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Punchestown trainer pointers…

Punchestown Festival 2022: Trainer Pointers

Below you can find a few trainer pointers for this week’s big Festival in Ireland.

There are micro angles for two of the big hitters who target this meeting, followed by a quick look at Gordon Elliott and then a few others of note.

Hopefully this post helps you land on a winner or three. Qualifiers for the two ‘micro angles’ will be posted in the daily Members Posts as usual.


All stats for the previous eight Festivals (2013>), unless stated

Willie Mullins

All runners: 590 bets / 107 wins / 226p / 18% sr / +49 SP / +222 BFSP / BFAE 1.19

Micro Angle

  • Horse aged 4 or 5 (not 3 or 4 as previously stated, apols)
  • Best run last three starts: No prev form (debut), 1st or 2nd
  • Any odds
BetsWinsWin%P/L(SP)PlacesPlace%RacesRace%P/L(BF)P/L(Plc)BF A/E

A rather simple angle but it looks to be one of the best ‘systematic’ ways to home in on the Mullins’ masses this week. There are 55 winners in the period not covered by this angle of course so there are plenty others to be found, but Willie does particularly well here with his younger horses.

Those whose best run on their last three starts was 3rd or worse are: 1/30, 9p, -13 SP.

You can include those of course and the place % is ok, but those who have a recent top 2 effort to their name (or no form – most making racecourse debut or having first ever start in UK/IRE) have been the horses to focus on.

They tend to fly in at all odds and when he has multiple runners in a race.


Jessie Harrington

All: 166 bets / 23 wins / 51p / 14% sr / +97 SP / +242 BFSP / BFAE 1.74

Micro Angle

  • Horse had 3+ runs this season
  • Horse had 0-1 win in today’s national hunt race type (NHF/Hurdle/Chase)
  • Any odds
BetsWinsWin%P/L(SP)PlacesPlace%RacesRace%P/L(BF)P/L(Plc)BF A/E

The second most winning trainer at the Punchestown Festival since 2013, Jessie is worth keeping a close eye on. She does very well with her unexposed horses here, 0-1 win in today’s NH race type, many of them aimed at this week no doubt. And those who are fit/experienced enough with at least 3 runs this season.

Those within this angle that have had fewer runs are 0/38, 6p in the period. As you can see there are 6 winners not covered by this angle, more ‘exposed’ types with 2+ wins in today’s NH race type, and there will no doubt be more winners like that at some point. But again, like Willie’s angle, from a systematic point of view, this looks to be the place to focus.


There’s no Gordon Elliot to focus on ‘systematically’, for all he is the third most winning trainer here in the period, but he throws a lot of darts.

All runners: 252 bets / 20 wins / 58p / 8% sr / -53 SP / +49 BFSP / BFAE 0.91 .

Denise Foster (who held Gordon’s license last year, was 0/41, 5p.

I’ve had a good look but struggled to find systematic angles.

Unlike the two trainers above it doesn’t appear to be a meeting he targets as such for all he has winners and will do so again.

The one race-type you can focus on more than others, is NHF races, and those horses having their first career start under rules…

29 bets / 6 wins / 11p / 21% sr / +30 SP / +54 BFSP / BFAE 2.06

He’s also done well in Novice Chases, from limited runners…

14 bets / 3 wins / 7p / 21% sr / +21 SP / +40 BFSP / BFAE 2.19


Other trainers of note…

  • Harry Fry: 6/23, 9p, +52 BFSP
  • Colin Tizzard: 4/19, 10p, +19 BFSP
  • Tom George: 3/15,4p, +54 BFSP
  • Emmet Mullins: 3/10,6p +3 BFSP


That’s all for this post,

GL with any Punchestown bets this week,



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