At RTPS we put you at the heart of everything we do, ensuring your ownership experience is as accessible, inclusive and exciting as possible.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and quality of communication, taking you every step of the way through the rollercoaster of emotions that is horse racing ownership.

With us you'll have great days out, at the stables, on the course, and other social events; all enjoyed with a friendly, like minded group of fellow racing enthusiasts.

It's time to dream big, it's time to join RTPS!

Keep reading & watching. Come and join in the fun today!  

Say hello to... GIVE ME A BOOM ... our brand new 'could be anything' jumps horse, fresh off a boat from Ireland. To find out how you can be part of his future journey and have more fun than you could ever imagine, please keep reading and watching...


YOUR experience is at the heart of everything we do at RTPS.

We aim to make your experience of racehorse ownership like no other, but without requiring the budget of JP McManus. So, how do we do that?



You're at the heart of everything we do, and once you sign up, we don't just say 'thank you very much' and forget about you. You will receive an in-depth weekly email update which keeps you in the loop - news on how Give Me A Boom has been training (including photos & videos), upcoming plans, other news and social opportunities.

You'll join an Owners' WhatsApp group which we use to communicate 'up to the minute' information, including any photos or videos of the horse. You're free to email or call us anytime you please and you're welcome to throw any 'race planning' ideas into the mix.

You'll also have access to the 'Owners' Area' on my website, which we use to communicate with you also.

You will also get access to the 'Racing Manager', a portal which takes you even closer to our horse, with training updates, race previews from Timeform and access to video replays of Give Me A Boom's races.

Everything we do is open, honest and transparent. This includes a full financial report at year end, so you can see where your money was spent, how much prize money was won and if you're due a rebate from unspent costs against our forecasts.


Your Race Day Experience

We do our best to ensure all owners and guests enjoy 'Owners & Trainers' access when our horses run. If we are over-subscribed on any given race day (and the course cannot accommodate us), members will be put into a ballot for Owners' & Trainers access. We do also guarantee all members complimentary General Admission access when the horse runs, the cost of which is covered by us.

Each time the horse runs you'll get a full video race preview and review from me.

If you can't make it to the races, we'll keep you up to date from the course, via the WhatsApp group with pre and post race thoughts from the jockey & trainer.


Your Social Experience

There's so much to enjoy as a shareholder of your own horse, the pinnacle being when they run, compete and win! It's hard to describe that feeling of elation, I've never experienced anything else quite like it. In a way, those moments are the 'destination' - but it's vitally important we enjoy the journey also, wherever it may lead.

At RTPS we value your social experience - and often view it as a 'social club for racing fans, with a horse' - with that in mind we do our best to enhance your social experience through the year.

This includes organised stable visits - at least x2 per year, often coinciding with racing at Newmarket. You're free to visit Amy's yard whenever is convenient also and we can help organise that.

We also host other race days and hospitality days through the year, engage online via Zoom and do our best to make it as inclusive as possible.

I've made friends for life through my own ownership experiences and now with our own syndicates. I'm sure you will do too.


A warm welcome...

After you sign up we will post you a welcome pack asap - this will include a certificate of ownership, a picture of the horse, an RTPS Scarf and a few other goodies.

We will let you know about our first stable visit and start to build up towards Give Me A Boom's first run, which will be in the autumn. (more news on our plans for the horse below)


Put your feet up and relax...

Our job is to make your ownership experience as stress free as possible - we do all the work, all the heavy lifting. All you need to do is keep informed with our updates.

We will organise everything when the horse runs and with our other social events. All you have to do is say 'yes we'll be there' and then to turn up! Whether at the races, Amy's yard or at other events. Even if you're sat at home, we will do our best to make you feel as close to the action, and your horse, as possible.

Being an RTPS member is the best way to enjoy racehorse ownership! :)

It's been a fun ride so far in Syndicate #1 & #2, this is your chance to join #3, it's only just the beginning...

Yes Josh, Sign Me Up! 

If you'd like to join, or discuss further, please email us:

Introducing... GIVE ME A BOOM...

We are ecstatic to be able to offer you the chance to join RTP Syndicate #3 with Give Me A Boom, a 4YO Bay Gelding, son of Sageburg x Knockara One.

We have been nothing but thrilled with the progress of The Plumber, who was our first ever purchase from the Irish Pointing fields. He's a horse no one else was really looking at and thanks to my contacts, not many would have been aware he was for sale. He's been transformed for moving to Amy Murphy's and while still early days, he's already gone very close to winning on rules debut. He has an exciting future ahead and looks even better value for money now.

His example is important, it's demonstrated to us more than anything, and to you, that our approach works. You have to think outside the box in this game when you don't wish to spend more than 10-20k.

Below you can find out all you need to know about Give Me A Boom and why you should share in his journey. This is a game for the dreamers, for those of you who enjoy the thrill of racing and being involved with 'could be anything' jumps horses who could take you to places you never thought possible.

