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April trainers…


We enter the final month of the ‘winter’ season and hopefully I’m not pushing my luck. The end of March may well be a good time to stop before pondering options from May onwards. Since the jumping game cranked into a higher gear in October, these angles have done well. They’ve certainly helped identify plenty of winners and so far have worked ‘systematically’…

The March figures:

Harry Fry: 7/16, 11p, +11.38 SP, +15.44 BFSP

Ian Williams: 3/9,3p, +3 SP, +5.28 BFSP

Total: 10/25, 14p, +14.38 SP, +20.72 BFSP

That takes the totals since Oct 1st to +50.72 points BFSP. Not bad!

+£126.80p to £2.50 bets on the machine, not to be sniffed at, for a bit of fun/low risk. Those that have used as a ‘way in’ may well have done even better but with any luck they’ve helped you land on a winner or two through the season.

As always daily qualifiers are posted the evening before racing within the Members’ Club.

However, there’s still one month to go over the sticks, and despite being temped to quit while I’m ahead this winter jumps season, I won’t, and with luck the two below can add to those figures… fingers crossed…


APRIL Trainers

Kim Bailey

  • National Hunt
  • All Races
  • Jockey: David Bass
  • Class Move from last start: Same or Up 1
  • Any odds
  • 2015>
BetsWinsWin%P/L(SP)PlacesPlace%P/L(BF)BF A/E


Nigel Hawke

  • National Hunt
  • All Handicaps
  • Any odds  
  • 2015>
BetsWinsWin%P/L(SP)PlacesPlace%P/L(BF)BF A/E


There have been a couple of big priced winners in the period for Hawke, at 16/1 and 20/1. Those sent off 7/1 or bigger are: 3/35, 8p, +28 BFSP.

Those sent off 13/2 or shorter SP: 13/43, 20p, +18 BFSP




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4 Responses

    1. They did indeed Richard, hope you had a nibble! I put him up in the blog in some musings as the one i was going to have an interest EW nibble on, Johan hit a lot of my trends also, and not much pace in the race on paper, perfect set up for SDS, cracking ride. 33s early! 🙂
      Good stuff. The Richard Hannon stats did ok also for all his were all rather short. Fahey’s not so much but plenty sent off bigger odds and yard isn’t firing as yet,

  1. Hi Josh, just a word on the N Hawke system – I know it’s only a very minor detail, but when I run his April Handicappers through the Geegeez QT, I’m 2 runners over on your figures. I’ve replicated the dates exactly, and in 2021 I get 17 runners as opposed to your 16, and in 2018 I get 15 whereas you have 14. Don’t suppose you’ve any thoughts as to why this could be? Thanks.

    1. HI Richard,

      Have you just looked at National Hunt handicappers, or all handicappers? As he may well have had odd runner on the flat/AW, that’s the only thing I can think off. Ive copied that table above out of my HorseRaceBase account.


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