The Racing To Profit Syndicate doors are now open…

Firstly, thanks for getting this far. I hope the information shared to date has been useful and with any luck has you as excited as we are. To briefly recap I’ve sent you two emails so far :-

In email #1 I talked about my ‘syndicate’ experience to date and how I want you to feel that elation, to experience those great days at the track with new friends, cheering your horse across the line. Lifelong memories. (you can re-read HERE >>>)

In email #2 I talked more about our aims and ambitions, the team (who’s running the syndicate, our trainer and the horses) and importantly, what your experience as a Racing To Syndicate member will look like (you can re-read HERE >>>) (this includes an outline of your experience, HERE >>>)


For many of us, syndicates are the most accessible route into the heart of this great sport – getting close to those who train and look after these magnificent beasts, creating an emotional bond with the horses, all while enjoying the journey with a friendly bunch of like-minded racing enthusiasts.

To summarise, as a members of the Racing To Profit Syndicate you will experience…

  • Involvement with not one but 2 horses running through the year, trained by the excellent and amiable Amy Murphy, based in Newmarket. An opportunity to share in their journey as they try to win carrying our colours. (DO NOTE: If one or both horses have to miss racing for an extended period of time through the year, Amy has agreed she will provide other horses for us to run, ensuring we can maintain the race day experience as much as possible. There’s nothing worse than joining a syndicate and the horse being side-lined for 6-8 months!)
  • Opportunities to get as close to the action as is possible… multiple trips to the races as an owner, yard visits and regular updates on our horses from us, Amy and her team.
  • Regular, transparent, and honest communication… including a weekly update email, a WhatsApp group, your ‘Owners’ Area’ within my website, full race previews and reviews.
  • An enhanced social experience with your new racing family, including social race-day meet ups through the year, a monthly tipping competition, catch ups over zoom including race day watch-alongs and much more.

In short, we promise to work our hardest to give you the most enjoyable and immersive experience available in horse racing, without requiring the bank balance of a JP McManus! : )

Remember, each share is 2.5%, no payments are required until September 1st 2021 and there are no additional or hidden costs throughout the 12 month agreement.

So, how much will this high adrenaline and most enjoyable of hobbies cost you?

x1 upfront payment of £299.97 , to be paid on 1st September

Followed by, x11 monthly payments of £81.81p

• That makes the total for the 2.5% ,over the 12 months = £1199.88

This is the equivalent of £99.99 per month. I’ve some friends who are now very much into their golf. They’re not very good as yet but they spend more than that following their hobby. Me – I like horses and racing more! 🙂

You are free to pay this all upfront, but we wanted to make it as affordable as possible by splitting the costs over the year as best we can, while recognising that some upfront commitment is important.

The one thing that ruins syndicates and indeed some trainers, is ‘bad payers’ and I want Amy to be able to trust us when it comes to paying the invoices on time, hence some upfront payment.

With two horses with which to go to war, along with the entertainment and social opportunities we have planned, we think this is great value. It is as affordable as we could make it without diluting your experience.

Given our plans and the number of times we expect our horses to run, we think this compares very favourably to other options.

So, for those of you still reading and who can’t wait to get going…

What happens next?

I realise this is a big decision, and its one that I spent some time pondering when joining my first ever syndicate a few years ago.

While in my heart and head I know your experience will be worth every penny, that’s easy to write on paper, but is up for us to prove in reality, throughout your racing year with us.

I should clarify of course that everything is registered as it should be through the BHA including an account with Wetherby’s Bank, who handle all transactions. And a full breakdown of costs are detailed within ‘the agreement’.

If you are seriously interested, here’s what to do next:

1.Email Jason and I expressing your interest, at this address:

2.We will be in touch asap with the agreement, which you can read over and check you’re happy with everything. If you’re happy you can send it back to us signed.

3. Over the next week or two we will then be in touch with details of how to pay and where – all officially via Wetherby’s bank (remember no payments due until September 1st and you can of course pull out before then if your circumstances change)

4. And we will go from there, building up to September 1st when the Syndicate Agreement will officially begin. This will include your welcome pack (including scarf!), details of how we will communicate, access to your Owners’ Area on my blog etc

5. As a syndicate member you’re free to contact us and ask any questions you please, via email, WhatsApp or phone.

There are a maximum 40 shares available that will be sold on a first come first serve basis. There have been over 200 of you reading these emails and hopefully plenty of you are about to bombard us with interest : )


If you’ve any questions at all, reply to this email and I’ll do my best to answer them. If needs be, you can chat to Jason or I on the phone also, no problem. But email first and we will go from there.

Once again, thanks for getting this far. It’s a new adventure and we will be working our hardest to ensure we make it the best syndicate experience around.

If you want to join us, do get in touch with a ‘count me in, I can’t wait’ email, sent to…

And we will be in touch very soon,

Hopefully you can sense my excitement and commitment to making this experience the best possible 🙂 Speak soon!