First up, there's the video I was first sent with the message 'Josh, take a look at this lad. My Irish contact says he's for sale and there's a deal to be done. Just look at him!' And well, press play, and just look at him >>>>>>

Meet... Give Me A Boom.

Below you can find my in-depth 'over the shoulder' video of Give Me A Boom. I'm conscious joining a syndicate can be a big decision as is the investment required and as such it's only fair you have all the information required. In this video I 'show my working's' and explore the approach I took when deciding to buy him...

  • How he looks and his potential - he's still light and immature physically with so much more development to come in the next 1-3 years. Like many of his sire's offspring, they take a big step forward aged 5 and 6. That's exciting. And in this context he's done very well so far.
  • His three runs to date and what they tell us. I talk over the replay of his second Point to Point and why it looks so much better than it suggests on paper, with a PU. You really do have to see it to believe it. I talk through his decent 6th in a deep bumper at Fairyhouse. The second horse was sold afterwards for £150k, the third cost £80k, the 4th £175k, the 5th ran subsequent dual G1 winner The Nice Guy to 1.5l in his bumper. In this race Give Me A Boom shows a great attitude to pass other horses, including two last time out winners in behind him.
  • His breeding. All of that takes us to 36 minutes (it flies by, trust me!) at which point I switch to talking about his breeding, another essential part of the puzzle. There are certain things I look for - I want the dam to be well related if possible (her half-brother won a G1 RSA at The Festival, 9/20 in his career) and I want to see evidence that the dam's offspring have done ok. Of her two other foals to have raced, they've both won, including Redzor, a winning 135 rated 3m chaser at his peak. I then discuss his Sire, his record, his offspring, why there's plenty more to come from his progeny in the years ahead and the sort of conditions they generally enjoy.
  • After I'd pondered all of the above it was a no brainer at his price. Hopefully after you watch the below, you'll be as excited as I am.
  • IMPORTANT: if you'd like to speed up the video, press play, use the settings 'cog' in the bottom right of the video screen when hovering over and increase the 'playback' speed to 1.25 or 1.5! Or put the kettle on, sit back, get stuck in, and start dreaming... press play now, what are you waiting for... :)

Meet our trainer, Amy Murphy.

As many of you know, I first got involved in horses trained by Amy when with White Diamond Racing. Through my shares in Blessed To Empress and Really Super, I saw at first hand the skill, attention to detail and care for the horses at Amy's yard. (based in Newmarket, Hamilton Rd)

Those two horses won 13 races between them, Blessed a 5-6f sprint handicapper, Super ended up winning the Summer Plate! Amy is a young trainer going places, already with a jumps Grade 1 win to her name.

Since then we've launched x2 RTP Syndicates and the work Amy and her team have done with The Plumber, our first ever purchase, is nothing short of remarkable. He's a different horse and has a very exciting future. Give Me A Boom will have every opportunity to achieve his potential at Amy's yard.

However, it's how generous she and her team are with owners that appeals just as much. We're made to feel very welcome, involved and her team know how to have a good time also.

You can find out more about Amy's career to date HERE>>>

"Of the three syndicates I've been involved with, yours has by the far the best level of feedback and opportunities for socialising, which I think are both very important. I'm really glad I got involved..."

- Darren B (founder member in RTPS #1)

" I'm delighted I joined RTPS last year. Comprehensive weekly emails with updates on the horses, stable visits to Amy's, trips to the races and fabulous social occasions, which give the opportunity to mix with like minded individuals. We even get our own RTPS scarf! We have a lot to look forward to for the rest of this year and beyond! Exciting times indeed!!"

- Doug O (founder member in RTPS #1)

Now is the time to join us...

An experience like no other...

If you're a racing fan, there's no feeling quite like being part of a racehorse's journey. The buzz of anticipation, the emotional bond with your horse, the excitement building when they run. The nervous anticipation when the race starts. The rollercoaster of emotions as the race unfolds. The exhilaration as they compete, fight, battle, and occasionally win. All enjoyed with a like-minded, friendly group of racing fans, jumping around like lunatics :) There is no better feeling, it's priceless...

Give Me A Boom is waiting for you...

I hope I've done justice to my genuine excitement in the videos above.

I think we've secured a bargain, an exciting horse who will give us plenty of fun and entertainment. He will improve drastically for moving to Amy's yard and for some time. His best years are ahead of him and I hope you'll join us on the journey ahead. Who knows where it will lead...

There are share options for all levels...

The first horse we bought and syndicated, The Plumber, sold out in no time at all... this is your chance to experience the greatest thrill imaginable as a racing fan... don't miss out on what will be the most exciting, adrenaline fuelled racing experience imaginable, with a great group of people. These are emotions & moments in life it's hard to put a price on, don't miss out...


