before, to use in your own punting if you wish. There are additional micro angles within this report to help you find more winners also. These are a great way to quickly find a shortlist of horses in which to analyse further.

In addition there are a few 'monthly trainer angles', posting qualifiers from my research into trainers who do well at certain times of year.


Daily Pointers, Notes, 'Through the Cards'

The main daily focus is on my 'tips', as per 01 above. However, in addition to my tipping previews, I try and provide content for you to read most days. This can include daily stats snippets I found interesting, relating to trainers or jockeys, horses of interest & other notes.

If you're off racing, time allowing, I'm also happy to provide 'through the card' notes and selections, giving you some pointers to enhance your day out. (hopefully!) I share these with all members on the blog, and they've done well over the summer months.


Additional Posts

You'll also get access to big race trends from myself for one or two Saturday handicaps, to compliment some new content, which is explained below.

There will also be my 'TV Trainers' - this focuses on Saturday's ITV races, where I flag horses who represent trainers who've previously won said race. Trainers are creatures of habit and this can be a rich source of winners.

They'll also be trainer stats research posts and 'hot form' eye catchers & notebook horses.

All the tips, research and information you need to be a successful punter, all in one place. And I'm here to help on that journey towards long term profit.


The Racing To Profit Community

Under each post there's a comments section for you to write what you please - good and bad, there are no rules provided it's polite :) I'm blessed that over the years i've built up an engaged group of racing fans, many who share their own thoughts on the day's racing. I know nearly all of my members flick through these daily comments, either reading for entertainment purposes, or helping in their own punting. There are some very shrewd judges who post, and you may well become one of them :)

Racing is so much more enjoyable when shared with others, even online. It is a real community, a family of racing fans almost. It's light hearted and adds to the fun. And we are always learning, together.


06 Gavin Priestley's Big Race Trends & Analysis

Delivered via my blog, and as part of your subscription, you'll get full access to Gavin's Festival Trends offering, through the winter and summer. ( This alone is worth at least £90.

There will be full trends coverage and/or previews for numerous big races through the seasons. You'll also get access to Gavin's own thoughts, to use how you please.


You can find example trends from Aintree 2018 HERE >>>

07 Adam Norman's 'Notes from the North' (main jumps season only)

Track-side pro punter, Adam Norman, who's based in the North, will be proving his unique paddock side notes, exclusively for you.

These notes are an invaluable source of information, including who looked fit and who looked fat pre race, who may have lost their race before it began due to sweating up or being agitated. Etc. Information you can't find in the formbook.

Also an invaluable look ahead to the future, what sort of horse could 'x' become - are they a chaser in the making, a speedy hurdler, when should we look out for horse 'y' and in what conditions. And so on.

We get access to these pre race paddock notes and also Adam's own post race thoughts from his visits to the races- what he spotted, who he noted down for the future, and what we may have missed on the TV.

You won't find anything like this elsewhere.


"This is the most open and honest horse racing site I have ever found "

- W Fieseler

"A truly genuine racing site offering tips but a whole lot more. A community of knowledgeable and friendly horse racing enthusiasts all held together with Josh's own knowledge, systems and a whole lot more. I look forward to logging onto the site every day "

- LC

"It is a great read with invaluable content to help make profits from horse racing "

- A Gilmore

Ok Josh, I'm Convinced. How Much?

Ah, the all important question!

TRIAL PERIOD.... firstly, you can get full access for 30 days, for just £1.99.

You can't even get a decent coffee for that these days :)

By investing just £1.99 in yourself, you're more likely to engage with my content and you will know if my club is for you come the end of 30 days. You've nothing to lose and potentially an awful lot to gain.

IMPORTANT : There are three payment options explained below. Each one has a £1.99 trial period and the longer you commit for, the cheaper it is. Of course, your initial commitment is just 30 days.


I also now offer a 'no questions asked ' 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, after your first subscription payment. So, you can trial for 30 days, stay, and pay your first subscription. If at any point after that, up to 30 days from your payment, you're unhappy and want a full refund, just email me and let me know. No bother.

With any luck you'll want to stay for a long time, but ultimately you are only risking £1.99. And in truth, if you emailed me demanding I refund your £1.99, I would! :) Even if you forget to cancel and are charged your first payment, you've got the assurance of the 100%, 30 day, money back guarantee above.

Don't forget, you get access to top quality insight and information, including...

  • Expert Jumps Tips & Analysis
  • Unique Trainer Research & Daily Stats Qualifiers
  • Daily Pointers, Notes and 'Through The Cards' (on request)
  • The unique RTP Community, of which you'll become a member
  • Additional posts - big race TV trends, TV trainer pointers, stats research, 'hot form' horses to follow
  • BONUS content #1. Gavin Priestley's Festival Trends
  • BONUS content #2. Adam Norman's 'notes from the north' (winter only)

>>> I promise to work hard to make your experience the best it can be. Let me help you save time & take control of your punting future. I'll do my best to help you win more money, to develop the race reading skills required to be successful and to have the most fun possible along the way. >>>

>>> Don't miss out. It's now or never. I look forward to seeing you on the inside soon >>>

Annual Subs

£1.99, 30 day trial and then annual subscription. You can cancel anytime.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee after your first subscription payment (post trial)

(in effect a 60 day trial!)

All this, for just... 63p per day...

30 day trial, £229.99/year

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Monthly Subs

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee after your first subscription payment (post trial)

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