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Hello, Josh here, founder and owner of Racing to Profit, 
I want to help you find more winners, have more fun and make more money. Simple!
In short... I try to create and share content that will help you enjoy horse racing like never before. You can follow my 'tips' and/or use various musings (stats, trends, videos etc) to help you find your own winners, as well as engage in the forum, or read the daily thoughts of fellow members. All content is delivered via my blog and my daily posts, which first go up the afternoon before the next day’s racing, with tips following on the morning of racing around 9am. There's always something to read as we continue our quest to find more winners and have some fun along the way. 
Below you can find out more from me and how you can sign up risk free, with my 21 Day Free Trial... if you're as excited as I am, do read on...
If you’re new to these parts, welcome. Whether you decide to try my Members Club today or just end up reading the various free posts, I hope you enjoy your time here. 
My purpose today is to convince you to dip your toe into my unique Members Club,  to take positive action today and to see if my loyal band of readers and I can add to your experience of this great game. (the greatest?!) 
I think we will, but this is your chance to find out, and you’ve nothing to lose. If you’re a racing enthusiast my blog is the perfect home for you.
Racing is much more fun when enjoyed with others, even online. Although I can't wait to get back to the racecourse.  
When I first started out I thought winning would be easy. My first ever visit to a racecourse was in October 2007 to Aintree's Old Roan meeting. I remember watching Monet's Garden beat a young Kauto Star. From then on I went on a 'punting journey'. This involved finding a 'tipster' service, diving in with bigger stakes than I should have and blowing a 100 point bank (£2k, urgh), before stopping. That first year at university was a lesson in 'what not to do' when betting on horses. I think the interest free overdrafts went to my head. ('stupid boy'... yes, I know)  
I was naive but from then on I decided to 'upskill' and to properly immerse myself in the sport - I found a few racing blogs I still read to this day, stumbled across some good people in the online racing world who are now friends and trusted colleagues, and bought a few books. (Nick Mordin's 'Betting for a Living' the first) I learnt to love the animal, the story and to enjoy the process of solving the puzzle. I've learnt plenty in the last 13 years and will never stop. You can't stand still in this game. (and it continues to be bloody frustrating at times, but still we keep coming back)  
Winning long term when betting on horses is tough, even for the small stakes hobbyist. I think it’s this challenge that makes horse racing so engrossing. While long term profit is attainable, I do think it’s important we all enjoy the journey. The ups and the downs.  If you commit to this sport for the long haul you give yourself the best chance of both enjoying racing, creating new memories, and making money. (even to small stakes)  
The sad fact is that most racing fans are not cut out to make long term profit, which is fine. (losings runs are normal!) The fact you're here reading this tells me you 'get it'. You know what's needed to win long term, and you enjoy the game. 
As racing fans we’re lucky – we always have something to look forward to. There's usually racing on tomorrow, and a few big weekend races or Festivals.  Responsible gambling on horse racing is one of, if not THE, greatest past times.
Whether it’s another puzzle to attack, a winner to cheer home or simply the enjoyment of watching racing day to day, we get to experience so much. You may have a favourite horse or enjoy tipping the odd winner to your friends. (are you the 'horse racing' guy or girl?!) I suspect you remember your first trip to the races, or your first winning bet? 
Ultimately, we all want to cheer winners. We want to be proved right. (well, I do, that's my buzz) And we all want to win a little bit of cash, to spend on the things we enjoy – a decent bottle of Malbec, a trip to our favourite restaurant, a holiday or even a new car. Treating the grandkids maybe. Or even a share in a horse! 
This is a game for the committed, but also for the dreamers.  If you're a racing enthusiast i'm confident you'll enjoy what I have on offer for you today. If I do my job properly I will enhance your experience of horse racing, creating new punting memories, all enjoyed with the best racing community on the web. 
I mean, what more could you ask for? :) (yes, bar guaranteed profit - but sadly that's not possible or responsible in this game. That's the aim, but we will definitely have fun along the way and learn plenty) 
As long term member Michael H remarked a couple weeks ago...
"At least the tips we receive on here have a write up and a reasoning to why they’re selected and not just a list of horses which some ‘tipsters’ put up.. personally I think this page is great value for the money.. the information, stats, blogs are worth it alone.. any profitable tips on top is a bonus in my eyes. There’s a lot of people with plenty of horse knowledge on here who write in the comments".
If that sounds exciting, find out more about what's inside my Members' Club below, or if you're already excited, click the big yellow box and come and join us right now...
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What does a Racing To Profit Membership get you?

In short... I try to create and share content that will help you enjoy horse racing like never before. You can follow the 'tips' and/or use various musings (stats, trends, videos etc) to help you find your own winners, as well as engage in the forum, or read the daily thoughts of fellow members. All content is delivered via my blog and my daily posts, which first go up the afternoon before the next day’s racing, with tips following on the morning of racing around 9am. There's always something to read as we continue our quest to find more winners and have some fun along the way. 