Entry Level... 2.5%

  • 2.5% share in the Racing To Profit Syndicate #3, benefits include a 2.5% share of prize money and 2.5% sales fees after costs
  • Guarantee of a minimum x1 Owners & Trainers' badge when requested & available.
  • Members Agreement (inc cost breakdown), Welcome Pack, weekly updates, full race previews/reviews, Owners' WhatsApp group, access to all social events and stable visits.
  • Annual 2.5% rebate of any unspent fees relating to the training and running of the horse. (inc a full year end financial report)
  • Minimum 1 Year Commitment Only (from 1st June 2022) (first refusal to continue into year 2, 3 etc)
  • 1x Syndicate Membership payment of £399.99 (Give Me A Boom cost £16k all in) (to be paid in year 1 only)
  • Plus... x12 monthly payments of £99.85
  • 1st month payment of £499.98, followed by x11 monthly payments of £99.85
  • Upfront/block payments are accepted also :)

Next Step... 5%

  • 5% share in the Racing To Profit Syndicate #3, benefits include a 5% share of prize money and 5% sales fees after costs
  • Guarantee of a minimum x2 Owners & Trainers' badges when requested & available.
  • Members Agreement (inc cost breakdown), Welcome Pack, weekly updates, full race previews/reviews, WhatsApp group, access to all social events and stable visits.
  • Annual 5% rebate of any unspent fees relating to the training and running of the horse. (inc a full year end financial report)
  • Minimum 1 Year Commitment Only (from 1st June 2022) (first refusal to continue into year 2, 3 etc)
  • 1x Syndicate Membership payment of £799.98 (Give Me A Boom cost £16k all in) (to be paid in year 1 only)
  • Plus... x12 monthly payments of £199.70
  • 1st month payment of £899.97, followed by x11 monthly payments of £199.98
  • Upfront/block payments are accepted also :)

Bigger share percentages are available on request


We've got A's for your Q's

How do I sign up?

Just drop me an email at , and we will go from there :) You're officially 'in' when you return your signed RTPS Agreement (in line with BHA best practice), which includes a full breakdown of costs.  

Is it a long term commitment?

No. Your initial commitment is for just 12 months. You don't have to stay beyond that. This is all set out in 'the agreement'.  

Do I get any prize money, and what if fees are unspent come year end?

Yes! Of course you get any prize money won, in line with your Syndicate % (2.5%, 5% or more). This is settled within 14 working days at the end of each year. We also rebate any unspent fees related to the training, running and riding of the horse, as per 'the agreement'. Everything we do is transparent.

When will Give Me A Boom run, and how often?

The plan is for Give Me A Boom to be a 'main season' horse as opposed to a 'summer jumper' . His sire's progeny do best on good-good to soft, but then one of his half siblings enjoyed 'good' and the other enjoys 'heavy', so, you never really know. But if we keep him away from deep winter ground, that gives us many options, including early autumn and in the spring.

He will be given some time off this summer. He does need time to strengthen up and develop, both this summer and next, which will do him the world of good. We'd expect him to hit the racecourse for us in late October 2022, early November, and race through to end of April/May time 2023, before another 2 months off. It's hard to say how many runs he'll have in his 1st season, but we'd expect 4-7, all being well, maybe more if he takes his racing well. We may run him in another NHF race before novice hurdling.

How good will he be?

That's hard to answer of course. Remember, he is one for the future who should keep progressing over the next 2-3 years as he grows, matures and develops physically and mentally. That's exciting. It will be some time before we know where his ceiling is and it's this anticipation that gives us a real buzz.

Many of his sire's jumps offspring have run to a very good level, 120+ horse, 140s, 150s and 160s. The very top really. His half siblings have won races and at his peak his half brother Redzor was rated mid 130s. That's a decent level and would give us some great days out. Maybe he'll develop to be as good as one of his uncles, a G1 winning chaser.

But of course you never know. In part that is why the agreement is in 1 year blocks, at the end of each year you can decide what to do and are not tied down financially for a long time. We don't think you'll want to go anywhere though, but at least you have the flexibility.

Where will he run?

That depends on the number of suitable races open to him and the course conditions. We do try our best to make sure our horses run as close to where members reside as possible, trying to spread their runs around over the course of a season.  

Of course we are all dreaming that in time he will take us to some big days out, to the big tracks and maybe a Festival. It's what the game's all about. THE greatest game. Come and be part of it today...

Is this a managed syndicate?

Yes! We don't just ignore you like some syndicates. In fact we work very hard to ensure you have the best time possible, even when sat at home on race day. We communicate regularly (weekly update emails, videos, WhatsApp messages and much more), organise trips to the yard, the races and other social events. Our aim is to make your experience the best it can be, and take you as close to your horse as possible. We do all the hard work so you don't have to.

OK, I'm in, when do I have to pay?

We like to be as flexible as possible, but if you can pay your main membership share by end of June at the very latest, that would be great. Your monthly fees start on the 1st of June, but we can always discuss :)

Just email us now:  

See you on the inside soon! We can't wait :)