I now specialise on jumps races over 2m7f and further, mainly handicap chases, class 4 and higher. I post any tips at around 9am on the day with a full write up on the selection and who I may deem as the main dangers. 
I spent part of the winter season just gone trying to expand into other big races/handicaps, but in truth rather failed at that endeavour. It's clear where my strengths lie and I’ve renewed my focus on the staying jumps races, which are on around +84 points profit from mid October 2020 through to mid May 2021.
I’ll be working hard to build on these profits moving forwards and if I can win you £300-500+ a year (or more) to just £5 bets, I'll be happy. 
Trainer Angles/ Stats Research / Big Race Trends / Festival Stats
You get access to the daily stats qualifiers against my 'Summer Stats' research which is a collection of trainer angles for both the Summer Jumps and The Flat Turf.  You can use these as a daily 'shortlist' in which to attack the days racing. 
I apply a 'star rating' to these stats qualifiers if I really like them, in the hope of turning a profit with those over the season also, as I did over the winter.  
I share other stats snippets in the daily posts relevant to that day’s racing or in the coming days. There's always something to read and absorb if you so wish to help you find your own winners also. 
Big Race Trends...  over the Summer I provide trends research for the Heritage Handicaps on the flat, other big handicaps and the odd jumps race. This is a great way to help solve the trickiest punting puzzles of the week. 
Flat Festivals... I also provide stats pointers for the numerous flat 'Festivals', such as the recent free to air posts for York's Dante Meeting.  These include a handful of trainer, jockey, and sire pointers, again to help us all land on a few winners. There's Royal Ascot to look forward to, Glorious Goodwood, The July Cup meeting and many more. 
Videos/Betting Better
In recent weeks I’ve been recording more videos (all on YouTube >>>) as they appear popular and are a useful way for me to talk about racing. I enjoy recording them. 
I'll endeavour to record more videos... race previews, reviews, stats research, 'betting better'.  Always happy to take requests. 
Being a racing fan & punter is a journey and one we can always improve at. But we must enjoy the ride, otherwise what’s the point. It is meant to be entertaining after all, and an enjoyable hobby.
The Community
You’ll become part of the Racing To Profit community, or family as one of my readers calls it. The majority are silent members of course but there is a great vibe on the blog.
I’m fortunate there are plenty of readers who post comments – this can be their own thoughts on the day’s racing, or something they’ve spotted, questions, ideas etc. Winners get praised, and we generally ignore the losers! :) 
This community, as well as the content/approach, helps make Racing To Profit unique.
This is your chance to dip your toe in, join in and soak up all this wisdom. 
How is the content delivered?
All content is delivered via the blog, through my ‘Members Daily Posts’ , which  has four sections…
2.Summer Jumps Angles 
3.Flat Turf Angles 
So, you get my tips, (with reasoning) the qualifiers from my stats reports and the other research– all there to use how you please.
Plus, much more, including the community, big race trends/stats/trainer pointers, videos etc. You get access to all of the stats research, my 'Summer Stats' report and my 'Punting Pointers' report which may help your shortlist and home in on horses you want to back. 
The perfect portfolio?
I think what I’ve created, and along with my loyal readers, is something special and unique. It's that mix of opinion& tips you can follow and quality information you can use to find your own winners- which is always the greatest buzz. 
'But, I don't have much time’ - you can invest as little or as much time as you wish in my members' club. You can just use the tips if you wish, a couple of minutes a day to check and place bets. That probably takes less than 60 seconds just after 9am. 
And/ or you can flick through the content and use it in your own puzzle solving endeavours. You can watch the odd video of mine, read through readers’ comments, etc. The choice is yours. There's something for everyone. 
My Racing to Profit Members' Club will transform your experience of racing this summer. We will find plenty of winners in the weeks ahead and have great fun along the way. (there will be a few losers also of course!)  Hopefully, we all make a bit of money over the season and are better, more informed punters come the end of it. 
This is your chance to join us. Don't miss out. 
How much does it cost? 
21 Day Free Trial...
There are two payment options, a 'Quarterly' or 'Monthly' subscription, both coming with a 21 Day Free Trial.  (no longer term commitment/you can cancel anytime) 
The 'Quarterly' (£69.99 per quarter) works out at a fair saving against the monthly, around £80 saved >>> 
This works out at just £5.38p per week and is the best value option and a £80 saving on the monthly option below. 
Or you can sign up for a monthly subscription (£29.99 per month), cancel anytime. I know many of you prefer this flexibility. This works out at around £6.92 per week
Both options give you full access for the price of a pint of beer or two a week, or a bottle of wine, with no longer term committment/cancel anytime. 
Eithe way, you get a full 21 Days FREE to road test my members' club and see if my daily content adds to your enjoyment of the great game.
You don't have to pay a penny up front, making it's risk free. 
(You'll be charged automatically after this trial period but remember I'm always happy to refund 'accidental' payments, if it's not for you and you forget to cancel in time) :) 
You get access to all content as described above and with any luck becoming a Racing To Profit Member will positively transform your experience of horse racing and will help you win even more money in the long term. I can't wait to see you inside >>>